Walking through the path,

Starting the journey by myself,

Brushing past them beneath the umbrella,

It all seemed wide conscious now.

Their happiness can't be hidden,

Contract to the sorrow ever so clear,

Just like water spray splashed on me,

In the awkward position of loneliness.

Can't bare the fact,

Remembering you.

Whether or not,

It's always been a lie.

Standing in the rain,

The thought of the picture,

Still bothers me,

Unable to stay calm.

Were there eaves to avoid the rain?

Better separate from memory,

Led me find a way,

To a place without love.

Were there eaves to avoid the rain?

Tired of the mood you gave me,

When the rain will stop and go away,

Then I could forget the past and move on.

Author's note: The words just came out of my mind through a sad song. Hope that you enjoyed reading it and understand how I felt when writing this poem.