The Zhu family lived in the big mansion that was wedged between the mountains that supported the early makings of the Great Wall. The mansion was made from a smooth white stone that matched the two marble lions that guarded the front door. The pillars were strong and painted with a sleek red paint specked with gold. The rooms were spacious with plush rugs and well-woven tapestries. The beds had sheer silk canopies and feathered mattresses. The Zhu family lived in luxury, which was a surprise since they were farmers.

Of course, if Master Zhu lived in such comfort, he hired workers to do the farming, cleaning and manning of virtually everything. Naturally, these overworked and underpaid people needed a person to oversee them. However, it was not Master Zhu because he hardly lifted a finger and passed his time lounging in his study playing his Erhu. The overseer was Madame Zhu, Master Zhu's second wife. She was a pale and slender woman with thin cruel lips. She had a shrill voice that she used to yell at everyone except her husband, twin daughters and son. She especially screamed at her stepdaughter, Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was a slim young woman with raven black hair and glistening sepia colored eyes. Unlike her family, Xiao Yu had olive hued skin from working outside so much. Her hands were worn and rough from all her chores. Xiao Yu was the reason why the Zhu family lived in such luxury. See Xiao Yu has a special gift, a gift Madame Zhu and her daughters abused. Whenever tears escaped from Xiao Yu's eyes, they will turn into large, milky white pearls.