The Christmas Cottage.
The hatch of the door was shut with a loud clicking of the Jeep. "Are you sure we have everything?"

"Yea I think so..." Shonda said looking in the jeep at everything.

"Okay ready?" Heading for the drivers side of the door Jay asked, "Do you wanna drive?"

"If you want to drive first then go ahead, if you get tired I'll take over." Climbing into the passenger side.

"All right." Jay gets in on the drivers side. Putting on her seatbelt, starting up the jeep. Shonda did the same, leaning the seat back like she usually did and leaned her head against the palm of her hand.

"Sure we got it all?" Jay wasn't sure.

"Yes baby!" Laughing softly at her slightly shorter lover, "I'm sure, its only over the weekend.."

"Well I gotta make sure.. I know how you are." Jay said smiling while pulling out of the driveway, heading onto the road and out of the city. They drove for a few hours, Shonda smiled over at Jay once they got within a few miles of the cottage they were heading to for the weekend, and for Christmas. This year they both were spending Christmas together instead of with family, it was going to be wonderful. "I hope you like this baby.." Shonda said after her thoughts.

"Are you kidding? A weekend alone with you, out of the city. How could I not?" Jay replied, putting a hand on Shonda's thigh. She smirked, expecting an answer like that from her, looking down at her hand and placing her own over it lightly, her thumb caressing a knuckle.

"Plus its Christmas after all." Jay smiled. "True it is.." Shonda smiled back. They pulled up to the cottage, it was a big one bedroom, only a mile from a lake, away from everyone and everything.

"Hmm baby this looks nice." Placing the jeep in park in the driveway of the cottage, getting out to look around. Shonda followed her, walking beside her looking around also, even though she had all ready seen it in pictures online. Thats how she decided she wanted to rent it. Jay took her lover's hand in her's. "Going to give me the grand tour?"

"It would be my pleasure." Shonda replied smiling, taking her up the three steps to the front door. She pulled a couple keys from her pocket, unlocking the door she opened and pushed it open. Shonda leaned over and swept Jay up off her feet into her arms, Jay's arms going around her lover's neck. "Baby!" Jay squealed. She carried her inside, sliding her down her body slowly until her feet touch the ground, she smiled. "Here's the living room..." Shonda said. Jay let go and gave her a quick kiss before turning and looking around. "Hmm a fireplace. Nice."

"Mmmhmm.." Coming up behind Jay and grabbing one of her ass cheeks as she walk around the futon thats in the living room and over to the smaller fireplace, looking in it. Jay ventured into the kitchen while Shonda checked the fireplace out, looking around. Shonda followed not to far behind, then she walked through the kitchen to the door way leading to the den. "The den's in here..." Shonda called back into the kitchen.

Moving up behind her, Jay wrapped her arms around Shonda's waist. Shonda placed her arms on her's and turns her head slightly to look back at you. In the den there was a couch and another fireplace, this one was bigger. The one in the living room was very small. It was dark in the den, a little more romantic that way. "Ready to see our room?" Shonda asked grinning.

"Sure..lead on baby." A smiling Jay said. Turning them around, Shonda lead the way to the bedroom, heading through the kitchen and living room to the other side of the cottage. They entered the large bedroom, the room was big enough to have a kingsize bed and two sitting chairs. Sitting on the bed's edge, Jay, bouncing on it before laying back. "This is wonderful baby." Shonda walked and leaned over into her view. "Oh but there's more..." She smirked, holding out her hand to Jay, pulling her up against her body again. "Their's more?" Jay asked.

"Well.. yea." Leading her to the back porch, there sitting on the porch was a hot tub. Jay looked and saw it, "Oh my..." she said grinning. "That should be fun."

"I was hoping we'd get to try that out tonight." A smirking Shonda said.

"Sounds good to me." Jay turned towards her lover, kissing her softly. "Shall we go get the stuff out of the jeep?" Shonda returned her kiss, "Yea lets." They headed through the back door around to the front, Jay taking Shonda's hand in her's. Shonda caressed her thumb over her hand. "This is going to be great."

"This is going to be wonderful baby. You are the sweetest." They reached the jeep, opening the back of it, Jay grabbing a couple bags while Shonda grabbed two suitcases. She headed for the front door and back into the bedroom, setting the suitcases on the bed. Jay set the bags of food and drinks down in the kitchen, heading back out to grab what was left. Shonda put the clothes in the dressers, Jay bringing in another small case, putting it into the bathroom. She slapped Shonda's ass as she walked back through to the kitchen to put the food away.

"Mm." Shonda was smiling as she finished with the clothes, sticking the suitcases under the bed and heading towards the kitchen to help. They finished up and Jay turned to her lover, "So what now sexy?"

"Hmm.. well.. I dunno. What do you wanna do?" Shonda said wondering herself.

"Well its still warm out, wanna go hike into the woods?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun." Shonda said smiling. Jay headed out to the jeep to lock it up before going, she went back to get her lover. "Taking anything with us?" Shonda asked grinning.

"Did you have something in mind?"

"Just asking..." Shonda started to walk towards the door.

"So was I." Jay sticking her tongue out at her. Shonda replied with, "Exactly..." Smirking, "Coming?"

Grinning slightly, "I'm sure.." They went out the door, Shonda held out her hand to Jay taking her's and their fingers entangling. Jay sighed softly. Shonda took a deep breath of fresh air, looking over at Jay. They walked for a while until they came to the lake. "Thats beautiful...." Walking with Shonda to the shoreline, Jay sat at the edge. Shonda took a seat next to her lover, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. She looked at her and said, "Yea.. beautiful."

Jay looked over at her, smiling and giving her a soft kiss. "I love you babygirl." Shonda returned the kiss just as softly. "I love you to Jay- bear..." Jay smiled bigger at the sound of the nickname. Snuggling in close to Shonda, Jay looked out over the water. Shonda sighed softly, kissing Jay's neck and leaning her head against her's, Jay being snuggled as close as she can get. She was enjoing the moment. "I love you Jay.." Shonda whispered in her ear.

"I love you Tiger." Saying softly.

"How about we go back to the cottage and slip into that hot tub?" Saying seductivly against Jay's ear.

"Mmm that sounds good." Jay replied. "Doesn't it though?" Shonda smiled. Standing up, Jay held out her hand to help Shonda up, she took the hand and stood. "Sounds more then good." Jay. They hold hands as they walk back to the cottage, making it back in about ten mintues. Shonda unlocked the house and they strolled back inside to the bedroom after shutting the door. Once the door was shut Jay grabbed Shonda's shirt and pulled her close giving her a deep kiss.

To be Continued....

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