Anderea and her Prince

Well here I am, awaiting my sentence. You're probably wondering why I'm even awaiting a sentence, just look at me. I'm you're everyday-run-of-the-mill sixteen year old maiden, right? Wrong. I'm very different. I can't and won't settle for an everyday-run-of-the-mill suitor. I wanted someone special, someone so special not just anyone could have. And I found him: Prince Andrew of Wellington. Sadly, King Robert didn't really agree with my love for the prince. This is how it all started:

The king held a ball to welcome his son home from his schooling and everyone was invited. So, my ladies in waiting and I got all dressed up and headed for the castle. The moment I laied eyes on the Prince I knew we were ment for each other.

I made my way over to him and at first he didn't notice me, but I made sure that by the end of the evening he would know me. I did everything from whistling to calling him name out, but it did pay off, he asked me to dance.

While we were dancing, it seemed as if time itself stopped. We looked into each other's eyes and than we both knew we were ment for each other. Just as he leaned into kiss me, the music stopped and King Robert pulled him away.

Later that evening, the King introduced Minerva, the Prince's wife to be. I was crushed. How was I supposed to compete with a princess from Nory? But just as I was leaving Prince Andrew pulled me aside and told me the marriage was arranged and he loved me. Tears fell from my eyes and he kissed me.

If only the King hadn't seen it, than I wouldn't be awaiting sentencing. You see he had a lot riding on the marriage of Andrew and Minerva. And he wasn't going to let some no body ruin it.

The next morning the King sent them to Nory to tell the people there of their marriage. The moment Andrew's carriage left the king had me arrested for seducing the Prince.

That is pretty much where we left off. So now you know my story. And you know I'm scared. I've never been on trial before. And I don't know what the punishment will be.

"Anderea, Please stand," said Judge Vincint, "Now, you can choose to forget your foolish claim of the Prince loving you, and suffer only life imprisonment. Or you can suffer death for lying to my court with your impossible accusation. Which will you choose?"

I choose the truth, The Prince confessed his love to me with a kiss and I will not lie to save my skin.

"Sadly my child you are lying in the eyes of this court. And I find you guilty. Your punishment……Hanging," Judge Vincint told her.

I will go with my head held high…

"Stop everything," Prince Andrew interrupted, "I refuse to let you sentence this innocent maiden to death for what is the truth. I wish to marry her!"

"Are you crazy son?!" the King yelled, "You will marry Princess Minerva!"

"No father. I cannot marry someone I do not love."

"Fine, if you marry her, that…that girl, you will lose your title, money, everything! What is your choice my boy?"

Well, I have good news, he choose …ME! And we have been happy ever since. As for King Robert, he married Princess Minerva himself and I hear they couldn't be happier.