There are no walls in the rooms I see.

You are able to see everything except for me.

I am invisible, as are my walls.

The invisible doors that lead to my halls.

My mind is open; my mind is free.

There is no one that looks for me.

No one sees me, but I always see them.

My walls and I are invisible.

Life is lonely,

Every day, the sky is grey;

Waking up in my rooms without walls,

Here I will forever dwell,

Against my will, a living hell,

Within my rooms without walls.
I am nothing but a lonely spirit. Confined within the walls of a derelict mansion

for all eternity. I have long ere given up trying to leave; it is impossible. If you go out

the front door, leading to the outside world, you come through the back door, leading

back into the house.

It's all a big loop. A loop of eternal hell.

I can't begin to comprehend why I am here in this house at all. All that I'm positive about is that I'm dead. Long years ago, centuries maybe, I was murdered.

The year was 1812. War had just begun, and I was a young belle in my early

twenties. Everything in my life was virtually perfect until the war rolled around. Before

that fateful day in June of 1812 I was happy. I'll never forget what happened, what he did

to me.

Henry J. Knight was what I thought was the love of my short sad life. I later

found out that all he loved was my riches. Henry J. Knight poisoned me to death.

It was an evil scheme he had probably spent years planning out. Waiting for

some unsuspecting rich girl to fall in love with him. I was that naive rich girl.

But I did sincerely fall in love with him. I loved that man with all my heart. I

married him. It was a beautiful wedding. Everyone was there. He started to poison me

on our wedding day. It was arsenic that killed me. He gave it to me in very little doses,

in my food, in drinks. I lasted for two months before I fell ill and died. He passed it off

as typhoid fever. All a horrible scam.

At my funeral everyone was sad except for him. The tears he shed were crocodile


Pretending is what he was best at.

Just because I found the wrong man my heart was ripped out and strewn across

the floor, within the house I am forever locked in. Insanity has long since settled in my

mind. Love hurts. Like a thousand knives in your back at once, that searing pain in your

chest. Always hurting.