Roman marble -
the fountain and the rosebush,
As the evening sky
bubbles merrily in reflection,
and in solitude.

Roman marble -
heel heel toe, toe toe heel
courtyard tile and battered vine:
waltzing echoes.
heel heel toe, toe toe heel
veiled smile, dip;

Roman marble -
statue children with cups for eyes
mostly mute in their vigilance -
scarlet contemplation.
Pale night sky like milk in my tea;
statue moon with mirrors for eyes.

Roman marble -
knife cuts the crisp midday air,
the juicy high-noon sun
cuts it and leaves one dark slice.
waiter brings the platter:
air and knife, sun and shadow:
one mysterious hour.

Roman marble -
full dark platter and full dark air.
statues and statues and statues.
heel and toe and strap and sole.
fountain and rosebush and evening
and water and solitude.