Black Ink

The finished product. Whether the original rough draft remains or the corrections have been followed, it is done. All finished papers are seen neatly placed across a table, all done on white paper. Black and White together make an excellent team. Words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs are all the most distinguished, or at least the most easily distinguished, in these two complementary colors. All ideas, purposes, and intentions are placed before the reader unchanging and inanimate. However finished, change will still happen. The blue pen will come along to add or emphasize its own opinions. The red will come along to try and correct the mistake. The black will then return to try and salvage what remains. It will continue like this. Papers will soon be strewn throuout the room. And eventually others will come along. Green underlining. Yellow commenting. Purple defacing. Gold! Silver! Bronze! Iron gray. Fluorescents and Neons! Grays and Pastels. Ultraviolet! Infared, invisible. Violent! Tranquil. Artistic graffiti, blending into a swirl of colors, every meaning hidden, invisible, lost in the oncoming obscurity.