Fisher of Men

A long time ago, when life was simpler and people closer to the Divine, a certain Cat-Headed Goddess loved to walk among the mortals. On a hot sunny day, she assumed Her feline form, jumped upon a sunbeam and placed Herself on the Land of the Nile.

There she sat, just purring under the blazing desert sunlight, protected by the shade of a palm tree. Before her, the Eternal Nile journeyed on.

She just sat there, watching the common folk going on with their everyday lives: Fishing and laughing and loving and living. But Her rest came to a sudden end, disrupted by the cries of hungry kittens. She jumped up and followed the sound.

In a nearby curve of the Nile, a young mother cat was trying to fish out carps from the river. But these fish were big, the cat was slender and six month-old kittens in the back were crying their little hearts out, begging for food. After several failed attempts, the cat sat down, put her head on her front paws and just stared at the water. If cats could shed tears, this young cat would be crying now.

Lady Bast was overwhelmed by grief. She decided to help the poor family. She jumped up and appeared before them. Seeing her approaching, the cat bowed her head in respect, while the kittens, not sure of what was going on, just sat silent (at last...).

"What troubles you, my daughter?" asked the Goddess.

"Forgive me, Divine One", replied the cat. "But my young ones are hungry. The crops are not good this year, and mice are few and skinny. The humans have abandoned their fields until the dry season is over and feed on fish. But they have nets, and hooks and they are much bigger than I am. I cannot catch these big fish, and the smaller fish I've caught so far are not enough. I beg of you, help me, or my young ones will die".

"Come with me", said the Goddess, assuming her Cat-Headed form. I'll give you hooks that will help you catch bigger game. From now on, I'll make you Fisher of humans. You'll have such hooks, that you'll be able to put them under your spell and feed you. And as far as fishing is concerned, they have the opposable thumbs; let *them* do it".

And she took the cat and the kittens in Her arms and took them in the Pharaoh's palace and left them in his daughter's chambers. And the little princess loved them so much, that her father declared all cats divine.

And so cats became Fishers of Men (humans, to be exact).

And this is a true story. If you don't believe me, ask your cat.

April 2001

Werecat Silverclaws,

Just repeating a story my cat Spitha told me.