This was all her fault. Her friends were all huddling masses of fear against the wall. The strange old woman—if it could even be called that—was scaring them as much as it did her. The worst of all was that the friendly old woman she had taken to calling grandma or grams was going to get hurt, she could tell.

She was also using her sight power again. The old woman in the cloak that had appeared, with her beasts of hell, was nothing but a skull with wrinkled pieces of flesh clinging to it and there were no eyes, just eye sockets with glowing red dots inside. Thin, stringy pieces of hair clung to the deteriorated scalp but that was probably why she was wearing a hood and cloak—to hide her skeleton.

The blonde girl was shaking and trembling while clinging to her best friend. The creature was here for her and she couldn't go forward. A bad feeling had formed in the pit of her stomach the first time she had even seen the beast, even though it had been disguised at first.

The creature cackled and asked her 'grandmother' to get her some tea from the back. It suddenly felt like the blonde had a million butterflies in her stomach. Something in the back room was meant to hurt her grams. Immediately she stood to the aid of her grams and followed her, telling the beast that she didn't want her grandma to hurt her self while making something; claiming it was a habit for her grandma to hurt herself. At least if there was a trap back there she would be able to try to save her grams.

Her grandmother padded slowly through the back rooms and, as she followed, she noticed that in every room there was at least one baby doll. Those things scared her. Constantly smiling and looking innocent but they were radiating evil.

Her eyes widened. That was it! The baby dolls were a trap. She gasped and ran to catch her grandma.

When she caught her she pulled her along. Trying to get out of the back rooms but she wasn't very familiar with them and suddenly she found she was lost in the maze they created. She found herself in her grams' small room. The once comforting smell of her grandma's incense was now hot in her throat and nose. Making her eyes tear up. Or was that the fact that she was afraid of what was going to happen.

An evil cackle made her spin around to face the door. The beast was their, looking all too sinister. It scared her even more than before. The blond backed up, bringing her grandma with her up against the wall. The pit of her stomach fluttered nervously as she stared up at the creature. It smiled while at the same time glaring down at her. The creature muttered something and disappeared. Was that it? Then how come that horrible feeling was still looming ominously in her abdomen and in the back of her mind she faintly remembered her grandma's favorite baby doll being kept in her bed room.

The blond heard a sound and grabbed her grandma, brought her down onto the bed, and just sat there huddling—her eye's darting in every direction looking for the source of the sound. It came again. And the blond gasped in fear-- in horror.

A baby doll waddled out of her grandma's closet holding a piece of…shattered glass? No it was a piece of her grams' mirror. She looked at the mirror. It had been so beautiful, why had the beast smashed it? No time for that. The word mama echoed around the room as the baby doll waddled closer with the shattered mirror piece and glowing red eyes. The blond held her grandma closer.

It finally jumped and flew at them and in her freight she lashed a foot out and sent the baby doll flying across the room. She tried to regain a normal breathing pattern but the situation still seemed dire as the doll got up and practically glared. It yelled a 'don't you love me mommy? I love you. I love you very much.' The last words the doll spoke sounded evil. Its intent was clear as it flew back at her swinging the sharp shard.

The blond let out an ear piercing scream…