Noon I'll be the first to admit it; I am addicted to drugs, and not just one drug, every drug in the entire world. I have cravings for things I have yet to try and things that have yet to exist. I love drugs so much that I rather get one hit over one year of life. It's just that simple, heroine is your friend and would never hurt you if you didn't hurt it. As for hemp, I don't understand how anyone can hate such a marvelous resource. If we weren't so up tight about legalizing dugs and putting them into mass production, I think we would be in Utopia. Just imagine it, rappers and racists, ex-boy friends and ex-girl-friends, maybe even warring countries would stop all their fight and share an eight ball. After that, all the people would hold their hands together and dance around a giant pile of marijuana and the children would sing, oh how they would sing. I know I'm rambling but you must understand that I truly and deeply am in love with "illegal substances". Snorting, shooting, smoking, dropping, licking, that's all I need in my life, except for licking that was an accident but boy it was a lot of fun. It was love at first sight, I was a senior in high school and I was at the graduation party. You know the kind, their always hosted at some guys house you don't really know but have seen. My grades were exceptional and I had received a four-year scholarship, which meant I was respected by almost everyone. It didn't really matter that I was going to college for free because my parents could have easily afforded it. I wanted to get away from the party so I started walking around upstairs until I came into the parent's bedroom, it looked very normal and downright dull. I don't know why I didn't leave that room but I'm glad I did, and I don't know why I began looking through their stuff but I thank god I did. At one point I looked under the dresser and saw a small wooden box, I was curious so I picked it up. I opened it to find a pouch full of strange new liquid that would later be known to me as acid. After obtaining instructions from a friend I became superman. I could rip steel bars open and bend walls with my mind; this of course wasn't any regular stuff. While I don't remember anything from that day other then that, I do recall the feeling afterwards, I was staring at the stars and for the first time feeling alive. During my college years I learned to adapt to being drugged out and still passing all my classes, people believed my glazed over look was me in deep thought. Even after I started my job as a highly paid nobody, I still found time to disappear into my own mind. Now that you understand how I became this way, you should know what happened that changed everything. The day started off normal, it was three am and I was doing fifty-seven sit ups, I was in a faze where I didn't trust even numbers. I was happy about the fact that I didn't need to go to work; instead I would have a short meeting at twelve o'clock that came with a free lunch. That was all I had to do, other then that I could do whatever I wanted. I took advantage of it by planning out a relaxed day, it started by me taking various "items" and retuning to sleep until seven o'clock. After that I put on my suit, combed my hair, and picked up my briefcase. That's when it all started, just as I was about to walk out the door I noticed something odd, my briefcase was bleeding. When I looked at it closed I saw that it was indeed bleed from a scratch mark made the day before, the red blood slowly lowered on my black leather briefcase. So I did the obvious thing and started scratching it elsewhere and after awhile that part began to bleed. It was strange but I accepted it as reality, because it didn't get really strange until my briefcase began to scream. In fact it started screeching so loud that I was forced to throw it out of my twelfth floor apartment. I thought that's where my bizarre day would end, but it didn't. I had to walk to everywhere because my parking space bit me, I didn't mind, I loved walking in New York City. Everything there was just so shiny and square shaped, what was not to like. As I walked down the street I noticed a strange looking homeless man walking around asking strangers for money, but I knew his little secret. He was unshaved and covered in tattered close, he then approached me asking me for "anything I had to spare". He thought he had tricked me, oh but he wasn't fooling me, oh no, not for a second, I knew he was Satan and that this little disguise wouldn't fool me. "Oh you want something, do you?" I asked with a grin, "I'll give you something if you win the race to that stoplight." He didn't understand but after pointing out the finish line and showing him twenty bucks, he was eager to run, he didn't need to tell me what he wanted. Thanks to my mind reading abilities I gained two minutes before I met him, I could tell what the deal was, if he won I would surrender my soul and burn in the eternal flame, but if I won the race I could live for a million years. The race began and we both ran as fast as we could, I was knocking over a few people along the way but I think they understood. We jumped, we skipped, we ran, to the best of our abilities because our dignity was also on the line. I was closing in on the finish line as was he but just before he could beat me he tripped on the bloody remains that were my briefcase, I don't know how it got their so I guess it flew. I jumped and planted myself next to the stoplight, I had won the race and gained nearly eternal life, I wiped a tear from my eye. During my joyous moment I felt as if I was being watched, but by who or where, I did not know. I couldn't figure it out until I looked up, I saw the stoplight bent forward and looking at me. I was uncomfortable but keep my cool yelling, "What are you looking at?" My plan worked and the stoplight returned to normal but even then I had that unsettling feeling. Before I had a chance to figure it out a great shadow covered me, I quickly turned and caught a tremendous skyscraper bent so far forward that it's roof was near my head. I tried to ignore it while I crossed the street but suddenly all the skyscrapers were starting at me, some whispering to others. I knew there had to be something wrong with me, skyscrapers would never act this way normally; I had learned this from experience. I noticed a smaller building; I knew he was the only one I could trust so I walked to him. I asked him, "Hey, why is everyone staring at me?" He responded, "You mean you don't know?" I told him I didn't, so he moved close to me and said, "Your melting" I was shocked I asked him if he was sure and he told me he was. Finely coming to terms with the truth I watched my hands drain into nothingness, I would be gone in minutes. But I couldn't give up, so I thought to myself "What would Jesus do?" And it came to me, it wasn't about me melting on the outside, the truth is I was melting on the inside. I was so concerned what other people and skyscrapers thought that I forgot what I thought. I had to accept myself before other accepted me, I understood everything. I thanked the skyscrapers for the valuable lesson they taught me and told them I would never forget it. When I looked at my watch I realized I had been there for a couple of hours, that left me with only sixty minutes left to get to the meeting. I couldn't see a taxi in sight, and there were no Cyclopes to carry me there. If I had to get their, they said they wanted me in this meeting but something told me it was just to check up on me, to make sure I was okay. If I didn't get there then my world would end and that would not help me, unlike the drugs. So I yelled to one of the skyscrapers to help me, the giant building bent to me. I grabbed onto the rails on top, the skyscraper then flung me into the sky where I could see my office building. I would have to concentrate if I wanted to crash into the elevator that was on the side of my desired location. I stared into the elevator from a far and began to build speed towards it. Closer and closer it came, with every second more and more tension built. I clenched my teeth and fists and looked with all my might as I felt the wind grow in speed. Reached out to catch it but missed and passed it, I was spiraling towards the ground. My life couldn't end this way, I wouldn't allow it! Suddenly I realized my only chance, and right before I could hit the ground wings ripped from my back! I was saved, I quickly flew to the elevator and appeared inside of it, and sadly I lost my wings. I stepped into the meeting and looked around the room, there were only three people there with dull faces and depressing suits. I sat down reluctantly and the meeting began. I turned out all they wanted to do was give me a promotion and be their new "young up and comer". With fake smiles on their faces they reached out their hands to congratulate me. I was going to shake their hands, really was going to, but a thought ran across my mind. These people were the former up and comers; they wanted me to become them. It was then I lost my connection to whatever product I had taken, the world was now real. I didn't like what I saw and wondered if I would ever see my magic land again, and even though the offer was generous I knew in my heart I couldn't take it. I told them I couldn't take the job, and I was quitting right now. They stood there with in shock, so much so that there hands were still out. I was thinking about what a great day this was and realized it was like the dream I had the night before. You see during those four seconds I had a flash back to the night before, my good friend and drug dealer was handing me something I had never had before. He spoke to me as if he was angry with me, saying, "Are you listing to me? Hello?" I was trailed off in my own world when he told me, "For the love of god if you take this stuff I want you to remember this, do not drive and do not sleep! God damn it are you listing?" No, I wasn't, I was staring at his hair and trying to count it." I didn't even clean out my desk, I just left and started walking for a really long time. I stated thinking about my life and if it was wasted. No, it couldn't be, because I was happy, wasn't I? I don't remember most of my life; in fact I only remember a few things, good times. That's when it came to me, I was happy, because life is mostly space between good times, and I had them all. Except I got to make cuts in line, and no one ever stopped me. With my new knowledge I understood that everyone needs good times, I wanted to give them to everybody. If you understand me, you'll understand this. I guess it was about midnight, I was still walking and a man turned the corner and pulled a gun on me. I felt sorry for him so I tried to hug him, but he shot me. He didn't take my wallet, he just ran. I didn't fight it; I just fell on my back and waited to die depressed and alone. But while I was bleeding to death I looked up at the sky and saw the stars, and I felt alive again.