Haku Cloud looked up at the sky. Stretching endlessly before him. It was a glorious sight, the stars were out, and twinkled in the heavens. On that sky the Great Eagle flew, and the Doe danced. Underneath it, he was alone in his silence. There was really nothing left for him here. On the land which had always spoken to him and no longer had anything left to say.

He had always been the youngest son of Starhawk, the leader of the People. And it meant everything, to everyone. That simply wasn't enough anymore.

Tonight was the feast of the summer equinox. Tonight all the People would be wearing their blue paint. The night would be just as long as the day, and in complete opposition. All those who toiled in the day, would celebrate in the night.

There was no reason for him to dance. The wine would do nothing for him, a consort in the night, to possess him, cradle him into a stupor, perhaps, but desert him in the morning. All he would find would be disapproving eyes, grief tainted with blame. His mother would look at him; the great and mighty Starhawk would look at him. He could see her thought formed in the air surrounding her skull. I told you so.

He had to leave, he couldn't stay.

The only question now was where.