Rachel ran all the way to Gym class, the teacher Mrs. Bo glowered at Rachel as soon as she walked into the Gym. Rachel glanced across the room and saw her one and only crush Yamato Ishida! Rachel blinked and stared for a minute.

"No it's not!" Rachel scolded herself. The boy was walking toward Rachel now and she began to panic.

"Hello, I'm new here." The Blonde haired boy said.

"Hello." Rachel tried to smile but the right side of her mouth never cooperated.

"I'm Cody." He introduced himself.

"Rachel" She Responded.

"Ok class it's time for everyone's favorite thing, RUNNING LAPS" Mrs. Bo yelled at everyone.

"Oh, what fun!" Cody muttered sarcastically.

The two laughed and started jogging slowly around the square gym.

"Do you like Star Trek?" Cody asked.

"Like it? I love it!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Really. Who's your favorite Character?" Cody asked.

"Naomi Wildman, Captain's Assistant." Rachel responded.

Cody smiled and dimples showed.

"My favorite character is Chakotay." Cody responded.

"He's cool. Especially in Resolutions!" Rachel said.

Cody sighed. "Oh, Resolutions, I loved that episode!" Cody exclaimed.

"Move it RETARD!!" Gregory yelled.

Everyone in the class laughed and Mrs. Bo didn't say anything.

"Leave her alone." Cody snapped.

"Oh, Retard, has a boyfriend" Gregory teased.

"Come on," Cody whispered.

The two teens ran further ahead of Gregory.

"OK class, its time for your favorite sport." Mrs. Bo began

"Parrisses Squares?" The Two teens said at the same time.

"No, Basketball!" Mrs. Bo exclaimed excitedly.

"Drat!" Cody and Rachel exclaimed.

"We'll be on the same team, right?" Cody questioned.

"Yep, But do not toss the ball to me, because I suck at this game."


The two teens pick Blue as their color, as they both, being Trekkies, believe, believed that red was a bad luck color. Of course no one wanted to be on Rachel's team, so Mr. Bo had to assign people to be on Rachel and Cody's team. Half way through the game, someone throw a ball at Rachel's head.

"Ouch!" Rachel screamed.

"Rachel, Shut up" Mrs. Bo snapped.

"Rachel, Are you OK?" Cody asked.

Rachel moaned as she got up and looked into Cody's blue eyes.

"I'm OK."

"Sorry" Gregory muttered.

"Yeah, I'll bet you did that on purpose!" Cody snapped.

"Cody, It's time for English." Rachel said pulling him back.

"Let's go." Cody said back.

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