Silly Crush


Hunched over his computer, callused fingers pummelling each key. Break then Type Break Type Interrupted clicking of keys Humming computer screens Across the room a row of four maybe five computers away A student at each one all Type Break Type Break Type Clicking Hand up He answers Callused hands, chews them when he's nervous. Chewing them now. Staring clueless into the glowing computer screen under the glowing neon lights. No he doesn't know what to do, no not very good at peer tutoring. The other students know more than him, I know more than him anyway, I didn't need this help, I know much more then him. Chewing his other finger. Only called him to see him. Cheap crush. Silly little thing. Key Clicking breaking Clicking. Reaching over me, cologne not strong but there, presses keys. Nothing. Shrugs. Leans on me, arm pressed to my shoulder, happy weight pressed against my back. Only called him over to see him. Presses more keys Clicks the mouse. Still nothing. Shrugs. Chews next finger. Laugh. Kind of cute. Clicking Break Clicking. Never notices that I never need help. Always helping the others more than he does. Just wanted to see him, have him near. Silly. Silly crush. So long ago now. Shrugs. Given up. I can fix it myself. Ever needed him. Clicking Humming Undo his mistakes. Laugh. Completely clueless. Back to his seat, shaking his head. Must be feeling dumb. Laugh. Clicking Break Clicking Break Clicking. Humming screens. Six years. So long ago now. Should have forgotten. Chews his fingers. Still remember. Laugh. Silly crush. Never worth the time. Laugh.