A Bad Day Turned Good
It was 5:37 in the evening, Jay would be coming home soon. Shonda was planning a surprise for her when she came home.

Earlier Jay had called her on her lunch break, sounding not like herself. Jay told her that she had had a bad day so far, and was looking forward to coming home. Shonda had said it would be all right at the end of the day, and that she couldn't wait for her to come home so she could make it better. Jay did her normal 'hmm' and smiled, just imagining what she would get when she came home that night. She hung up the phone and went about the rest of the day wondering. Jay thought to herself, 'I'm glad I called, I feel a lot better.' Meanwhile Shonda was busy planning something special for Jay. She smiled as she thought of something that her baby liked, she decided to do that.

Shonda was waiting in the dim candle lit living room wearing only a pair of jeans and her tank top with no bra, the jeans were zipped but unbuttoned, and the head of their strap-on was peeking out. Before she sat down to wait for her baby she had gotten ready for her by putting Curve loiton all over her body, spraying light purfume on herself to boot. Her hair was fixed, well.. as fixed as it could get, she had put water and gel in it to give it the spiked "wet" look. The room was so dim that if your eyes weren't adjusted you'd have problems making out objects in the room. When she thought she was going to fall asleep waiting on her, she finally heard Jay unlocking the door and coming in, closing the door behind her. Jay turned around from closing the door to find herself in almost total darkness. "Baby I'm..." She started to say but blinked surprised, also in hopes to adjust her eyes quicker.

"Shonda?.." she asked hoping that she was home. Normally she would greet her at the door with a kiss and 'How was your day baby?' Only this time she couldn't seem to find her. She walked over to the coffee table to set her keys down on it in front of the couch and almost jumped out of her skin when she noticed a smirking Shonda sitting on the couch. Matter of fact she looked like she was fixed up, her scent lingering closely around her and the couch. Jay grinned as she moved over towards her, taking her place on her lap, with that Shonda's smirk widened as she looked into her eyes. Jay thought a second and thought she had felt something buldging when she sat down.... and it hit her. Not knowing how she didn't notice the signs until now.

She leaned forward, purposely rocking her hips with her movement to give her a kiss. Shonda returning her kiss began to lift Jay's shirt up and over her head, their lips parting long enough to do so. Discarding her shirt to the floor, soon followed her bra. Jay got up from her lap and stood in front of her, slowly slipping her own pants down in a tease with Shonda watching, a smile on her face. Her pants fell to the floor in a puddle, she wasn't wearing any underwear, she stepped out of them and leaned over Shonda's lap. Unzipping her zipper all the way, letting the strap-on hang out of her pants, she gripped it at its base and looking up into her eyes licked the head of the plastic dick. Shonda's mouth dropped slightly in a small gasp as Jay smirked and rose to climb back onto her lap, adjusting and with Shonda guiding the tip of the head into her sweetness, causing a moan to leave Jay's lips. Another moan was heard once she started penitrating herself on the blonde's lap. Shonda sat up a little and scooted closer to the edge of the couch, that causing her to rock into Jay unconsciencely. Which produced a nice moan from Jay, Shonda smirked an apoligic look at her and said.

"Oops..... sorry baby." Giving her a kiss.

"Hmm.. I bet." Looking at her accusingly. Jay put her hands on the back of Shonda's head, her fingers brushing across the fuzz, Shonda sighed softly. Ducking her head and with her hot breath on Jay's neck she started to rock back and forth. Jay trailing her nails up along her back causing Shonda to draw a breath in quickly, a slow hiss. They continued to rock back and forth together. Shonda gripped her lover's buttcheeks firmly and helped her to rock harder against the blonde's lap. Jay moaned directly into her ear, causing Shonda to thrust up farther.

"Oh God Jay I love you so much." Shonda said in a low husky voice, tender love dripping off the sentence. The lovely girl she was making sweet love to ran her hands through her lovers hair, crying out in pleasure and love, causing her release. Shonda, being able to tell she had made her lover satisfied because of how her muscles had quickly relaxed, slowed to a stop. Just holding onto her in a tender embrace, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, telling her how much she loved her. Jay looked upon her lover's face and smiled, giving her a deep kiss, their tongues dancing together, having their own love making. She brushed her fingertips along Shonda's cheek and then up across the side of her head to the back. Causing her lover to get goosebumps, she told her. "And I love you too Sexy." They laid there together like that a little bit longer until Jay gave Shonda another kiss before she climbed off of her lap, giving her a wink she started to strut to the bedroom. Shonda, loving the way her baby walked when she had just gotten some, waited until she heard the water running, quickly she got up and ran towards the bedroom, hoping for the fun to continue.

The End. (Or is it?)