A/N: An odd little poem I wrote to the tune of a song. (Special bonus points to anyone who can figure out what song.) I kinda like it.


I knew somehow I could trust you
Like I'd never trusted before
I knew you could love me in spite of myself
I knew I could love you more
I gave you all I had
I gave you all I need
But you turned away and were colder
All I want is for us to be free

And I made you my secret-keeper
Just hoping that you'd understand
But when you realized I was broken
You left me with dust in my hands

Even when I thought that I had you
You were sorry, but it didn't last
I showed all my scars and you felt all my pain
And we walked through the broken glass
But you soon forgot how it felt
You left me to be on my own
And then, I knew it was over
But I still plucked thorns from your crown

And I made you all you meant to me
Just hoping that you'd understand
But when I ceased to be broken
You believed and let go of my hand

And you never saw I was lacking
That I was beaten, still broken inside
You had done all there was you could think of
And you left me to return and hide
And you left me so broken inside...