Bill- The All-American dad who is the voice a reason. He is hesitant when it comes to dangerous actions and tries to put everything the brighter side of life. He is 35 years old.

Frank- A nervous man who fears change of any kind. He quickly judges everything but is too much of a coward to do anything. He is considered the lowest member of the group and is not very respected. He is 35 years old.

Officer Lancy- A police officer who is use to the simple life. Crime is no where to be found so his job is relaxing. When placed against a challenge as the one in the story, he puts a very dark perspective on the future. He is 39 years old.

Phil: He is the community leader but has no real power. He bosses people around and people accept it because he is the community leader. No one elected him but he still takes anything in the community to a personal level. He is a great speaker, almost like a preacher. He uses this ability to convince people to rally for his cause. He is 41 years old.

Eric- The most normal person in the story. He is an average person who is courteous and kind to everyone. He is unaware of what others think, he is living proof that ignorance is bliss. He is 28 years old.

Johnny- The son of Bill, at first he seems very influenced by his Dad. At first he says next to nothing but the second half is where his character is shaped. He is roughly 12 years old.

Debbie- She is always obedient to her husband and doesn't drive. She is the same age as Bill and is always ready to serve.

Suzy- While she serves no real purpose besides shaping the American family, she is required for a reason to exist. Her influenced changes the story by being the stereotypical happy, young, 8-year-old girl.

Additional actors: Hat man, young woman, and police man.

Setting- The suburbs, far away from the noise of the city. A place full barbecues and baseball games, and flags, lots and lots of flags. To put it in simpler terms this is a place that looks and acts like a 1950's pretend world. People are always happy for no reason, children respect their elders, and there are always sunny days, a place that feels like a utopia. However, to understand this play you must understand this could never happen in the real world. This takes place in modern times but this place is so happy you'd think it would be older. This play is a little satire and a little fantasy, mixed in with a social message. While this is mostly obvious to people watching the play, it must be explained for reading the play. So there you have it, the play in a nutshell, enjoy!

Oh No A Negro!

By Chris Creevy
Fade Into a backyard with a wooden fence, a barbecue is taking place with a family. A happy song, almost 1950's song is playing in the background. They seem to be in slow motion and in their own world. The father has an apron and nicely combed hair on and is flipping burgers and hot dogs on a grill. The mother is smiling while setting a picnic and is wearing a dotted dress. Two children (One a boy, one a girl) are drinking lemonade and smiling.

Girl (Suzy): Mommy, who invented electricity.

Mother (Debbie): Little Suzy, no one invented electricity.

The father stops flipping burgers to talk.

Father (Bill): Your mother's right Suzan, god placed it on this earth for you and me.

Suzy: But why didn't we have it a long time ago.

Debbie: Well, Ben Franklin discovered it.

Bill: Yes, he sure was a true blue American.

The little boy (Johnny) picks up a baseball and bat. Bill walks over to Johnny.

Bill: Hey their slugger, getting ready for little league tryouts.

Johnny: I don't know dad, I think I'm not good enough.

Bill: Well what's wrong?

Johnny: I can't hit a homerun.

Bill: Well we'll just see about that.

Bill picks up the ball, Johnny backs up and gets ready to hit. Bill throws the ball underhand and Johnny knocks it over the fence, they both watch it fly away.

Johnny: Wow, I did it!

Bill puts his hand on Johnny's shoulder.

Bill: Oh course you did son, you're a regular Babe Ruth.

Johnny: Thanks dad!

Bill turns around and walks to the grill, he resumes flipping.

Bill: It looks like these burgers are done!

The rest of the family lines up with plates in hand; Bill places the foods in buns and places it on the plates. The children walk to the table and start eating with complementary noises. Bill and Debbie look at each other with a smile. Suddenly the happy music stops as a man runs into the scene, his is breathing heavily and bent down. He looks up and starts to ramble. Everyone stops to look.

Gasping man (Frank): Bill I came as soon as I could, the grass and the truck and there it was, it was horrible.

Bill removes his apron and walks towards frank.

Bill: My Frank! You look like you've seen a ghost. Please sit down and catch you breath.

Frank sits down next to the kids.

Bill: Honey, could you pour Frank some lemonade?

Debbie: Certainly, one moment Frank.

Debbie pores the lemonade and hands it to Frank.

Debbie: Here you are Frank.

Frank: Thank you (he sips) hi kids (he sips).

Bill: Now why don't you tell us what happened.

Frank: Okay (he sips) I was mowing my lawn a couple of minutes ago and it seemed normal (He sips). When all of a sudden a truck stops across the street.

Bill: The old Nicholas house?

Frank: Yeah (He sips), well it turns out it was a moving truck.

Bill: Well it has been empty for two weeks.

Frank: Yeah (he sips), I wanted to see who was moving in when then black man came out of the truck!

Bill: Yes.

Frank: He came out of the truck!

Bill: Yes.

Debbie walks towards him with a plate of hot dogs.

Debbie: Where did he put the couch Frank?

Frank: I didn't mention a couch!

Bill: Then what was he doing there?

Frank: He was moving in!

Debbie drops the plate and lowers her jaw in shock, Bill's eye widen. The children look on with concern.

Bill: Now wait a second Frank, are you sure he just wasn't one of the moving men?

Frank: Absolutely (He sips), I wouldn't believe it until he told one of the moving men where to put stuff (he sips). I was so scared I didn't know what to do, so I ran here.

Bill combs his hair back with his hand.

Bill: How about you and I go back and make sure. Debbie, kids, I want you to stay here till I return.

Fade out

Fade into the street, a policeman (Lancy) stands across the street watching with shock as the black man looks at his belongings on the lawn. Frank and Bill walk and stand next to him.

Bill: Hello officer Lancy.

Lancy doesn't even turn to look at Bill.

Lancy: Hi.

Frank: You see, I told you! Look at him, he's just standing there!

Lancy: This doesn't look good.

Bill: Now hold on you two, perhaps we can communicate with him.

Bill yells from across the street.

Bill: Hello.

The black man turns around and waves.

Frank: Was that a gang sign!

Lancy: I think so!

Bill (Nervous): Well, perhaps we can talk to him in another way.

Frank: What if we dress up?

Bill: That doesn't sound so bad.

Frank: I'll get some corks for the black face.

Lancy: There's no use for that, they shoot their own kind.

Frank: Oh no!

Bill: Well we have to do something. Can't you do anything Lancy?

Lancy: I'm afraid not, I'm not used to this.

Frank: Didn't they teach how to deal with this!

Lancy: I work for the suburbs not the city!

Bill: Wait a minute, why don't we talk to Phil, he is the community leader.

Lancy: Good idea!

Lancy and Bill leave, Frank stays until the black man turns around and looks at him with a smile. Frank runs away scream in a cowardice form.

Fade out

Fade into the group talking to Phil. Phil is sitting on a high chair with his hands together in a prayer like form nodding to what they say.

Lancy: And that's what happened Phil.

Phil: I'm glade you fellas came to me, and I thought the church picnic would be at the top of my priorities. From what you've told me this black man sounds dangerous.

Bill: So what should we do Phil?

Phil stands up and puts his hands together behind him and starts pacing.

Phil: Well boys we're going to do the only thing we can do.

Lancy: And what's that?

Phil: We're going to wait for him to make a mistake, and when he does we'll react appropriately.

Frank: What do you mean wait! We could all be dead by then!

Phil: Calm down Frank. In the meantime we'll have lookout for every section.

Frank: But what else can we do!

Phil: I don't know, hide your TV's.

Frank: I can't go back home, he'll look at me!

Bill: If you want you can stay with us.

Phil: We'll all have to do our part, Lancy I want you to stay on patrol. Bill I want you to do some research. As for you Frank, you'll be the look out at Bill's house.

Frank: What!

They all turn and look at Frank.

Frank: We'll, I suppose I can.

Phil: Good to hear. Now lets get to it.

Fade out.

Fade into a living room, Frank is looking out the window while Bill looks through a book.

Frank: Wait, what was that! I saw a leaf move!

Bill: Calm down, he's not invisible

Frank: How do you know he's not!

Bill turns the page of the book.

Bill: Ha, I found it. The Afro Negro.

Frank: The what?

Bill: That's what it says. Origin is from Africa, it says they were brought here when America began.

Frank: What are we doing here! Why are waiting to die like this!

Bill: Don't worry Frank, if we know how they think we'll know what to do.

Frank: What else does it say?

Bill: It has a list of terms.

Frank: What kind of terms.

Bill: Nigger terms.

Frank: They have their own language? We're doomed!

Bill (reading): Poo-see, poo-sigh, posse.

Frank: What's a posse.

Bill: A group a close friends who engages in activities together.

Frank: What kind of activities!?

Bill: It doesn't say.

Frank: Oh god! That means there's more of them!

Bill stands up and hands the book to Frank.

Bill: Calm down Frank, why don't you look at the book.

Frank looks at the book.

Frank: Ghetto? Rap? Lowrider?

Frank tosses the book across the room and holds onto his head.

Frank: I can't learn this! Isn't it obvious Bill? They're all coming to get us. We let one get in; we shouldn't have let it happen!

Bill: Frank, you're acting crazy, it'll be all right now calm down.

Frank: Calm down! Calm down! Maybe you should worry up! We're all going to die!

Bill grabs frank's arm and slaps him. Frank calms down and stares blankly off into space.

Frank (In a calm monotone): I'm sorry Bill, I don't know what came over me. I think I'll watch from outside and get some air.

Bill: Are you sure you want to do that.

Frank (In a calm monotone): Yes, I think that will help me.

Frank opens the door.

Bill: So you're okay.

Frank: Yes Bill, (He turns his head to Bill) thank you.

Frank walks out and shuts the door.

Fade out.

Fade in back to the living room, this time the whole family is there.

Debbie: Are you sure Frank is okay.

Bill: I'm sure he's fine.

Johnny: You wanna go check on him Dad?

Bill: We'll it has gotten dark, I guess I'll go check on him.

Johnny: I'll go too dad!

Bill and Johnny step outside.

Fade out

Fade into the backyard, Frank is on the floor and fidgeting. Bill and Johnny walk and see Frank, Johnny runs towards Frank but Bill holds him back.

Johnny: Dad, Frank's in trouble!

Bill: Hold on son.

Black man: Hello? I found this baseball in my yard. I think it came from here.

Bill pulls Johnny away, the black man steps on stage. Bill and Johnny are out of his line of site; Bill covers Johnny's mouth as he tries to scream.

Black man: Hello? I'm Eric Mandell; I live down the block. (He sees Frank) What happened here?

Eric turns his head; Bill and Johnny jump behind Eric so that hey can't be seen. Eric hears the noise and turns around; they jump out of the way. Eric turns to the noise and continues to look around in a 360 degree; Bill and Johnny constantly are moving to stay directly behind him. On the second "lap" Lancy arrives, before Eric can turn Bill grabs Lancy's arm and pulls him with them. Eric stops looking around, they run (off stage) to the front yard, they stop and Bill looks back.

Lancy: Forget about Frank! It's too late for him.

Bill: Maybe not. Johnny, do you have your art supplies?

Johnny: Yeah dad, they're in house.

Bill leans in and whispers into Johnny's ear.

Bill: Okay?

Johnny: I'll be right back.

Johnny runs away, Bill and Lancy look around the corner

Lancy: Shouldn't we go with him?

Bill: We better keep watch.

Lancy: I hope you and I are close enough friends for me to tell you this Bill.

Bill: What it is?

Lancy: I am very uncertain about my skills, and the possibility of me positively contributing any which way to this situation.

Bill: Oh (Bill looks down), I suppose you'll do fine. Besides, I've got a plan and I'll really need your help.

Lancy turns to almost as if he was to cry.

Lancy: You really need my help?

Bill: Sure Lance, sure.

Johnny runs back with a large sign turned away from the audience.

Johnny: I finished dad!

Bill: Good work.

Bill takes the sign reveling what is written on it, it says "Easy to steal car radio".

Bill: Now Lancy, I want you to put this on my car and beep the horn. While he's distracted I want you to run into the house where we are.

Lancy: But what about Frank?

Bill: When he starts working on the car I'll get Frank.

Bill hands Lancy the sign.

Lancy: Thanks Bill!

Bill gives a thumbs up.

Bill: You can do it.

Lancy runs away, as do Bill and Johnny.

Fade out.

Fade into the living room with everyone there but Phil. Frank is lying on the couch.

Lancy: I think he knew we we're watching him.

Bill: Maybe he just didn't like the car.

Frank: You don't understand Bill! It was horrible; he'll be back for your car!

Bill: I guess you would know more.

Frank: I wish I didn't, he came out of no where with something in his hand. If I didn't faint, who knows what he would have done?

Phil opens the door and steps in.

Phil: I came as soon as I heard.

Phil kneels next to Frank.

Phil: How are you Frank?

Frank: Okay. Hurt, but okay.

Bill: Oh Frank, your not even cut.

Phil turns to Bill.

Phil: Are you saying he was in no danger.

Bill: Well.

Phil: How did he look to you? Did he look okay?

Bill: He was shaking.

Phil: There you go! He was shaking! Just from seeing the man! Why, I think I am indited to say that if didn't arrive when you did old Frank he might not still be breathing. Do you not agree with what I am saying?

Bill: I suppose.

Phil: Don't you people see, they are rebelling when they should be thanking us! We give them a free boat ride here, and all we ask for is work! Not good enough! So we give them freedom to live their life, not good enough! Then we give them the right to vote permitting the situation, not good enough! And before we knew it they were working in our offices, eating at our restaurants, and now moving in to our neighborhoods! Well, no more people! We've got to stand up to this, we've given them an inch, and they always take a mile! Well not this time! Not while I still stand! Are you with me!

Everyone except for Bill cheers, Phil turns to Bill.

Phil: Bill, I need to know if you're with me on this one.

Bill: Well, it all sounds reasonable.

Phil: Bill, look at little Suzy. (Phil kneels behind Suzy and puts his hand on her shoulder) Think of it Bill, he could come after her too.

Suzy (in a sympathetic tone): Please don't let the black man get me daddy.

Bill (staring at Suzy): Alright Phil (he looks up at Phil) I'm with you.

Phil walks over to Bill and puts his hand on Bill's shoulder.

Phil: I'm glad to hear that.

Lancy: Everyone gets in your cars, we've got a coon to catch!

Suddenly, some one knocks at the door.

Phil looks out the window.

Phil: Speak of the devil. Everyone get ready.

Bill: You mean we're going to attack him now.

Phil: We have to before it's too late. Officer Lancy I want you to take care of this, we'll help with everything.

Lancy: Alright.

Bill: Debbie, please take the kids into their rooms.

Debbie takes the children's hands and begins to take them out of the room. Phil grabs onto Johnny.

Phil: Not so fast now, little Johnny will need to witness this. For an education purpose.

Bill (struggling): I guess that's okay, but I want Johnny to stand back.

Phil: Of course, we wouldn't want anything to happen to him.

Frank: Can I stand back.

Everyone turns and looks at Frank.

Frank: I better stay.

A knock from the door can be heard again.

Bill: You two better get out of here.

Debbie takes Suzy out of the room. Johnny sits behind the couch, the four men gather around the door. Phil turns off the lights; Lancy keeps his body on the wall and opens the door slowly. Eric steps in.

Eric: Hello? I swore I heard someone in here.

Lancy punches Eric in the back of the head; everyone tackles Eric to floor.

Frank: We've got him!

Lancy: Quickly now! Lets get him back to the police station!

Fade out

Fade into a jail, Eric is sitting down in a jail cell with a scared and depressed look while the four men provoke him, Johnny watches from a distance.

Frank (Pointing at Eric): I can't believe I was scared of you! You're in trouble now, you stupid Nigger.

Lancy: Now you and your kind will think twice before coming in to my area!

Phil: Stop looking so glum, you brought this on yourself. If you just would had stayed in your gye-to none of this would have happened.

Frank: I feel so much better now, but what do we do with him.

Lancy: I guess we'll have to punish him for attempted murder.

Phil: Hold on there, this man was only she for one day and he tried to kill someone. We know he's just going to try it again.

Bill: So what do we do Phil?

Phil: I believe a good old lynching is in order. Why don't we get everything ready?

Eric looks up scared to death; everyone is unsettled by the decision except for Phil.

Phil: Well, what are we waiting for?

Lancy (disturbed): I better go get the rope.

Phil: Let's get going people.

Phil, Lancy, and Bill walk off stage. Frank looks at Eric with a miss a pity and fear, he slowly walks off stage. Eric buries his hands in his face and begins sobbing; Johnny walks to the cell.

Johnny: Hi

Eric looks up.

Eric (Sniffling): Hi.

Johnny: Um, are you Martin Luther King?

Eric wipes his nose with his sleeve.

Eric: No.

Johnny: Okay, are you Michel Jordan?

Eric: No, I'm not.

Johnny: Well then, are you Gorge Washington Carver?

Eric: I'm not any of those people!

Johnny: All right then are yo-

Eric: Hey, why are you asking me all these things?

Johnny: Well, in school they tell us about some good black people.

Eric: Then why are you asking me, my name is Eric!

Johnny: Because you don't look so bad.

Eric: That's good of you to say but I don't think I'll be around much longer.

Johnny: What do you mean?

Eric: Weren't you listening to them, there going to kill me.

Johnny: Why?

Eric: I don't know why! All I wanted to do was return a baseball!

Johnny: A baseball? Oh, that must have been mine!

Eric: You hit that?

Johnny: Yeah, I put my addresses on it. That's my favorite ball.

Eric: But that had to be at least a couple blocks away.

Johnny: My dad says I'm a regular Babe Ruth.

Eric: You know about Babe Ruth?

Johnny: Oh yeah, I know all the old baseball players. I don't like the new stuff; it's all about money.

Eric: You've got that right.

Johnny: I know all about the old days, there was Yogi Beara and Mickey Mantel, I know em all!

Eric: What about Jackie Robinson?

Johnny: Who?

Eric: You mean to tell me that you never heard of Jackie Robinson.

Johnny: No, who was he?

Eric: He was the first black man in the major leagues.

Johnny: He was one of the first players?

Eric: No, you see way back when the MLB started they didn't let black people play.

Johnny: Why?

Eric: I'm not really sure, but I suppose they just weren't ready. Anyway Jackie wasn't one of the best players of baseball, but he was a true player of baseball. Many people weren't happy that he was a real professional baseball player in a white league. People would throw glass bottles at him, swear at him, send him and family death threats, other players would cheat to make him lose, and was watched closely by the KKK.

Johnny: What happened to him?

Eric: He stood his ground and with the help of good people of all nationalities he stayed and became a legend. Now anyone who is qualified can become a Major league baseball player. He's living proof that sometimes staying put is more important then a homerun.

Johnny: Wow, I never thought of it like that.

Eric: But now (he returns to sobbing) I'm the one who's in trouble and theirs nothing I can do! All my life I thought I was so far away from racism and now look at me. I'm going to die because of something I didn't know was wrong.

Eric covers his face with his hands.

Johnny: The help of good people. Eric hold on! I'm going to bust you out of here!

Eric quickly looks up.

Eric: What do you mean? How can you?

Johnny: Don't worry, I know where Lancy hides his keys.

Johnny runs off stage and returns with a pare of keys. He begins to unlock the door

Eric: Are you sure you should be doing this.

Johnny: I want to, I can't let you get hurt!

Johnny unlocks the door and opens it, Eric walks out.

Johnny: I'm going to try to stale them, you better get out of here.

Eric: You're a real brave kid, you know that? But you're still a kid, and to leave you behind to fix my problems would be wrong. I'll go with you.

Johnny: Are you sure?

Eric: Defiantly, something needs to be fixed.

Johnny: Well then we had better hurry!

They run off stage, end scene fade out.

Fade into an area with no props except a rope, Phil, Bill, and Frank are watching it.

Phil: Lancy, throw the rope over the tree and tie it.

The rope hits the ground.

Phil: Higher Lance! We're trying to snap his neck, not make him bounce.

Bill walks over to Phil.

Bill: Uh, Phil.

Phil (still concentrating on the rope): Yes what is it Bill?

Bill: I know that this is a big problem but are you sure this is the best way.

Phil stops looking at the rope and turns to Bill; Phil puts his arm around Bill.

Phil: Bill, I think its time you and I had a talk. Please walk with me a bit. (He yells towards Frank) Frank, go get the African!

Frank: Sure.

Frank runs off stage, Bill and Phil begin to pace around the stage together.

Phil: I think you and I are one in the same, wouldn't you say? We like the same drinks, we both enjoy sports, and I think its safe to say we both love barbecues. But the main thing I believe we have in common is our commitment to the community. The only difference I see between us is that you just don't know how committed you are. I'd bet you'd like to know how to be a better father a leader, am I right.

Bill: I suppose.

Phil: Luckily I found a group of people who share these beliefs. They understand that the American way is being lost in this new age medicine trash. A group who want to preserve these great truths that we can not deny help build this country. They try their best to change America for the better, however most people stand against them. I'm sure once you join then Lancy and Frank will follow in you're footsteps, they always do. I'd like you to be a part of this group, with your attitude all you need is the uniform.

Bill: Uniform? You don't mean!

Phil: That I do Bill, that I do. It may seem shocking at first but I believe you'll fit in fine.

Bill (Nervous): I don't know Phil.

Phil: Oh, I wound never make you decide now! Think it over, figure out what you want to do then come back to me (smiling).

Frank runs back on stage.

Frank: He's gone, the black guy is gone!

Phil removes his arm from Bill and yells.

Phil: What! That's impossible!

Frank: Johnny's gone too, I think he took him!

Bill: Johnny was taken!

Phil: Don't worry, we'll find him. He's the only Negro in here! Lancy I want you to stay here! The rest of us will go look!

Fade out. Fade into Eric and Johnny walking (no props needed).

Johnny: I don't know if this is such a good idea. What if they hurt you?

Eric: What if they don't?

Johnny: I know my dad won't hurt you. I know he'll listen to me, he knows I would never lie to him.

Eric: I hope so, there's no turning back now.

Bill runs onto the stage and hugs Johnny.

Bill: Thank god you're okay. (He looks up and sees Eric and quickly stands up) Oh no it's him, don't worry I'll yell for the others.

Johnny: No, wait dad!

Bill: Not now Johnny!

Johnny: He's not bad!

Bill turns around.

Bill: What?

Johnny: He's a good person dad, I swear! We we're talking in jail, he would never hurt anyone. We talked about a baseball player and stuff, and so I let him out?

Bill: You let him out?

Johnny: Yeah, but I had to cause he's not what everyone is calling him!

Bill: What are you talking about son?

Johnny: All I know is that Eric isn't dangerous! He's my friend! Bill: He's a friend of yours now?

Johnny: Please dad, just talk to him.

Bill turns to Eric.

Eric: Hi.

Bill (nervous): Hi.

Bill turns to Johnny.

Johnny: Keep going dad.

Bill turns back to Eric.

Bill: So, what do you do?

Eric: I'm a history teacher downtown.

Bill (casual): Really?

Eric: Yep, I've taught for three years.

Bill: Downtown, I've never been there. Long drive?

Eric: It is now, but I don't mind

Bill: Oh really? Uh, do you like rap?

Eric: Not since high school, I mostly listen to Jazz and classic.

Bill: Jazz huh, do you like country.

Eric: The older music.

Bill: Me.too.

Eric: It's nice meeting you Bill (he puts out his hand).

Bill (slowly): Yeah, it was nice meeting you (he shakes his hand).

Johnny: You see dad, he's nice. Now you have to call off the lynching!

Bill: I wish I could but it looks like most people want it.

Phil runs on stage.

Phil: Ah ha! Good work Bill, you found him. (He yells from behind him) Frank! Get over here!

Frank runs on stage.

Frank: What is it I was just (he sees Eric) oh my god he's still here!

Eric: Enough of your yelling now grab an arm and let's get him over there.

Johnny: No! You can't do this to him!

Phil turns to Johnny.

Phil: Yes I can little boy, in fact it's my duty. You'll understand when you're older.

Johnny stands in front of Eric.

Johnny: I'm not letting you take him!

Phil pushes him out of the way, Johnny hits the floor.

Phil: Get out of my way! Hurry up Frank!

Frank: Uh, yeah, just one minute, I think maybe.

Phil: Hurry up you moron!

Frank reluctantly walks over to Eric and takes hold of one of his arms. Bill reaches out his arm as if he has something to say. Eric turns around and looks at him, Bill lowers his arm again and looks at the ground. Everyone except for Johnny walks off stage. Fade out. Fade into the place from before, the rope is high of the ground and there is a chair underneath the rope, perfect for the event. Phil and Frank pull Eric onto the stage, Bill follows staring at the ground with no hope, the same look as Eric.

Phil: Lancy, is everything ready?

Lancy: Yes Phil, everything is ready.

Phil: Great! Let's not wait a second more to get this over with!

Phil and Frank move Eric across the stage, Eric then stands on the chair. Lancy places the noose around Eric's neck. Everyone shares a lost look except for Phil, he looks proud.

Phil: Well people, there you have it. We are about to cleanse this town of thievery and deceit. With this action we will look fear straight it to the eyes and bid it farewell. I believe we should all be proud of what we've accomplished, but now let us finish it. Lancy, if you would do the honors. Lancy walks over to the chair and raises his foot to kick it. Suddenly Johnny runs onto the stage, yelling all the way.

Johnny: Wait!

Phil turns to Johnny and begins screaming at the top of his lungs.

Phil: Child! If you do not stop what you are doing I will hang you as well!

Johnny: I don't care what you do, you're a horrible person.

Phil: You are not allowed to talk to me like that!

Johnny: Dad, do something! Tell them about how nice he is.

Phil turns to Bill in a fit of rage.

Phil: You talked to this thing?

Bill: Well.

Phil: You did this behind my back?

Bill: Well, Phil we need to talk.

Phil: Oh my god, he got to you. One Negro smile and you're putty in his hands. (He turns to Eric) You black son of a bitch! You're gonna pay for this! (He turns back to Bill) Bill, please come back to me, I thought I could trust you. We are one in the same, we cant disagree on something this important. Now please, tell me you don't want to keep this dark trash alive.

Bill: Well I.

Phil: Do you?

Bill: I'm not too sure about.

Phil: Do you?

Bill: This may not be right.

Phil: Do you!

Bill erupts and begins screaming.

Bill: I'm sick of this! This is all wrong, very wrong! This man has done nothing against us and we want to kill him! We should be nice to him and care about him like we would anyone else! But instead you made us hate him! All these years you've filled this suburb with lies and deceit. You kept us scared of anything outside of our small world and you made sure we would agree with you no mater what! Frank has been having seizures over the smallest things just because of your useless hate!

Phil: Now wait just one damn min-

Bill: Shut up Phil or I will level you! I want nothing to do with you!

Phil: Fine then, Lancy, finish this.

Lancy: Phil, I don't think I want to do this. I never wanted to.

Lancy unties Eric and walks with him to stand beside Bill.

Phil: I can't believe this! (Phil looks at Frank) Well how about you useless want to join them. Because if you do I will use this rope to hang you.

Frank cowers and begins to sob.

Phil: I'll just have to take care of this myself.

Phil runs to attack Eric but before he can Frank quickly turns around and punches him. Phil hits the floor with a thud and looks up in disbelief, Frank yells while still sniffling.

Frank: I don't want to be afraid anymore!

Lancy: My god Frank! You hit him!

Phil: You, you, trash! You do this to me; you've all gone crazy! I'm getting in my SUV and getting out of this nuthouse!

Phil crawls from the ground and runs off stage, Bill turns around and hugs Johnny.

Johnny: We did it!

Eric: You mean I'm safe?

Bill: Yeah, and good riddance to Phil. I should have done something earlier, I'm sorry. But thank you Johnny if it wasn't for you I might had done something horrible.

Lancy walks over to Eric and looks at the ground.

Lancy: Sorry, I have to run bye!

Bill: Hold on Lancy, what are you going to do about Phil.

Lancy: I wouldn't worry about it, we know what he is now. I'm sure he won't risk arrest, as for me though I think I'll have to retire.

Eric: Wait officer, won't press charges.

Lancy: You wont?

Eric: I think it's okay.

Bill: Come on guys, we can worry about this in the morning, let's get some sleep.

Eric: Good idea.

Frank: Come on Frank I'll walk you home.

Frank: Is it over?

Lancy: Yeah, It's over. Or maybe it's just begun.

Frank and Lancy walks off stage.

Bill: Uh, Eric, even though he said Phil wouldn't be back, would you, um, want to stay at our house tonight. I mean I'll have to talk to my wife but I think it'll be fine.

Eric: Thank you Bill but I think I'll be okay by myself.

Bill: Well my car is close to here, do you want a ride home?

Eric: Yeah, I think I'll take you up on that.

Johnny: I knew everything would work out.

The three of them walk off stage, fade out. Fade into Phil walking around with no props or background. A man with a hat and suit is turned away from the audience, as well as a woman tying her shoe away from the audience.

Phil: Stupid people push me out of my own home! That worthless cop will never find me in the city (laughs).

Walks up to the hat man.

Phil: Excuse me my good man, do you have the time.

The man turns around, he is black. Phil begins to back away.

Hat Man: Yeah sure, it's 1:30.

Phil: What the? How did you get here?

The young woman stands up.

Young Woman: Dear, I think you scared him.

Phil: You too! This is impossible!

A black policeman runs on stage.

Police Man: Is there something wrong sure?

Phil: A policeman? A black police man? Will this nightmare ever end!

Phil runs off stage screaming. Fade out. Fade into Eric sitting in Bills back yard in daylight with a book in his hand opened to Suzy sitting next to him, all is well.

Eric: And that's how Ben Franklin became an oceanographer, some say always loved the ocean, but I think the only reason he studied it was because it was the only science he hadn't studied.

Bill walks onto the stage.

Bill: Hey Eric, hi there little Suzy.

Suzy: Hi Daddy!

Bill: It looks like we're going to have some new neighbors where Phil lived.

Eric: We'll it has been empty for a couple of months. Who are they?

Bill: I don't know, but I wouldn't worry about it.

Frank and Lancy walk on stage.

Lancy: Hi Bill, hello Eric.

Bill: Hello Officer Lancy.

Lancy: Hey Eric, I need to do some yard work, ya suppose I could use your shovel?

Eric: Actually I'm going to be leaving soon but you know the way in.

Lancy: Thanks.

Frank walks up to Eric with a huge smile on his face.

Frank: Hello Eric.

Eric: Hello Frank.

Frank: Last night I was going to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still. But instead, I watched (he laughs a little) The Brother From Another Planet.

Frank starts laughing joyfully.

Eric: Oh, well Frank, what did you think of it?

Frank: Well, it was great!

Eric: I'm glade to hear that.

Eric turns to Bill.

Eric: Is Johnny ready yet?

Bill: I'll go check, (yells to outside) Johnny!

Johnny runs on stage wearing a baseball cap and shirt.

Johnny: I'm ready!

Eric: Is this going to be your first Minor League game?

Johnny: Yeah.

Eric: Well then you'll be in for a real treat.

Bill: You to better get going then.

Eric looks at his watch.

Eric: Whoa, you're right, let's get going Johnny.

Johnny: Yeah, I hope I get as good as the real players.

Bill: You will be son, you're a regular Jackie Robinson.

Eric and Johnny walk away from the group.

Johnny: Don't you think Frank was being a little stereotypical?

Eric: At least he's trying Johnny, at least he's trying.

Fade out.