Don't steal it. It's not much but it belongs to me! ^_^

Walk Like a Lady

My gal and I was sitting on an old deserted railway bridge,
Doing nothing but killing time and talking,
We set there for an hour or so,
And we noticed a lady walking back and forth in her house,
She kept running from window to window watching us,
We decided to walk down below to the river,
We started down a path but it was steep and slick,
So we decided to go around to the other side,
We hadn't been there long until we heard a big splash,
The lady had tried to walk down the path,
She lost her footing and ended up in the river,
I thought she would drown me before I got her to the shore,
I asked her if she was alright
Fine, fine she repeated.
She sheepish glanced up at me and said, "This is what happens when your nose grows."
She waddled home like a duck. ^_^