"Innocence Carly Morgan."

The man looked at me in disbelief. I sat with disdain clearly written across my face.

"Real. Name." He looked at me again, and grinned.

"Inn-O-sense--got that? Car-lee--that one, too! Mor-gan. And that concludes how to spell my

*real* name!"

He stared at me once more, and finally typed my name on the monitor.

"Who in the hell would name their kid 'Innocence'?" he muttered under his breath, expecting me

not to hear. Damn, I did.

"Well, apparently no one in *Hell*, because innocence doesn't exist in hell, either that or it's

a very cruel and tasteless joke," I retorted, with just a bit of coolness lining my speech.

I looked at his name tag. *Lacey*... A fine person to be talking about names.

*Lacey* started at the files that came up when he keyed my name. I grinned, tried--but failed--to

keep the amusement out of my voice when I spoke.

"Well, *Lacey*, please cancel the meeting with the director of the board, and be sure to tell the

CEO the reason why. Good day to you."

Hell, that felt good. I should do that more often. Guessing the kid didn't care about his job,

or he should have begged. Oh well, their loss on behalf of his stupidity.

Slipping my jacket on over my sweater, I stood and waved my hand for a taxi. It didn't take long.

How odd. Opening the door, someone was seated in the back seat. Even more odd.


A grunt was heard from the driver. The other passenger didn't look at me, so I paid no mind.

"54th and Central Avenue. Get me there in under twenty, $100 tip."

The driver turned, smiled at me, then turned back around, and stepped on the gas. The wonder of


When I got to my destination, with ten minutes to spare, I paid my fare and got out. The person

got out with me. Peculiar, very peculiar.

"Do you just wait for young, defenseless women to come in a cab, then follow them? Well, if

that's in mind, you've no idea who you're dealing with."

The person said nothing. I shrugged my shoulders, and slid my hand over the pepper spray--just

in case. I walked and noticed the individual following me. No bother, they wouldn't let the

person in where I'm going. Security would stop whoever it was.

"Good evening, Miss Morgan. You looked perplexed, any troubles for you today?" the security

guard asked me.

"Oh, nothing but the usual. Snotty kid and a stalker."

"A stalker, is it? Where is the character?"

It struck me odd, he didn't see the person standing directly next to me. However, I wasn't

going to say anything.

"Don't worry about it. I took care of it. You know how everyone loves my beauty!"

He chuckled and smiled. "Aye. That would definitely be the case!" he grinned roguishly at me

and winked.

I downright laughed and walked into the lobby. How nicely furnished I made my business into.

My own building, my own corporation. Everyone knows who I am. How much jot to know what power

I held.

I walked into my office, and tried to prepare for my five o'clock meeting. It was only an hour

away. I sat down and noticed the person standing in my office. I gasped, and I was about to

push the security button, but something stopped me. I looked at the face that stared back at me.

What I saw shocked me to the core.

"H-how? W-wha-what?!"

The smokey, grey eyes, my eyes, stared back at me. The solemn creature smiled a sad smile. I

was about to sit and pull my hair, when she spoke.

"I'm your lost innocence. I'm your namesake. Resentment courses through you, and now, you are

lost. You lost your own name. How does it feel, to be just the opposite of who you are?"

"Who I am! I didn't ask for you! I run a business and a damn good job of it!"

"Yes, but when was the last time you enjoyed a sunset or sunrise? The simple pleasure of rain

pattering against your window? You fell easily into the life of a tyrant."

Dark hair flew into her face by an imaginary breeze. A mirror copy to my own. I scowled at her.

If she was my 'innocence', then how was she here now? I opened my mouth to ask just that, but

she answered before I could make a noise.

"Because, it's time for me to be found. Find me, Innocence. Find what you knew you lost."

"I never asked to be you."

"And they didn't ask you to be me, but you're not being yourself. That's why you're lost."

Innocence. A lovely name, but a life was lost due to this name. It was time for me to find it.

"I'll see you soon," were the last words spoken.


I hope that you liked it. It was inspiration that struck me when I was almost asleep. Then, I

knew that it would end up something a bit different than I usually write. So, instead of me

guessing, tell me what you think. It won a contest, and I got first place!!

*holds up blue ribbon* SEE!!??