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Chapter 2

The next morning, officer Glenn arrived at work early, wanting to finish some filing work. Walking past the bullpens he greeted a few fellow officers and exchanged a few friendly compliments with the secretaries before proceeding to his office.

Once inside he sat behind the old mahogany desk, unzipping his uniform windbreaker so he could be more comfortable. Glancing at the stack of papers before him left by the mail boys he ruffled through them briefly, one particular paper caught his eye, because the precinct chief herself signed it. One look at the title made him groan, 'Another trigger-happy rookie,' he muttered.

The door opened as a young officer peeked in, "Kevin, the chief wants to see you… says it's urgent," the officer spoke in a collected tone.

"Fine," Kevin got up, leaving the paper on the desk, proceeding to the door; the young officer let him pass and vanished in an adjacent corridor. Walking the short distance to the Chief's office seemed like an eternity, he didn't really want some hot shot rookie as a partner, the last one almost got his head blow off in a steak-out operation.

Giving a curt knock on the wood and glass door of the office he waited to be acknowledged, entering the office he nodded to his precinct chief, a middle-aged woman with graying brown hair and dark brown eyes, who wore a crisp royal-blue business suit and sat behind a well organized desk.

In the office sat another woman, much younger, no older than twenty five by her looks, her ebony locks swept up into a fashionable bun on top of her head, when she looked up he could see her bright hazel eyes, she wore full black and blue uniform, her polished badge shining in the florescent lights of the office. "Kevin, I would like you to meet Clair Fairview, she'll be your new partner, she is just out of detective academy but coming with high recommendations, it would seem Clair managed to stun even the professors with her sharp mind, Clair, this is Kevin Glenn, one of our best homicide detectives," the chief spoke.

The woman blushed a little, "Thank you Chief, but… I'm not really that top notch, no experience, it's an honor to work beside an experienced officer, I heard a few things about Mr. Glenn," standing up and extending her hand to Kevin in a warm greeting. Kevin numbly shook it, nodding once in a greeting.

"Kevin, I don't want you to do something stupid, someone with a mind this sharp doesn't come along every day, don't go getting her hurt, or I'll have your ass on the boiler," the chief warned.

"Got it chief," Kevin had to get away from the woman; she was scrutinizing him through her dark eyes in a way that always made him fidget.

"Now get out of here," the stern woman added.

Nodding Kevin motioned to the door, allowing Clair to exit first; the woman picked up her duffel bag and walked out. As soon as the door was closed he relaxed.

"Not too pleased are you to be in that room?" Clair spoke up, her hazel eyes inspecting him closely. He was taller than she was, six foot something, built and broad at the shoulders and chest, with short brown finely combed hair that had a few streaks of blond running through it, his eyes were crystal blue and clear like water, a perfect mix of his parents probably as Clair saw it. His black slacks hung on his form perfectly straight down, pressed to perfection; his sky-blue shirt clean and spotless, even the navy blue windbreaker, which was usually the messiest part of an officer's uniform, was clean and spotless.

Kevin's eyebrows climbed up a little, "How… oh… I see, it would appear your observation skills are sharp indeed," he frowned mildly, no rookie ever before caught on to his discomfort to being around the precinct chief, so this made Clair something different.

Clair smiled gently at him, something told her that Kevin wasn't what he was cranked up to be, but that remained to be seen, "May I ask where is our office? I would like to place some belongings," she asked.

"Certainly, come this way," Kevin led her to his office and entered it.

Clair glanced around, the walls of the office were bland, no trophies or pictures, no diplomas or awards either, it seemed to her like Kevin didn't wish to make his office space part of his home. Glancing at the empty desk off the side she walked over to it, "Nice place you have here, a bit bland, but… I think I can make it a little more cozy with a plant or two," she spoke.

Kevin frowned, he didn't want plants in the office but he figured he should've expected this from a woman. Looking around he had to admit, the place did look remarkably dull. But it was his previous partner who was the heavy decorator, proud of all his awards and plaques that was before he was promoted for bravery on the line and moved to another precinct.

"Where are you from?" Kevin asked in genuine curiosity.

"Brooklyn, created and raised," the woman replied proudly.

"Oh… well I am from San Francisco, but I went to the academy here in New York, full scholarship," Kevin replied.

He saw her take out a picture frame from the bag in her hands and place it on the desk. Sitting down behind her new desk Clair adjusted her swiveling chair to her height, a cup of pencils and pens was next to emerge from her bag placed carefully on the left side of her computer terminal keyboard. From that Kevin knew she was left-handed.

"May I ask why you decided on becoming a homicide detective, women usually prefer to become private eye," Kevin continued his private interrogation of his new partner.

"I'm not like most women, I was always fascinated by the workings of the criminal mind, and private eye just doesn't cut it for me, I want to be there where the action is," Clair replied.

Kevin leaned on her desk, placing his hands on it, "You do know I do patrol routes too, right?" he wondered.

"Yes, that's why I asked for an officer like you, I don't like office jobs, I prefer to be out there in the epicenter of things, and patrols usually mean busting crime first hand," the woman replied.

Kevin was impressed by her answers, every opening he sought to surprise her seemed to be covered, and she wasn't missing a beat in her replies, it was as if she already prepared beforehand for his questions, which he knew was impossible. Her voice was unwaveringly cool and collected, and for someone this young she seemed to be very wise and sophisticated.

"Kevin, may I ask…  is this an interrogation? Or some… entry right you're putting me through?" she wondered, not looking up at him, had she, she would've caught his surprise.

'Checkmate,' Kevin thought, in his quest to ask a few questions to hopefully surprise her, he left his own flank open, and in a single question she won the game over who could surprise whom first. Never a rookie managed to do that to him, this made Kevin think that she was far from a rookie, "I am just trying to get to know my new partner," he replied.

Clair glanced up at him, cocking her head to the side slightly, resting her head on her hand at her chin, as she looked into his eyes straight, unblinking. She knew he was mitigating the damage she dealt to his ego, but she would have none of it, if he wanted to intimidate her, he would have to have a taste of his own medicine. "You seem like an awful liar to me Mr. Glenn," she spoke coolly, formally, now turning her head to her other belongings, knowing she dealt his ego a critical blow that no mitigation would repair.

Kevin straightened at her words, shocked once again, he admitted defeat and walked to his desk, sitting down, watching at the young woman went on about setting up her corner, she then proceeded to log into the precinct database to bring up undoubtedly some of the cases he was working on.

Clair watched him out of the corner of her eye, studying his habits in her own way, also taking in every little detail about his behavior.

A rough knock on the door sounded, a second later a mail boy entered, holding a piece of paper in his hands, "Kevin…" he paused, noticing the new presence in the room, "Um…" the mail boy raked his brain for the identity of the new figure In the room.

Clair meanwhile chuckled, "My name is Clair Fairview, I'm Mr. Glenn's new partner," she introduced herself, standing up, outstretching a hand to the mail boy to shake, which he gladly did.

"I'm Kyle… anyways… Kevin, they found the man you helped yesterday out, in the alley… dead, clean bullet to the head, same alley, chief wants you to check it out," the boy gave the paper to Kevin to inspect.

"Thanks Kyle, you can go now," Kevin got up, zipping his windbreaker, "Duty calls," he spoke to Clair who nodded.

Kevin led Clair to the parking underground parking lot and to his patrol hover-car, "Care to clue me in about this man?" Clair wondered.

"Last night, I was doing a foot patrol on fifth street when I was alerted to some trouble in the back alley, when I got there, I saw two big guys beating a man half to death," Kevin paused, unsure if he should go into the part about the mutant he saw.

"And then?" Clair prompted, watching him closely.

"You wouldn't believe me even If I told you," Kevin, approached his squad car, taking out the device to open the door. The car's headlights flashed twice as the safety devices were disengaged and the alarm turned off, the doors fluently slid upwards at an angle, allowing entry.

"Kevin, I think It's something I should know, as your partner," Clair insisted, her voice got a slightly cold edge to it.

"Perhaps you're right, have you watched the news lately?"

"Of course I did, I always watch the news," Clair replied.

"Well you might have heard about the vigilante called 'Raven', well… I've seen her last night, and the composite sketch doesn't do her justice. She doesn't have tentacles and fangs, nor is she a demon. In fact, the only thing setting her apart from a normal human being would be a pair of black wings," Kevin replied.

"Oh… I always thought that that composite was a bunch of bullshit," Clair sat back in her seat, stretching out her legs, reaching over she tugged the car seat belt to her, "Well shall we be off?" she wondered.

Kevin nodded and scanned his card in the ignition terminal, the car beeped and roared to life, shuttering a little as the anti-gravity devices lifted it off the parking lot ground. A second later he guided it out of the parking lot unto the street.

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