Rachel was a unique girl. For one thing, she liked little children stuff, like Digimon. In fact, she was obsessed with it. She even had a crush on a Digidestined named Yamato Ishida. She had Asperger's Syndrome or as everyone called it, Retard Syndrome!

All Rachel wanted was to be normal. She would even make a deal with the devil to be normal! Her best friend was the biggest jerk in the world. Her friend's name was Janie, and she was normal. Both girls were 16 years old and Janie had a whole lot of other friends. Rachel's other friend was Amy, and she was normal. She was a little nicer than that Miss Native-Alaskans- are-Better-than-English-Pigs-Janie.

None of her teachers understood Rachel; they always called her a retard. When the boys called her names and teased her about her love for Digimon, no one stuck up for her. Except Amy, 35% of the time!

"Hey Digimon Retard! What are you writing?" This Evil boy named David yelled at the top of his lungs. David grabbed the paper off the desk despite Rachel's attempts to keep the paper on the table.

"Oh! You like Yamato Gayshida." he yelled. David's two friends laughed loudly.

"Eat Dung David!" Rachel retorted.

"Rachel! Another outburst and you'll go to the principal's office," the teacher, Mrs. Bugmelt said.

"But, he has my paper." Rachel answered.

"Tell someone who cares," Mrs. Bugmelt replied evilly.

"Yes, Professor Snape." Rachel muttered under her breath. She sat down and rummaged through her bag.

"Ah," she whispered, her copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone lay between her math book and her Physics of Star Trek book.

The bell rang and the class started to leave. All I have to do is sneak out between the other students. Rachel thought. Rachel snuck between a couple of her classmates and burst out of the door into the river of migrating salmon heading to the spawning grounds. Rachel giggled at her humorous analogy. For these weren't migrating salmon on their way to make baby salmon, these were the other students of Melvin Peterson Academy during passing period between 1st and 2nd periods.

"Delta Q, the last of four quadrants, these are the Enterprises of the star ship Voyager. It's 70-year mission: to find a way home to the Alpha Quadrant; to make sure Space is a safe place for Naomi to grow up in; to boldly go where (literally) no female captain and her crew has gone before." Rachel whispered as she moved into the gym at Warp 4.