Thy Play On Time is Won

Drowned in an earthly beauty,
Never stopping -until we've lived every moment
There has ever been, or will ever be
You were a man of princely mein
Revered, and respected.. all knew of your fame

Arthur gave you seat at his rotund table
Once there, you told a lie; while I told fable
Remember when we witnessed the fall of Rome?
We were there when Plymouth became home

Mnemonsyne placed me in her soft embrace
She damned you to a forgetful place
Because of her scorn, your blade grazes my skin
To you I am a nuisance, and unwanted friend

I smile now, as the crimson blood flows
I'll see you again, but of this, no one knows
Perhaps next turn, I'll be the husband that caresses your lips
You'll be the wife that tears my heartstrings with guided snips