Branwyn had lead her newfound love to an old stable where she had had two horses. A black stallion and a brown mare, rested in a large stall.

"They shall help us get to our destination." She told the vampire at her side. "Which would be?" He asked. His eyes followed the slayers every movement. His lust for blood was growing, but he would not harm her.


Just as Branwyn opened her mouth to say something a few loud shouts at the front gates of the small village where heard. Vincent could sense who was there, for vampire senses where greater than those of humans.

"Slayers." Branwyn mumbled " Come quickly we must make hast to get to the kingdom of Atticus in time." She jumped up onto the brown mare, as Vincent took the black stallion. He nodded and the stallion leaped out of the stables and galloped into the woods, Branwyn and the mare not far behind them.

Behind them followed five or six cloaked slayers on horseback, hot on their tails. Branwyn urged the mar to go fast, though she was no match for the stallion's speed as he and Vincent speed through the trees.

Dawn was coming.

Vincent had noticed and was rushing towards the open gates of Atticus as Branwyn desperately tried to lose the other slayers, weaving in-between trees.
After losing three or four of them she joined Vincent back on the path.

They reached the gates of Atticus, and passed through unnoticed. Branwyn nodded towards a small cabin next to a tiny stable. Vincent hissed, the morning sun beating down upon them. His arm had turned red from the light. He wasted no time getting in the stable, jumping off the stallion and running into the house.

Branwyn watched silently with worry, tying both horses up in the stable. She headed towards the cabin quickly, worried for her love.

Inside Vincent sat, leaned against a chair, trying to avoid the light coming in the windows. He hissed, Branwyn rushing to close the blinds. After she had done so she moved over to him.

"Vincent, love, Are you alright?!" She whispered lovingly to him, reaching to pull the clothing from his arm. He hissed again, his arm bloody and burnt.

Branwyn grabbed a nearby by sheet and cut a strip from it with her dagger, wrapping his arm in it.

"Thank you." He sighed, closing his eyes. She looked at him with a frown. "I'm sorry I should have rode faster and left -" He put a finger to her lips. " No more, tis not your fault. Things happen." He smiled kindly at her.

She sighed softly, relaxing. " Then is there anything that I can get you?" "Blood." He whispered." Blood, I need it for I haven't fed and am weak." Branwyn looked down at the ground. " I can not endanger any of the people here, and you are in no condition to fight for your meal." She sighed running a hand through her hair. The next words from her mouth were the three words that would forever seal there promise together.

"Feed from me." She whispered looking up at him, studying his face. Vincent's eyes shot open and looked at her. "NEVER!" He screeched, reaching up to touch her soft face. "Never ever shall I put you through that. You do not deserve that."

She closed her eyes, touching his hand as he placed it against her cheek. " It is the only way for you to safely feed." She replied plainly. "Nothing you can do will hurt me besides leaving me and denying me you."

His eyes studied her young, mortal features silently. "You are foolish to believe such love but if it is what you wish." He sighed deeply, showing that this is not what he had wanted. "Then this is what shall happen." With that said, his hand slid from her cheek down to her chin, pulling her face near his. He kissed her lips softly, moving from there down her neck. He pushed the soft brown lock from her neck, kissing the side softly.

He moved down to her jugular, closing his eyes. He quickly sunk his fangs into it, tasting her blood. It was sweet to him, and he had to force himself to remember whom he was feeding from.

Branwyn gasped, reaching out for support from him. She leaned upon him, not fighting his bite. He slowly pulled from her, after licking the blood from her neck. He had left her just enough to live on, without changing.

No…. He would never allow her to go through the same damned life as him.

He held her close, his finger running over the bite mark softly. It wasn't long before his blood colored tears dotted her neck. She groaned, feeling them. She opened her eyes starring up at him.

"Don't cry my love. Please don't you only did what I told you to." She whispered, touching his face with her hand. He nodded trying to wipe away the tears.
"A mark like that shall never go away. It is the mark of pure evil." He wept softly. She studied his face silently. "I do not see pure evil." "Then you are blind my love." He told her with a small smile.

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