-- Blocked

            Sometimes when a writer's mind goes blank and no matter how hard he or she tries he or she can't think of shit to write, he or she sits down and writes a story about how he or she can't think of shit to write, which is awfully ironic if you ask me.  After all, what is more difficult than describing one's own inability to describe? 

            Essentially, that's what writing's all about: description.  People speak of creating worlds on paper but the reality is that when a person writes, he or she is simply describing.  Be it about reality or abstract concepts such as love and evil, the act of writing primarily deals with assigning complicated symbols onto reality as we see it.  It's quite confusing actually. 

            Because we all inhabit a different, individual reality, any definition of writing is valid.  This complicates the original point by multiplying the difficulty of writing about not being able to write exponentially.  Every writer who has ever partaken of this odd ritual has also partaken of the paradoxical irony inherent in it.  It's actually very confusing.

            So what does this have to do with vampires you ask?  Nothing really.  I decided to create this anthology in order to display "all" of my vampire stories only to realize that I have only three that are even remotely presentable.  I sat down to write a brand new one but I couldn't think of shit to write, so I decided to write a story about how I couldn't think of shit to write, which is awfully ironic if you think about it. 

            That's why I'm cutting this little interlude short so as not waste anymore of your precious time.  If I think of something I'll write and post it.  Until then, think about redefining your definition of writer's block…  Actually, scratch that.  I think I may have contradicted myself here…  It's actually quite stupefying really.

--  P4Pancho