"Chances Are"

Standing alone on the vast mountian range of misery
Broken heart shattered into a million razor sharp shards
Chances are you don't know who the hell I am
Chances are you don't care about what I am
Cloaked in darkness with my vindictive attitude
Dealt the hand to deal the paybacks of millions
Never to understand why or know how
God has left me with nothing and Satan won't take my calls
Chances are you don't believe that I know you
Chances are you don't think I know where you live
Standing on the brink of Demise and Anger
Walking the deadly path of devistation and reconciliation
Sending you back to the places that you've been to relive and take back
Chances are you don't believe in Vindiction
Chances are you're more afraid of me then you think
She has wished upon the darkest hour of the empathic dream
Dip her angelic wings in the pool of blood
And taken action to devistate you as you have her
Chances are you'll never know true love again
Chances are you didn't see me walk through your door and decapitate you...