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            Sarah struggled futilely under Damien, her pitiful human strength no match for his inhuman powers. She knew it was useless to fight him, but she was incapable of calming herself. Her heart fluttered desperately inside her chest like a caged bird as tears streamed down her face and she choked on every breath she drew in. She could feel the darkness that surrounded Damien closing in on her slithering down her skin, through her skin and touching things deep inside of her.

            Damien's power stroked something deep inside of her, caressing parts of her that weren't supposed to be touched. It should have felt painful, but something else welled up – something unexpected and unwelcome. Blue eyes, cold as artic sky's danced in her vision, willing her to give in and cease her struggles.

            Surrounded by fear, so thick it was like a dense fog, she sank into those eyes without meaning to, slipped deep into icy eyes and found herself calming against her will. She still wanted to run screaming into the night from Damien, but she could feel the daemon willing her into calmness and there was nothing she could do now that he had her trapped in his eyes.

            Sarah stilled in his arms, eyes still shiny with unshed tears, her body still trembling…but softly, gently. Damien lifted some of his weight off of her and slowly released her, not entirely trusting Sarah not to spring to her feet and disappear into the wide blue yonder as she'd done before. He held her with his eyes, kept her wrapped in a blanket of his power as he slithered off of her. His power beat on her skin, a gentle thrumming wind that somehow pulsed inside of her body, mimicking her own heartbeat.

            "Please…" Sarah's voice, soft as feather down, drifted onto the night air. "Please…let me go." She whispered brokenly, unable to manage anything then more then those words as she lay still against the dense mulch that littered the ground. The daemon ignored her words and the raw fear that leaked through them, unable to hear anything other then the delicious sound of her pulse as it thudded dully.

            Her scent surrounded him and he breathed it in deeply, savouring the unique and heady perfume of her skin. Slowly, carefully, he lowered himself down until his face was a mere hairs breadth away from hers and then he opened his mouth and drew in a breath, tasting her scent, rolling it over his tongue. Damien groaned and gently licked her cheek, his tongue barely flicking over her skin before he drew it back in and savoured her essence, his body racked with pleasurable spasms.

            "Stop!" Sara gasped as he lowered his head down to taste her again. She screwed up her eyes and twisted her head to one side, tearing free of his power with a reluctance that scared her. Damien, denied another taste of human emotions, snarled as he felt his grip on his lovers mind evaporate and fade. He reared back and ground out an angry scream, jerking Sarah up into a sitting position and crushing her to his chest. He wound one pale hand deep into her thick hair and jerked her head back, exposing her neck to his hungry, inhuman eyes.

            "You are mine! MINE!" His voice was full of night terrors, but Sarah refused to allow fear to get the better of her. She'd witnessed this show too many times before to become frightened merely because Damien was hurling a temper tantrum.

            "Go to Hell!" She spat venomously, her eyes flashing as he snarled again and crushed her against his chest even harder. Damien tossed his head back and howled with laughter, thing wind picking up around them as his voice echoed into the night.

            "I've been to Hell…it wasn't nearly as interesting as Earth..."

"Damien! Please!" Sarah begged, sensing that what he had been about to say was something that she didn't want to hear. However he ignored her and simply chuckled. The wind died down and for a moment he simply held her against him and watched her with satisfaction…then he began kissing and biting her neck, nuzzling her like some sort of giant cat. His hands skilfully tracing the curve of her back, urging her to move closer to him as his temper dissolved as quickly as it had appeared. Dimly, Sarah could hear him whispering something under his breath, desperately, as though he was frightened that she would disappear.

Sarah could feel frizzles of tingling excitement spreading over her skin along with the less pleasurable goose bumps of pure terror. She swallowed hard as the daemon who held her in his arms moaned softly and pulled back to look at her. His yellow eyes were almost mournful as he registered her pain and humiliation at what he was doing to her. It was as though he was hurting deep inside by being close to her…yet he couldn't seem to pull away.

"I missed you." Damien whispered as if giving her an excuse for his behaviour. He loosened his grip on her a little but didn't allow her to pull away from him. Instead he rested his forehead against hers and kept her close to his chest, so close that Sarah could feel his heart thudding against her body. "I couldn't stop thinking about you when you left. I had to find you again, I had to have you…"

"Have me?" Sarah interrupted, not willing to listen to him spin lies. "I'm not some toy you can just play with whenever you feel like it!" She tried to pull away but Damien tightened his grip again, his yellow eyes flashing dangerously. She could sense, even before his face twisted with darkness, that her words had upset him.

"I know you're not a toy!" He snarled angrily as his temper heaved again. "I never thought of you that way – ever! Do you think I enjoy feeling this way about a human? Do you think that I relish these foolish emotions that I feel? I hate this obsession I have for you! I hate you for making me feel this way!" Damien kept his voice quiet, but there was a deathly undertone that made Sarah fear for her safety.

"You and I, Sarah," He continued. "Are meant to be together. I may not like it and you may not like it, but from the second you stepped into the circle and freed me you sealed our fate." He let go of one of her wrists and gently traced the curve of her neck, his fingers gentle. "You are mine, Sarah. Wether you wish it or not, I am your master and you will do as I say. That is the way it is meant to be."

"No." Sarah denied, shaking her head slowly. "I'm not yours…"

"Yes. Yes you are." Damien continued to stroke her cheek; his voice was evenly measured, although he was talking to a child who couldn't understand something very simple.

"Just as I am yours." His voice rose in pitch and Sarah stilled. "Come back with me, Sarah, and I will give you everything you wish. Return home with me and you will be a god among mortals."

Sarah closed her eyes tightly and shook her head. She was tempted, God knew that some twisted part of her wanted to fall into his embrace and return home. She wanted to serve him, allow him to do as he wished with her…her need was so powerful that it scared her, because it wasn't normal to love someone like this. She loved him desperately, so desperately that if she returned with him she knew she would never escape again. She would become something less then she was now, someone she couldn't live with.

            Yet the need that burnt inside of her chest didn't listen to reason, it simply burnt even hotter at the thought of allowing Damien to take her home and make her his again. She wanted to be his so badly…to be able to lie in his arms again and forget about the outside world. But that would mean facing her past, and that was not something that Sarah wanted to do.


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