A slender figure moved through the shadows in the center of a small quiet town. It twas a brisk windy night, so not many villagers were out. She lifted her head to look around at her surroundings but quickly dismissed any feelings of danger. Another dark figure loomed in the shadows in between two buildings. His hair rustled about his face with the breeze. He looked out at the street, looking for something or someone amusing.

The More femme of the two was not highly armed. Her only bit of defense was a small dagger, though secretly she carried a stake, the sign of a vampire hunter. A small scratch on her cheek was the only visible trace of harm to be cast upon her. Again she searched for her next target that might be a threat to the silent village she was now protecting. The vampire yawned, boredom setting in. He emerged from his hiding place and out onto the street. It was cold, dark, and seemingly empty. The slayer, Branwyn to some, sat down on a large rock under a crisp evergreen tree as she scanned her area carefully, her eyes stopping on the lone figure traveling in the street.

The vampire strode gracefully ((As did most vampires)) to the center of the town, where a large fountain sat. He looked down in it, frowned, then turned and sat on it. Branwyn watched him carefully, a hand resting on her small dagger. Shame she didn't bring a bigger sword... This 'thing' looked suspicious. Her target sighed, lonely and bored. Why was he still alive? He knew why.... To long for things he couldn't have. That was his curse with this power.

Branwyn jumped softly and silently off the rock, trying to get a good position to surprise her current target, though doing so neglecting to watch everything. Moving closer to him she slipped, cursing rather loudly as she tried to nurse her cut finger. In her moment of neglect she had dropped her dagger, cutting her finger.

The vampire turned quickly, looking at her. He grew tense, as he could smell her blood "Trying to sneak up on people? That's not very nice."*He said, eyeing the fallen dagger. She hissed angrily glaring up at him, though a hood still hid her face." And like killing others for blood isn't." She growled, trying to hide her cut finger from view.

"And you hate me only because I feed? That would be like killing you because you hate. A world so big that all we do is hate. Why do I even bother anymore." He said, then rose and began to walk off to his shadows again. "You speak wise for one of them. Not so many would have even let one as myself live." She glanced around for a moment.

"You pose no threat to me. That is why you live. I have already feed for the night." He stated, sifting back into the shadows and walking around the back of the building, into the alley. "Alas... A vampire with a heart. Almost sounds like one broken." She mutters then heads for a near tavern in hopes of healing her finger.

Open wounds to those hungry are a wonderful feast.

He stopped outside a building and sat down on the steps, his head rested in his hands. Memories from centuries ago filled his head. Killing, blood, loss… all of which most vampires wouldn't be effected by but he was.

After having tended to her finger Branwyn, now fickle with her dagger headed towards a weapon shop nearby where the vampire sat. From a display outside she picked up a medium sized sword, one not too small nor to big for her as she began to swing in practice.

He still sat, waiting for his upcoming demise. He figured the 'slayer' woman would come looking for him again, he needed only to wait and bide himself some time.

She continued searching through piles of weapons. Bows.. No never been good with them... Staffs... to large... After a long moment the huntress finally found a weapon of her choice a rather nicely engraved short sword. She exchanged her worn dagger and paid for the new weapon, and again set out to hunt down the vampire in which she sought.

He continued to sit there, merely waiting for her to come to him. No effort wasted on his part, for he really didn't care enough about her to go looking for his own end. Branwyn trudged around the corner of the building and began to search.

And Search...

And Search...

Until she was un-doubly lost somewhere between the buildings. Oh my...

He leaned back on the steps, eyes drifting out into the sky. He pulled his coat around his thin frame, keeping himself warm*"I'm not lost I'm just misplaced." She comforted herself as she turned another corner... and found her target.

"Ahh... Good comes to those that wait."

He sensed her presence, but only stood up. He walked down the steps and stopped, looking at the ground. A cross emotion covered Branwyn's face as she watched." You act far too human for a vampire"
"How so? "He asked, looking up at her*"And why do you keep following me?

"You act as if your lover was thrown off a bridge or fed to dragons." She snorted, looking her hood, allowing her to see the face of the one who followed him. Surprisingly, Branwyn's face was fairly clear of scars, save the one on her cheek. Her brown hair was tightly gathered in a bun, only a few pieces dared to grace her face and green eyes.

"What lover? Who would want someone like me?" He snapped back, anger flashing through his eyes*"Certainly not someone like you."*He said, approaching her*"And so what if I don't act like my own kind.... that's my business..."

"One should not be so quick to judge." She whispered watching his every movement. "It is rare to find one so deeply touched by the words of a mortal."
"Quick to judge? You would know." He said, and paused, looking down at her short sword. "What do you wish of me?" He asked, curious about her. "As you could have guessed I am a Huntress of Your kind. Sworn as such since childhood. My parents where killed as well as the one I had hoped to marry by them." She looked away." But I can not."

"Your pain is deep but not as deep as mine. We all suffer, just some more than others." He said, almost amused by her. "Well then, Sir, tell me what pains you?" Staring up at him.
"Much. Being un-dead is the worse feeling in the world. Trust me.... You're doing my kind a favor. It is we that are doomed to roam the earth for the rest of our days, without love or hope. That is what pains me most. Being cast aside in both worlds...."

"Few would dare say that. Love is not all its worth. Many a maiden have been swept away by Vampires then tossed to the side to live their lives as one. There is nothing worse than a broken heart." Her voiced faded to an almost whisper as she closed her eyes.

"I know how that is...."He said, and turned. He closed his eyes, back to her*"Many a time hath I see that happen, and I would wish it on none. Love is the only thing I long for.... The feeling of acceptance. The need to belong..."He said. Branwyn peered up silently at him as he back was turned." You speak deeply... Love is not worth longing over."

"Only it is if you never had it to begin with. It's like wanting to touch the warmer sunlight...something I could never have..."He said, opening his eyes again*"Aren't you going to kill me? That's your job, isn't it?" He asked, curious with the woman staying near him "I would... If I could... But I can not." Her head lowered, and she knelt at his feet. "Forgive for not doing so."
He turned and looked down at her*"Why? I thought slayers were tougher. Maybe they're not after all." He said, doubt in his voice.

"I shall spare your life then, as you have spared mine. It is unfortunate though. I have been damned to a dark and lonely eternity. Never become one of us if you have the chance to escape it." He told her." Most are. I am not..."Her voice stuttered as she glanced up at him, a single lone tear rolling down her cheek.

"Again I ask.... Why...."He looked down at her. He knew what it was like to cry, but he only did it on the inside. For vampires cry blood, not tears. "I have known love and fear it. Fear of loving someone makes one weak." She cries, bowing her head once more.

"Indeed. Longing to love makes one weak too. I have only the fear that if I did love, I would mess it up and it would turn into hate. I couldn't stand that because then I would have to kill her. That would be the end of me. Everything comes with a price."*He said, sadly.

A drop of blood hit the concrete.

Branwyn blinked then looked up at him and saw the tears of blood. "Don't." She whispered standing up. She reached up and touched his cheek." Don't."

Another drop of blood ran down his face, and fell to the earth. "You cause it. "He told her, hate brewing underneath his voice, though something else seemed to cover it. He touched her hand lightly, being cold to the touch as most of his kind were. Branwyn resisted the urge to shiver and closed her I eyes.

"Do not allow me to then." "I tried." He told her. The blood left a stained red trail from his eyes to the bottom of his face. Branwyn touched trail of red on his face, leaving one of her finger soiled. She shook her head looking up at him. She was lost... here, alone... Lost but somehow not. "Please don't." She continued to chant in his ear.

He stopped, the redness absorbed into his skin. He looked at her, lost as well. "Why.... Why do you care?" He asked.

"Because that is what love does. Love sees no race." "But, you and I are different. There cannot be love between. You kill my kind and I kill yours. There is no hope for us left." He said to her.

"Shh.." She whispered pressing a finger to his lips. "It is those of us who try to fix things... No matter how hopeless they may seem. There is still hope."

He stopped talking, almost taken by her words. He looked into her eyes, searching for doubt or false hope. There was none though, Branwyn's eyes where only full of true hope, and trust. "Please..."

He began to feel her hope. "Then together we shall love.... Filled with hope...." He paused." But you cannot love me for what I am, because nobody does. You've seen my inside, and that's what you have love for."

" I beg to differ." She whispered once more before leaning in and kissing the vampire softly. His heart fluttered, and his head danced.

This is what love is like. He thought to himself.

He kissed her back softly, eyes closed. Branwyn pulled away from him for a moment and took her necklace from around her neck. "Wear this always." She said as she put it on him. The charm on it was in the shape of three stars in a row...Orion's belt in our time.

He nodded, and touched the stars. "I will think of you always, as long as it remains in my possession." He told her, running a long, thin pale finger over her jaw, and down her neck. He smirked slightly when he noticed her shiver.

"We must go. This place is no longer safe. I have two horses at a nearby inn. We shall leave on them." She whispered leading him out of the dark alley. "Fine." Was he reply, for he knew that the journey they were about to under take would be one of length and hard times.

Only love would prevail.

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