Prologue: Good Versus Evil

There are times when you may hear the saying, "There is no good or evil. There are just two sides with different views." Of course one can see right away that this is absolute nonsense. Sometimes people just hate to admit that there is evil in this world. Is it because they are frightened? Perhaps. But there is evil, and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it.

It started with the two tribes of the Earth. They were known as Morke and Opplyse. The two tribes lived side by side in peace for several years, even though they were quite different from one another. The tribe of Morke strongly valued hard work. They believed that if you worked your hardness at something then you would achieve what you truly want in the end. The people of Morke also believed that having power was not an evil thing, but a gift to use by those who worked hard for it.

The people of Opplyse strongly disagreed with the Morkes teachings and principles. In the tribe of Opplyse, power was something of corruption. They believed instead you should focus on helping people in your surroundings, and that you value courageous acts above all else. Don't think about your sake, but for the sake of others. That was the main teaching. The Morkes believed this to be positively ridiculous.

Then a mysterious queen of a distant land gave the two tribes, two precious gifts. The queen was named Raja, and she deeply respected the two tribes for their teachings, and that they both had good points about their principles. She believed that they enlightened the world with their books and words of knowledge. As a present, she granted the tribes two magical staffs. The Morke Staff was silver, and covered with chrisom ruby jewels. Inscribed on it was: Poderoso. Power. The Morkes were delighted and took their gift without question.

To the people of Opplyse, Raja gave another staff. This one was identical to the one she gave to Morkes, except for the fact that it was made of gold instead of silver, and was covered in diamonds instead of rubies. Inscribed on their staff was: Coragem. Courage. The Opplyses were just as thrilled as the Morkes were, and also took the gift without question.

Queen Raja was very pleased, and happy to give them their new gifts. They were magical staffs that could be used for many wondrous things. After all, magic was a wonderful thing to be used. But Raja did leave them with a single warning. It was: "Please treat my gifts that I have given to you with respect. These Holy Staffs aren't meant for fighting, but for peace. I tell you. Use these Grails very wisely."

However, no person is perfect, and neither of the tribes were perfect. Both tribes used the gifts with respect at first. The Grails were displayed for all people to see, and were never used to do harm against one another. Yet, this was all about to change with the rising of a new king. King Nyoka of the Morkes.

Nyoka was very spoiled as a child, and could do what ever he wanted, and nobody would care one way or the other. Nyoka had power over his parents to persuade them to do anything that he wished. He liked this power very much, and he loved the feeling of having people do whatever he desired. This love of authority and greatness eventually began to poison his mind. It was all he thought about day after day. Controlling people became the most important thing to Nyoka. It was even more important to him then love and friendship.

Before he became King, Nyoka would visit the great temple, which the Grail of Power was kept. He would sit there and think of all the conquering and controlling he could do with it. How he longed to hold that staff! How he longed to use it! How he longed to destroy with it! How he wanted to conquer with it!

Eventually, it was Nyoka's turn to take the throne. He never was so happy. It was his turn to order people around, and have them begging for mercy. The first thing he asked for was Grail of Power. Since Raja's visit was over fifty years ago, her warning seemed very faint. So without hesitation, the people of Morke gave him this Grail of Power. They did not want their new king to be angry with them. Nyoka was pleased. He knew just what to do with it.

There were two twins who ruled the tribe of Opplyse. They were Prince Andre and Princess Lahela. The entire population of Opplyse loved Princess Lahela. She was very beautiful, and she had the most wonderful singing voice. Now, Nyoka had a plan. If he could just marry, Lahela, he could rule both tribes, and take the whole continent for himself. He would make sure that she did not refuse him.

One sunny spring afternoon, Lahela went out by herself to collect flowers for her best friend. Her brother Andre insisted that she take the staff from Raja for protection. Andre loved his sister very much, and did not want anything to ever happen to her. So, Lahela took the staff, and left to get her flowers.

Lahela walked gingerly through the streets, and said a sweet hello to whoever passed her by. Finally Lahela was on the outskirts of the City of Opplyse. She was prepared to collect her flowers, but she was not prepared for her encounter with Nyoka.

Nyoka confronted Lahela swiftly, and immediately asked her to marry him. Lahela was far too stunned to say anything. She did not except a marriage proposal, and from King Nyoka nonetheless. She had heard many tales about King Nyoka and the Morke Tribe in general, and she was terrified of them. Nyoka smirked when he saw the young maiden in front of him cower in fear. He loved having control over people, no matter how innocent or vulnerable they looked. But Lahela's refusal was one thing that the King did not expect at all.

Nyoka was furious when Lahela turned him down. He wanted to rule, and he would not let the "foolish little maiden" stop him. Nyoka asked Lahela for her hand in marriage one more time. When she refused again, Nyoka was in such a fury that he drew out the Staff of Power, which he had taken with him before he went out to find Lahela.

Lahela had no chance to cry out for help. Nyoka rose the staff over his head, and with a sickening crack, he brought the Grail of Power down hard on Lahela's head. Lahela fell to the ground, and dropped everything that she was carrying with her, including the Grail of Courage.

Nyoka lowered the staff, and looked over Lahela. The innocent young girl was dead. But Nyoka did not really care for her. She refused him, and she deserved death.

Then Nyoka had his eye set on the Grail of Courage that Lahela dropped. Nyoka snickered to himself. It was not worth marrying that stupid little girl after all. He could just take the Grail of Courage, and take over Opplyse by force.

Nyoka quickly returned home to Morke, and set up a plan to take Opplyse. The people of Morke were not too sure about war, and they despised fighting. They had no reason to attack Opplyse, but Nyoka said he had plenty of reason to attack them. He would always say: "Don't show any mercy fore you will not receive any"

When Prince Andre found out of his sister's murder, he was distraught. He never felt so great of a sorrow in his life. She was his best friend, and would always sing to him when he felt lonely. Now he would never hear her wonderful voice again.

Also when the precious gift from Raja was declared missing, it was almost too much for anyone in the tribe of Opplyse to bear. Andre wondered who would ever do such a thing. He didn't have long to wait. Nyoka informed Andre, himself, that he stole the Grail of Courage, and that he murdered Lahela. First the first time in two hundred years, the two tribes went to war with each other.

It was a most bloody war. Thousands of solders and civilians were killed on each side. Nyoka showed absolutely no mercy for whatever Opplyse he saw. He did not even show mercy for young Opplyse children. They were all the same to him. Enemies that needed to be killed. The Opplyse Army grew weak, because Nyoka had the two most deadly weapons at his hand, the Grail of Power and the Grail of Courage.

But Andre would not take defeat. He must win out of respect for his sister. Eventually he met Nyoka face to face in the last heated and final battle at Nyoka's Castle, also known as the Devil's Domain. Andre and Nyoka had a heated battle, as the rest of the armies fought ferociously.

Nyoka was not an easy opponent. He wanted to rule with such a fiery passion that Andre could never out do. Nyoka would kill Andre just like he killed Lahela. But something happened that no one ever expected. It was almost a miracle for Andre.

When Nyoka was about to strike Prince Andre with his Staff of Power, the Staff turned against him. A blinding flash of red light from the staff shot Nyoka, and with one final howl of, "I will never give in.", Nyoka, the power hungry king, was destroyed. He vanished in the red light, and no one ever saw him again. Andre was shocked. All the he saw after the light cleared was the two staffs, lying on the ground side by side. But where was Nyoka? Nobody had an answer to this, and the Morkes immediately surrendered to Andre.

Afterward, Andre ordered the two Grails to be taken away forever, because of all the pain that they had caused. Both tribes agreed, and threw both, the Grail of Courage, and Power into the deep dark Ocean of Damu. The once beautiful gifts from Queen Raja now meant nothing to the two tribes. They swore to live without memory of the Terrible War, and Nyoka. They believed that the wars were over, and they never ever had to speak of it again.

But some things should never be forgotten that were. Nobody would have ever guessed that five thousand years after the Terrible War, the Grails and Nyoka would come back into the world. No one who every guess that the Terrible War was about to subsurface again. The ultimate battle of Good versus Evil was yet to come.