You guys who REALLY know me (scips-2006, dance-george-dance, and blu-eyes) will find some ironies with the character names and what they're involved in.

*True Musical Love*
Ch 1 Merry Christmas?

Katalina looked at the figure walking through the almost-empty parking lot and smiled, recognizing the male striding to her vehicle.
"Hey Josh. Need a ride again?" She asked looking at his savage green eyes that complimented his brown unruly hair.
"Yea. Thanks, Kat." He replied wondering if Band practice held her back today.
They rode in silence most of the way to his house, until they reached the back road that lead to his home. Then he asked her if she stayed late because of band practice.
"Not today. I got the leading role in drama." She smiled and turned to see his reaction.
"Really? Cool! I didn't go to practice today because I had to go to football practice. It is the play-offs." He finished and looked at her angelic face. She had pale skin with caramel colored hair, rosy cheeks, hazel eyes, and pale pink lips. She turned to look at him and their fiery gazes clashed. "Thanks for the ride, Kat."
She looked down after turning a new shade of crimson, "No problem. Cya tomorrow?"
With his eyes he urged her to look up and they locked gazes, "You bet." He flashed her one last dazzling smile before hopping out of the little blue convertible-beetle.
He got into his house and shut the door, pushing his against it with a thud. He thought back to when he really noticed Katalina in a different light. He thought back to the location and closed his eyes. Halloween. She had walked into Cayla's party in her genie outfit and he sucked in a breath remembering every detail. The see-through aqua pants had fallen loosely to her ankles with a matching bathing-suit-like top, topped with the ever-invigorating silver belly button ring. She cut off a groan realizing he still didn't know if it was real or not.
After Katalina watched him enter his house, she let her waving hand fall to the seat. She looked over after feeling an unfamiliar fabric under her delicate fingertips. She grinned as she recognized Josh's letterman jacket. Josh and Nick had gotten their jacket's a year earlier than the other jocks. Katalina gathered up the jacket still smelling Josh's never forgotten cologne. She would give him back his jacket at the game tomorrow.
After dance team practice Brittany had gone straight home to hit the books and daydream about Taylor. He must be the most egotistical, dense guy in the universe! She liked him anyway but that wasn't the point. She had been sending him 'signals' for months. He still didn't get it . . . or maybe he did and just didn't feel the same way . . . maybe he just doesn't want to ruin their friendship, they had been best friends since kindergarten . . . oh well, time for English!
Whenever band practice was finally over, Taylor went home to dream about Brittany. He liked her and he knew it, . . . but she was perfect. She was the girl all the guys wanted. She had long blonde hair and cool ice blue eyes. She was homecoming queen and the captain of the dance squad. What would she want with a drummer who marched around on the field during half time? He couldn't remember when she had changed from being his best friend to his crush. It seemed like he couldn't remember anything else ever existing. Maybe she doesn't mind spending time with him, and maybe somewhere she could like him eventually . . . but not if he didn't get to go to the game tomorrow. He stopped eating and went off to doing his English homework.
Nick stopped playing his guitar, flicked the straight blonde hair off his forehead, and opened his locked door to find his dad waiting impatiently.
"Could you stop making so much noise? Christmas break is starting! Tone it down a bit." His dad said his gaze wretched with concern and pity.
"Yeah. The game is tomorrow and the dance is a week from today." Nick said to his father and looked at the floor. His father shut the door and went to phone Cayla's parents again. He wished his son were happier right now. He knew Cayla would come back but he hoped it was soon, because otherwise his son might got into a fit of depression.
Nick watched his father go out into the dark hallway and thought, as he slipped off the guitar strap and moved to the drum set, why did she have to run away? Was she trying to get away from him? He shook his head at that thought. He knew how bad her life was at home. All her parents ever did was argue with each other and yell at her. He just wished she had told him so he could've tried to help her. He went back to playing the drums with renewed force and tried to drown out his thoughts.