Book #1: The Beginning

Author Notes: This is an original story that just came to me one evening; it will be probably in the form of three or four novels. I really don't yet know where to take this story, but I hope it'll come to me.

Prologue: The Settings For The Game

In the not so distant future of Earth, in the year 2130, earth is but a shadow of its former glory, forever reformed by the war only fifty years before, a war so distant that many forgot all but one detail about it. It has spread a virus so vile across the earth that it rendered human kind unable to bear children naturally. Human kind was forced to invent technology for children to be born from the DNA of a father and a mother, genetic clones born from test tubes.

But some women refused, or couldn't afford, to use this technology; some believed it was wrong, so taking all risk they chose to give birth naturally. But the virus had a vile side effect; all children born in such a way were mutated, horridly mutated. Often, such children did not survive the first week of their life. But sometimesā€¦ just sometimes, a child was born with natural genetic immunity to the virus.

Such children were studied, their lives ruined from a very early age, in hopes of finding the cure. One such child was a young girl by name of Clair Fairview, she was born from her mother's womb without a single anomaly, many people thought her to be a miracle, and hope for the earth, until her tenth birthday when the girl discovered an amazing thing.

That night before her birthday, little Claire found herself standing in front of her mirror, twirling joyfully in her new dress. Another twirl, something made little made Claire stop, looking at her back she found something odd. Reaching with her hand over her head she felt it, a small bony protrusion from right the top of her shoulder blade, 'What are theseā€¦' she thought to herself. Little did the little girl know at the time, that these little bones would lead to the change of her lifetime.

Author Notes: This is just the prologue, tell me if I should continue!