Story By: Ann Lowe Chapter Created: 12/12/02


From The Desk Of Mick Lowe


Hey! I've got info. on all the people in my group for the project. Yeah, the big one. A fifteen-person project! Well, I guess this is what I get for going to a nice school, eh? I got into the best high school in the state! Go me! But, yeah, you already knew that, didn't you? Oh, well! Can't hurt to be happy. Well, these are the people that are going to be in the complex, yep, that project. Oh, I haven't explained the project yet, have I? I just said I was going to have a stupid project. Well, here goes!

The Project!

First off, it begins at the start of second semester. It's supposed to teach us how to get along in a big group, and it's a 'meet the others' type of thing. What happens is, there are a total of two hundred Freshman in our high school (yeah, not many!), that's how many could get in, and the school is splitting us into the dorm sets beginning second semester. These are the dorms that we'll be in for good, mind you. Well, each dorm complex holds fifteen people, one of them holds twenty, so there are fifteen people to a complex. The complexes are more like giant flats, if you ask me. There are sixteen floors, each student getting his or her own floor (I said this was a nice school, you have to score 95% or higher on the entrance exam to get in!), and one group floor. Well, I'm in building eight. They have us living in these tiny apartments (one room) for first semester while they get to know us, then put us with the people they think we should go with. And yes, these dorms are co-ed. Scary, ne? Well, we stay in these dorms for all six years of high school, ninth through fourteenth, with the same people, like I said. Well, the project is: setting up our flat! By the end of second semester, if we don't have things going good and strong between the fifteen of us, everyone has to get a new flat assignment. Which means another semester (and a summer!) in the apartments, yuck! I don't see how that's a project, but that's what the school calls it, so I guess it'll do! Hope that helps you understand! (Not that you can reply, as you're just a journal.)

Well, here are my dorm partners! This is the information that I have on them (we're given some information), and what I've gathered! The stuff I've gathered is just notes, since I can't make sure it's true. So I won't pretend it is, just call it my notes!

Alicia Bauer: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: April 16, 2021, Hair Color: Light Brown (dyed blue), Eye Color: Light Blue, Height: 5'2", Weight: 103 lbs., Maternal: Deceased, Paternal: Alive (Geoffrey), Siblings: Deceased.

Notes: I don't know Licy very well, but she seems to be very outgoing. She dyed her hair on a dare that she lost, so we know she likes to do crazy things. She likes to dance and is good at it, also at Gymnastics, she's on the team. She's in the Orchestra, and plays Violin. Her family (all except her father and herself) died in an explosion when she was seven, but she covers it quite well. She's almost always happy and can make a joke out of anything, but only does so if it's really appropriate. She's a great girl, but you can tell she's hiding a large burden. Maybe we can help her, I don't know, but I can try. I like her, she's nice. A great person to try to get to know.

Stacey Brimmer: Age: 15, Date Of Birth: October 2, 2020, Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde, Eye Color: Light Green, Height: 5'1", Weight: 115 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Kristine), Paternal: Alive (Matthew), Siblings: Kate (Elder), Michael, Kyle, Stephanie (younger).

Notes: Stacey is another mystery to me. She's got a lot of friends, and is one of the more talked about girls in school, very pretty, very stylish, very attractive to men. But, that doesn't tell me much about her personally. She's always surrounded by people, and is always with the older kids, in the 'secluded' group. The group of kids that everyone kind of just looks at in awe. The group that no one knows very much about, but wants to be. Well, almost everyone. I don't think that'd be much fun. I know how it feels to have people running around after me after I score the big points in a soccer game, but I don't think I could put up with that for too long. It would completely irritate me. She must just be better with people.

Elijah Collins: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: June 12, 2021, Hair Color: Light Brown, Eye Color: Light Blue, Height: 5'10", Weight: 142 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Merissa), Paternal: Alive (Eric), Siblings: Elizabeth (twin sister).

Notes: Eli is my adopted brother (I'm the one adopted, not him, mind you!), and confidant. I think he knows practically everything about the inner workings of my mind, at least for the most part. He's really just your average guy. He's smart, works hard, tries his best at all times, and dresses cleanly. He's got plenty of friends, lots of acquaintances that like him a lot, and a twin sister that he is practically adjoined at the hip to! He's fun to be around and is a member of the Band, he plays the drums. He loves to play tennis, but isn't quite good enough at it for the team, sadly. He also enjoys kendo. I can't say much more about than this: when you meet him for the first time, it's just like seeing an old friend again that you haven't talked to in a long, long time.

Elizabeth Collins: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: June 12, 2021, Hair Color: Light Brown, Eye Color: Light Blue, Height: 5'8", Weight: 129 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Merissa), Paternal: Alive (Eric), Siblings: Elijah (twin brother).

Notes: Liz is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She gets crazy about everything and anything that seems interesting to her and becomes the expert, in a matter of a few hours. She's good at absorbing information and details, and never forgets a single thing. She likes to write, but she's not very good at anything except third person speaking scenes, she isn't very detailed. She likes to draw, and she draws cartoon strips for the school newspaper. She and Eli are practically adjoined at the hip, they're together so much. They're not the closest of people, but they are the best of friends, if that makes any sense at all. They don't really go into personal information with each other, but if just in one another's company they can get along just fine. Liz's not the best one to catch in a bad mood. She knows a lot of martial arts and has quite a grand scale of knowledge, and she'll let you have it, whether verbally or physically. She gets annoyed with Krys rather easily because he always makes a joke out of everything and she likes things to be more serious, unless it's truly funny. Like a kind of funny that isn't stupid or degrading to anyone. The kind of funny that is smart and witty, not just heat-of-the-moment stuff.

Kayleigh Fringlut: Age: 15, Date Of Birth: September 14, 2020, Hair Color: Brown, Eye Color: Gray, Height: 5'7", Weight: 117 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Laura), Paternal: Alive (Joseph), Siblings: Deceased.

Notes: Kay isn't the right person to judge the people of our school by. She's sour and unhappy, but I bet there's a reason for it. She probably just had something horrible happen to her. Her siblings died in an accident involving chemicals that permanently scarred her chest, abdomen, and back. The scar shows above the neckline of our school uniform. I feel sorry for her, but I'm sure that's not what she needs. I've tried to befriend her, but she pushes me away. Oh well, I'll just keep trying, that's all I can do, really. I hope to get to know her now, then I can find out why she doesn't want to be with others very much.

Corin Heybik: Age: 15, Date Of Birth: September 8, 2020, Hair Color: Red, Eye Color: Light Greenish Hazel, Height: 5'5", Weight: 140 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Gretchen), Paternal: Alive (Carson), Siblings: None.

Notes: Corin is the smart kid on the block. He's a nerd of all types, if you must know. He wears big square glasses, ties, and tucks his shirt into his khaki pants. He is, however, a nice guy, and a great person to ask for help on the computer! Or any video game, for that matter. We know for a fact that the kid has over two-hundred of the things at his disposal, and will lend them to you in the blink of an eye if you ask politely. He can talk up a storm, but his voice isn't the squeaky thing that you'd think it to be to go with the way he looks, he actually has a kind of deep voice, deeper than mine, anyway. He's going our with Cora Lillith, and they make a great couple. She puts up with everything he does, and he puts up with her incessant use of big words that not many people understand. Somehow, I think Corin understands all of them, but that's just my thought on the issue. All in all, he's a great guy.

Ananda Leon: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: January 1, 2021, Hair Color: Bleach Blonde, Eye Color: Sky Blue, Height: 5'5", Weight: 99 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Kendra), Paternal: Alive (Mitchell), Siblings: Caitlin, Maria, Jessica, Jennifer (Elder), Kylie, Sarah, Jacob (younger).

Notes: I'm sorry, but Ananda is just plain annoying! She has the longest blonde hair in the world and loves to let you know it. She always wears it differently and is always trying to show it off. She giggles and flirts and does all things possible to show herself off. She is, however, the best person to ask at our school about anything even remotely related to space, as she's obsessed with it. She's got a large family, due to their want for a son, after seven daughters, they finally got one! She's going out with Krystopher Stewart, my best friend, and I don't see how. Okay, I'll admit, she's a really nice girl, she just gets on your nerves. She's smart and nice, good combo, but the annoying bit takes over. Well, we try! We really do!

Macey Lightheart: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: March 29, 2021, Hair Color: Light Red, Eye Color: Light Brown, Height: 5'6 ½", Weight: 125 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Sarah), Paternal: Alive (Coureen), Siblings: Emily (younger).

Notes: Macey is a sweetheart. She's the innocent little girl for our year. She's nice to everyone and everyone is nice to her. I'd like to see someone picking on her. I'd personally let them have it. She's naïve to the point of it being almost ridiculous, but I guess that's a blessing to our time. She is the only person that I've ever seen Keila Savage hold a conversation with, truly. I don't think anyone could turn her down if she asked them to do something. Manners could very well be her middle name, as she has so many of them that it seems they may overtake her and she'll become the most wonderful woman to ever exist. She's also quite beautiful, in a childish, yet grown up, sort of way. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but it's rather difficult to explain. She's so innocent, yet it may all be a façade. She's brilliant, academically, and mentally. She always seems to know when someone needs a redeeming smile or hug. Or maybe just someone to sit with. And when she cries, whether for you or something that she just thinks is sad, you can't help but want to comfort her. If there was a wonderful person of the year award, she'd get it every year.

Cora Lillith: Age: 15, Date Of Birth: November 31, 2020, Hair Color: Light Brown, Eye Color: Light Brown, Height: 5'4 ½", Weight: 120 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Susan), Paternal: Alive (Steven), Siblings: Emily (elder), Louis (younger).

Notes: Cora is a great one if you want to look up the definition of any word, term, phrase, or even a word or phrase in a different language! She's a walking word-box! She's also a great girl, if not physically very strong or the smartest one here. She's fun to be around and she'll bend over backwards to help you out on any occasion. She has an obsession with learning languages and making up codes, but we figure them out after a little while, as she hints to us along the way. She's started rewarding five dollars to the person who figures out the entire alphabet in one of her codes first. Hey, it's a fun and fast five bucks, so what's wrong with that? Plus, she enjoys it to no end. She's also in the video game craze with her boyfriend, Corin Heybik. They look great together and will probably be together for a while, so that's a good thing! She's a great girl, so I guess I can say nothing ill about her.

Mickeleon Lowe: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: July 3, 2021, Hair Color: Sandy Blonde, Eye Color: Dark Green, Height: 5'7", Weight: 125 lbs., Maternal: Deceased, Paternal: Deceased, Siblings: Unknown.

Notes: Yep, that's me. I can't really write a review on myself very well, but I'll try! Well, my parents died when I was four. I can still remember it, though. But something weird happened then, too. Right after I found out my parents were dead (trust me, I understood what it meant), I ran away. Well, I really only went about eight blocks to a secluded area of the park in my town. I sat down in the bushes to cry. But, just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder, a little girl, about my age, was standing behind me, holding something out. I can't remember what she looks like, every time I try, she just looks like a light, and a figure. The thing she held in her hand was a necklace of Jesus Christ on the Cross, a Crucifix Pendant. When I wondered, she said that she was giving it to me to make me feel better. I told her I still didn't feel better, and she told me something else. Believe me or don't, but I remember her exact words, and actions: "Then, every time that you feel alone, grasp your hand around this pendant and remember happy things that have happened to you, and forget the sad. Try to recite this prayer: 'God, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot Change, the Courage to Change those I Can, and the Wisdom to know the Difference.' It always helps me." Then she leaned forward and kissed the pendant. "You can have some of my protection, too. As long as you have this, my spirit will protect you in all the tough times." Then she walked away. And I never saw her again.

Well, that wasn't very good about myself, but it was a good review of the reason that keeps me going half the time! Well, about me. I have had four foster families, and one of them adopted me, the Collins. They have two children of their own, but felt the need to do something for the world, so they took me into their care six years ago. Well, let's just say they liked me! I'm pretty out-going, or so I've been told, and I'm good at soccer! I'm on the soccer team for my high school, and I mean the Varsity team! I'm with guys twenty-years-old! And, not to brag or anything, I'm one of the best on the team! And I'm only a Freshman! It rules! Yeah, anyway! I'm pretty smart, I guess, since I have a 4.0, and I'm pretty strong, physically, so I guess you could say I was lucky. Really lucky. Because I know something about me that no one else does! It says on my information that they don't know who my siblings are, but I do know! And I'll find them one day! That's the other thing that keeps me going! My two wonderful siblings! Adrian and William. Yeah, but I have a sister and a brother right now, too! The Collins twins! Elijah and Elizabeth, or just Eli and Liz. Well, I've rambled about myself enough, on to someone else!

Orion Macbeth: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: February 17, 2021, Hair Color: Light Blonde, Eye Color: Light Hazel, Height: 5'4", Weight: 120 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Patricia), Paternal: Deceased, Siblings: None.

Notes: Orion is a little out there. I can't say I know much about him, really. He just seems to always be off in his own little world. He never comments in class, and he never really lets anyone get close to him. I assume he's nice, but I really don't know. All I heard about him is that his Dad was a major member of the military in WWIII, and he died towards the end, right before it was over, actually. His Mom was pregnant with him about when his Dad died, or so they say. Since the war ended a little after he turned one, we can't be sure. Like I said, I don't know much, he tends to keep to himself.

Taylor O'Conner: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: December 11, 2020, Hair Color: Dark Brown, Eye Color: Dark Brown, Height: 5'6", Weight: 95 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Kasey), Paternal: Alive (Andrew), Siblings: None.

Notes: Taylor is one of the 'secluded' ones, just like her best friend, Stacey Brimmer. She's a little haughtier, however. She thinks she's better than everyone else, and lets us know it. I don't know her very well, so I shouldn't judge her, but I think she should be just a little nicer, that's all. Once again, I really don't know her, so I don't have a right to judge her, at all. But, I don't know many people that disagree with me.

Keila Savage: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: December 21, 2020, Hair Color: Black, Eye Color: Dark Blue, Height: 5'3 ½", Weight: 115 lbs., Maternal: Unknown, Paternal: Unknown, Siblings: Unknown.

Notes: She's a pretty feisty little girl. Got the attitude of a wild animal. Kind of a loner, she doesn't really have any friends. She is in the custody of her sister, though we don't know why. Or at least I don't. I don't know much about her personally, but she won the award (at state) for first place in a writing competition, and another first for poetry, so she's a good writer. She's always had a 4.0 grade point average, she's physically very strong according to her gym records, she has a clean slate to what the school knows, but she didn't show up in the state's records until four years ago. That's another thing, no one seems to know where she was before that. From what I've heard, she just kind of showed up at her sister's door step. I haven't really talked to her, but she seems like a nice enough person, just a little like a sociopath. Who knows, maybe she isn't very nice.

Jason Stewart: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: May 18, 2021, Hair Color: Dark Brown, Eye Color: Dark Brown, Height: 5'9", Weight: 140 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Karen), Paternal: Alive (Maxwell), Siblings: Krystopher (twin brother).

Notes: Jason may be Krystopher's twin, but I've never met two more completely different people! While Krys is into sports and extremely outgoing, Jase is a complete bookworm and very shy. He has a couple close friends, but that's about it. However, he and Krys are closer than two pages in one of the books he reads when the cover's shut! He is, however, quite a bit smarter than Krys, if that's possible, as Krys is pretty smart. He loves to read fantasy novels, books about wars, and books on real-life stores. He's great with computers and HTML, and he's always willing to help with homework. He loves building models and doing other solitary things. Insulting Jase would be suicide, even for me. If Krys defends Keila, he's Jase's personal bodyguard. Earlier in the year, a Post One called Jase an 'idiotic loner' after he tripped and accidentally knocked something over. Krys literally beat him until he bled. Krys isn't exactly the type to 'forgive and forget'. Well, I'd never insult Jason, because he's one of the most honest and innocent people I know, no matter how much we've all been though.

Krystopher Stewart: Age: 14, Date Of Birth: May 18, 2021, Hair Color: Dark Brown, Eye Color: Dark Brown, Height: 5'9", Weight: 135 lbs., Maternal: Alive (Karen), Paternal: Alive (Maxwell), Siblings: Jason (twin brother).

Notes: Krys is my best friend, so it's awesome that we're in the same complex! He's the son of Keila Lowe's sister, Karen Lowe-Stewart. Which would make him Keila's nephew? Weird. Well, Krys is on the soccer team, too, and he's also a 4.0 buff! Krys is the class clown of the century, just don't piss him off! He's one of the strongest people I know, and I know a lot of strong people because of soccer! He's going out with Ananda Leon, an odd thing, too, but that's probably obvious! Krys is a great guy to get to know, he's just a little too hyper in large groups of people. He loves attention and is great at getting it. I really can't see how him and Keila are related, but I guess that's just me. He likes to make you think he doesn't like her much, but if he catches you trying to pick on her, you may want to run and hide. He either doesn't know much about her, or he doesn't like to say, oh well, such is life! He has a twin brother, Jason, but other than being identical, they have absolutely nothing in common. Oh, and neither him, nor his brother, nor either of his parents believe in God. Keila does, and I do, but I don't hold it against them. They seem to hold it against Keila, though. Oh well. There isn't much I can do about that, now is there?