Danger Kitty #1

A bit of a note for you readers to keep in mind, 1- I am NOT the person talking in the little story here.

2- I got tired of listening to my mom say 'God says this, God says that, the Bibles say it's only right if you do this', so I decided to type this up. I hate my religion so much, I just had to kind of go reble and all.

3- Don't hate me for writing this if it offends you. I kind of sure when I grow up that I'll change my mind about this when I grow up, I just can't see that happaning now. After all, {You ask me why I'm different, I ask you why you're all the same}

And 4- Any flames containing your objections of my belifes will be used to start the fire in my soul so I can hurt my brother... And to practice my fire tricks.

Thank you for heeding my warning, have a 'nice' day.


My world is a Hell. But in my view, it is what you discribe as Heaven. My belifes are far diffrent then your's. You say I'm Cathlic: I say I'm just a diffrent kind of a souless Goth. You say I wasn't adopted: I say I was found in a metal basket that was from space.

The 'so-called' traditions of being a Cathlic are so hard to know. I don't pray. Why should I pray to something I don't belive in? You say the Devil was a snake that was joulous of what God had. Since he had the 'Gardens of Life'. Hell, I'm not even sure if that's it's name. I was told to read the bible. I only read a few pages. Maybe less, or even half of one. I belive in the Devil. Not God.

God. There were so many but now, there is only one. Sure some other people still pray to the 'old gods and godesses' but no one REALLY cares. Like I said before- I only belive that the Devil was the only real 'God'. I belive the Devil is a she. That's right, a SHE. You want to know my belifes? Okay. I'll tell you. But listen up 'cause I'm not going to say it twice.

Now, I belive that long ago, before human's were smart enough to START beliving in something, there was God, and there was the Devil. Now, God was a boy, yeah, a boy. The Devil was a girl. They grew up together in their own universe that was to be ruled togther when they grew up. That was the first mistake in making life. Now, Devil was very obsessive. She loved God as much as what was allowed. Whoever said love didn't have limit's was wrong in my book. Now, they had kids, and their kids had kids but their kid's kids were also their kids. Confused? Too bad since I'm only getting started. So, whatever life started from their kids were also considered to be strait from their own flesh and blood. God was ruler of the living as well as Devil. Death had never started.

Just as soon as they both belived that everything was perfect, a terriable storm came all over their world and flooded all the lands. Still though, Death never became. There was no such thing and it was thought that their never would be. After all chaos was put back in order, God found another woman. She was not from their children so she was considered to be from another space. She was the bringer of the storm. Though she claims to not have anything to do with it.

I'll let you in on her past briefly. Her world was being destroyed by her children so to end it, she created a storm that would end her mates life as well as their children. She selfeshly survived. If anything had a discription back then, she would be dicribed as a disturbing yet beautiful woman. Devil and God would be strikingly gorgouse and stunningly handsom. The intruder had firery hair, literaly. She wore nothing but neither did God or Devil. Now, her name was...I forget. If you are familier with Zeus and his wife, she is that woman and Zeus is God. They fell in love and started another breed of life. Animals.

Soon, of course as any other wife would get, Devil got mad and soon tried to end this new girls life. A bad mistake for her. The intruder put a sort of spell on God and it was passed on to her children, the animals. The new breed of children even started to kill the first ones. She had God soon hate Devil so bad, he wanted nothing to do with her. Devil was shocked. God told her harshly that if she didn't figure out how to stay away from what was created by him, then she would be banished. Devil looked and searched but found that whatever was on the planet and the other parts of their Space was made by both her and God.

Devil sat on the most lively Planet and stared at her knees. Her legs. Her feet. Her cat like feet. Her claws. The ground. Devil had her answer. Devil dug undernieth what she and God made and found the place the world pretty much looked like before she and God started to work on the Life Project. She made thing's she favored. Fire. Coldness. Ice. Rock. Sharpness. Darkness. Then, she took all she favored of her children. Elfs. Unicorns. Magical Items like Excalibur from the knights of the round table. All of what we know as myth, taken to what she calls Hell. My home. Where I was born.

Soon, she found a way to get God and that WOMAN down to her new home to suffer. She left her children. Humans. Humans wanted something to belive in again. They made up gods like the human heart devouring Huitzilopoctli of Aztecs. Or Loki, the god of death. None real, All real. Belifes are for fools. Anyway, she still cared for them. When they reached a certain age or if their mental stability was failing, she would sooth them into thinking death was beautiful. She would cratle them in her arm's of ice and fire, a warm combinatuion, and watch them sleep. Then when they awaken and know everything. They would torture their father and what they could never call their mother.

Humans always wanted to go to a place called Heaven.

Ha! There is no Heaven.

Ha! Ha! God is DEAD!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Belife is SO cheap. Like life.

Devil had children with God and God Betrayed her. Her children never knew and God's death and Devil mated one last time before going in a never ending battle between who keep who's children. Fighting over what Child to accept. God, for a child to help protect his weak pathetic self. Devil, so she won't lose anyone close to her ever again. That is my belife. That is my life!

My mother is Devil. I have no father as far as I'm concerned. Human's say there is such thing as demons. They are wrong. There ARE demons. My mother bleeds, though she is an immortal, blood. She crys ice. Her heart is warm yet black. I am fighting when you weak human's think I am one of you. Weak.

HA! I kill.

You can call me an assasin. Or even a bitch. You won't see me complaining. You can hurt me for a while. But I was born from the Devil. I was her first child. I know all. You call me a demon when you see me bleed. I look at you run like a lunitic, as well as all your little 'buddies'. Friends are for those who need help. I need no friends. I work better when I am alone. I no longer see you but I know that we'll meet up again. I look at my stomache, where you stabed me. I see blood all around me.

I see Black Blood.

Icy Black Blood.

My blood.


... A Demon.

...A Godess-like Devilish Demon.

Then my mother.

"Child," She say's in her cold yet soft voice. "You are not done. Go back my child. Find your father's child's."

"I have no father." I reply. A voice similer to hers.

"You do, yet you don't. You are right, yet you are wrong. All you know, is that you are not done just yet." She places her lips on mine. Gives me back life.

You wanted to know my belifes? I belive that humans are stupid. I am the only true demon. Human's are superstitous. I wear all black. I look like a cat. The only thing that they get right, is never cross the path of a black cat. The only thing they forget, is to add: Never cross a black cat's path with red eyes. Expecialy if that cat is a female. If you do, and you try to kill it, you'd be killing me. I would see my mother and she would tell me to find you. Hunt you down and kill you. Even if you just stood there and watched me die. You will be scarred because my blood will freeze on you and never come off, unless you die. You will constintly feel pain. That is how I find you.

My blood.

My black blood.

The Black Icy blood.

My mark. Your death.

...Because you saw a demon, mainly me.


Oohhh. Dark. But really people, those ARE my belifes. Please review, I might have another chapter... Nevermind, you don't have to. I just typed this since I was mad at my mom so, I guess you can just say what you think. Whether I'm crazy, weird, a bitch, I prefer either one. Bye and Happy Soul Hunting!