Seduced By a Goose

a tale of betrayal, incest and lust

Hera, Queen of the Gods, is well known –and respected for her power. But little is known of her path to the thrown that has been lined with betrayal, incest and lust.

"It's a shameful part of my past, but it did make me who I now am," the Goddess Queen says of the tale that started it all for her.

Her husband, the renowned Zeus, King of the Gods has a bond with Hera closer than that of a marriage vow. He is her brother.

"He had been relentless in pursuing me," Hera recalls, "Only to be turned away. He must have clued in to the fact that it would take more than flattery to get next to me."

And so he did. The King of all the Gods and Lord of the skies concocted an ingenues plan. While his dear sister, and hopeful lover was idly walking on a mountain path mighty Zeus mustered his power to create a storm. This storm was directed to force fair Hera to take shelter in a cave, which she did.

This was only the first phase of the plot. Zeus had achieved in getting Hera alone, with not threat of interruption, but now he needed to be there. Knowing full well that Hera would be ever ready to fend off her lust filled brother he needed an innocent appearance. Using his raw power the powerful God transformed himself into a Dodo Bird who, it seemed, had been caught in the same storm.

Being the kind soul she is, Hera proceeded to warm the defenceless creature under her dress, only to have it convert into her brother. Who, in turn, tried to take full advantage of his position. Of course the virtuous Goddess did her best to fight him off before he proposed the only offer which she would agree too, marriage.

"I never expected to find my husband in my brother," admits the Goddess of marriage, "It may have been a round about way, but together we found some happiness."

That happiness was not to last. Continuing next week the tale of how Zeus' womanising and bastard children almost ripped the two apart.