Before I begin this tale, I will warn you that this is based on a true story of when the little girl, Charity powers went missing after skating with her friends in 1991.This is quite sad if you ask me, so I warn you, this IS a scary tale...

"Charity, want to go skating with us?" Nine year old Charity Powers had just answered the phone.
"Yeah that sounds great!" she said.
"Only if you finish your chores Charity" echoed her mothers voice from the kitchen.
"Okay, Okay mom!" she reculantly agreed.

They chatted on for awhile, and her mother reminded her if she wanted to skate that night she had to finish her chores. So after cleaning her room and doing the dishes, it was finally time to go. Charity's dad dropped her off at the skating rink and of course, they had a blast. The girls finished their skating and Charity went outside to get some air.She took a walk into the woods.

That was the night she went missing.

Sometime later...

"Ok now stand still a bit...ok..good...little more...perfect! Don't move!" said Stephanie snapping photos here and there. Stephanie was a photographer and it was around Halloween. Stephanie was in the woods with her model and the nearest house was a trailer, about a mile away.

After getting her photos back, Stephanie noticed a blur in the background. After scanning the photo in, she noticed it was in the shape of a young girl frowning. Well, certanily nobody was there before, so Stephanie went back to the woods to see what it was.

That night the body of Charity Powers was found in the excact same spot where the blur in the picture appeared...all slashed up. As it turns out, the man who lived in the trailer and brutally murdered her. ]

Here is really what happened...the real Stephanie's story:

This cemetery is located in Chester VA, off of a long dirt road. It is a very old family cemetery that has graves as old as 100 years and some as new as10 years. When you go down this dirt road you come to a clearing in the woods. Most of the graves are in this clearing, but some are actually in the forest between the trees. It is pretty spooky because a lot of the graves have mounds of dirt on either the coffin is rising to the surface or that it was not buried deep enough. Now let me tell you something that will be important to know at the end of my tale. My photo shoot was done on January 1, 1992 at a little after midnight (new years morning)....and I think the moon was full or pretty close. In October of 1991, a little girl named Charity Powers came up missing from the skating rink, she was about 9. She was not found until February of 1992. Now back to the story. We pulled up and I evaluated the area checking for anything that might interfere with my photo shoot or the final prints. There was nothing....Remember I was in the woods and the closest house was a trailer about a mile away, at the end of the dirt road. I only used the light from the moon and sometimes a flash, all other times a long exposure was used (between 60 and 120 seconds). My model was required to sit very still so the photos would not blur. I took two rolls of B&W film, 24 exposures on each roll. After about an hour, I was finished and so we left. I developed and printed the photos myself the next day. The first roll was fine until about photo #11. In the far background there was a small glowing spot. On every successive photo after that, including on the second roll, the glowing spot was visible but on each photo moving closer to the foreground (closer to my model and myself. On the last 5 photos on my final roll of film, the glowing spot was hovering above and to the side of my model. The anomaly was like one round glowing ball on top, and underneath a long glowing oval (like a head and a body)! Needless to say I was shocked, there was no way it was a reflection or a developing mishap, the way the anomaly moved through each photo showed intelligence! I still went back to the cemetery in the day and eventually ruled all those things out. Now for the end of the story. The missing little girls body was found a month later (after the photo shoot). She was buried in a shallow grave, in that very cemetery where I did my photo shoot. The man that murdered her was arrested soon after. He was the person that lived in the trailer at the end of the dirt road. I am glad he did not find my model and me alone out there that night! It makes me wonder if the ghost in the pictures was not little Charity Powers trying to let someone know that she was back there. I have not been able to find the photos or negatives at my mother's house. Thatis why I want to return and do a whole investigation, to take new photos. Maybe now that she has been laid to rest, nothing will show up. Or maybe it wasn't her after all. After developing the photos and seeing the anomalies, it brought to mind some scary experiences that I heard about way before the little girl was ever murdered. Something about a ghost; a black man in overalls, holding an AX and chasing people away from the cemetery and down the dirt road. He only vanishes right before the entrance to the dirt road, not reaching the main intersection were the public would surely bare witness. Well, it is an old black family cemetery, maybe he protects his family even in death. Now you know the story and why I am determined to return and take more photos. Also, now you know why my friends are to scared to go with me and why I won't return alone! Sorry that my story was so long, I just wanted you to hear it! Again, I would enjoy reading the other comments on the photograph. I anxiously await the arrival of more pictures!Ê

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