There's a lonely tune

Playing on my radio

And as I walk along

Farther in the day

The song replays itself in my head

I'm alone again

Forgotten again

There's nothing more

But to walk again

My secret is mine

And I keep it safe

But no matter how much

I hide away

They find me again

Walking in the rain

With only memories in my head

And a lonely song playing

Like a broken record

In my brain

The dream comes again

I can't escape it

It's like it wants to show me

What I used to be

It torments

I have nothing better to do

But when I try to sleep

It comes again

Like a demon

Hot like the underworld

Cold like a sad tune

That's why this song sounds

Good to me

Because it gives me something better to do

Than to sit around and remember the pain

It's so painful

I don't understand

Why I do this to myself

All the time

But like I told you

It torments

And there's no escaping it

No matter what…

I do