The Christmas Cottage

Chapter Two

Shonda wrapped her arms around Jay's waist, returning her kiss, her tongue brushing Jay's bottom lip. Jay sighed at the feelings of her blonde lover. Parting her lips slightly, inviting Shonda's tongue inside. Her tongue eagerly took the invatation by roaming and playing around with Jay's. They parted long enough for Shonda to get Jay's shirt all the way off, then Shonda went back to her assult on her mouth. Her hands roaming down to her ass. Jay sucked on Shonda's tongue, undoing her pants, unzipping them, slipping them down. Her fingers reaching up into Shonda's shirt, crawling over her tummy. Shivering at the touch, Shonda moaned softly against her mouth. "Oh baby.."

Breaking the kiss to slip off Shonda's shirt, Jay wrapped her arms around her lover's neck. Shonda started to unbutton Jay's pants, slipping them down. Jay kisses her deeply, her finger tracing down her back, sucking on her bottom lip. Moaning softly, Shonda broke the kiss and being a little out of breath said, "Are we going to make it to the hot tub?" she said smiling.

Jay smiled, "Mm I hope so." She slid down Shonda's boxers over her hips, letting them drop to the floor. Shonda smirking, "Wanna put something on or go skyclad?"

"Like anyone is around.." Jay grinning.

"No one baby.. so I take its skyclad then?" Grabbing a few towels and brushing two fingers along Jay's pussy on her way out the bedroom. She grabbed Shonda's ass a little as she followed behind her.

Out on the screened in porch Shonda turned the hot tub on inside the cottage first, watching it come alive with the water rippling. In a few mintues steam started to lift from the cold air outside hitting the hot water. Jay moved past Shonda, going out onto the porch, she slowly slipped into the hot tub. Her lover wasn't far behind, Shonda set the towels to the side and slipped into the water next to her. "Mm..nice."

Jay laid her head back relaxing, "Mmm nice is an understatement baby." Shonda suddenly ducked under the water, getting her hair wet, she came back up shaking and rubbed her head. Hair going in every which direction. Jay smiled at the actions of her lover, "Feel better now?"

"Yup." She replied grinning. Jay reaches over and ruffles her lover's hair. Shonda panted like a dog. "Heh..." Jay laughing at Shonda, "You're so cute."

"Aww I am not.." Shonda whined softly.

"Yes you are." Jay moved to kiss her softly. "Mm." She returned her kiss just as softly. Jay's lips lightly brush as her tongue flicked Shonda's lip. Jay's finger tips brush against Shonda's nipple. Shonda pulled Jay up and over to straddle her lap, she kissed her instantly, her tongue begging for enterance. Parting her lips slightly, Jay's arms went around Shonda's neck, her fingers stroking her hair and grinding her hips against Shonda. Moaning softly, watering dripping off her hair slowly, Shonda sucked on Jay's tongue hard, her hands going to her ass and gripping.

Jay's finger tips ran through Shonda's hair slowly. Whimpering softly into the kiss and grinding her hips hard into her blonde lover. She let go of her tongue and whispered softly into Jay's ear. "Oh God.. baby...." One of her hands slipping between her legs and brushing her fingers against her. A light moan was her response, moving to her lover's finger. "Mmm baby..."

Ducking her head down to capture one of her nipples between her lips, Shonda sucked on it hard and flicked her tongue across it. Shonda pushed a finger into her baby. Moving her body up to Shonda, Jay moaned deeply at the feel of her. Jay's finger tips tracing up and down her lover's back and up to run through her hair. Shonda letting go with her lips and giving her a quick kiss, "Baby.. do you want this.." moves her finger a little bit. "Or something bigger? And don't say just me..." Blowing softly into her ear.

Jay sighed softly into Shonda's ear, "I want this, we have all weekend for other things right?"

"Yes we do baby.."

She smiled at her blonde lover then, licking her ear. "So I want you." Sucking on her earlobe lightly. Shonda shivered, "Well at least your not picky." Slipping another finger inside her. She moaned, "No......I'm not." She moved her hips to Shonda's fingers.

"Mmm baby.." Shonda rubbed Jay's clit with her thumb gently, her other hand slipping behind her to massage between her pussy and her ass. Every so often brushing past her asshole. Moaning in Shonda's ear deeply, Jay moved her hips to her fingers. Placing one of her hands on top of Shonda's, following her hand. Jay softly bit her neck just below her ear. Shonda moaned louder at the bite, her hand pushing harder, fingers going deeper on the other hand.

She moaned deeply, "Oh God baby." Jay licked her ear, one hand followed her hand. The other hand trailing her nails up Shonda's back. Shonda was wondering if she could take it further.. she took a finger on her hand around back, pushing at her enterance gently, ready to stop if she said so. See Shonda had never gone there before and she was a little nervous. Meanwhile her other fingers on her other hand were moving faster.

Jay was moaning deeply, her fingers tracing Shonda's fingers. Her nails digging into her back and slightly moving back against her.

"Do you like it baby?" Shonda asked Jay while rubbing her fingers harder around her hole. So she knew what she was talking about.

Moaning a soft yes in Shonda's ear, Jay moved to catch Shonda's lips with her's. Her hand still moving with her's.

Shonda returning her kiss, sucking on her bottom lip softly. Adding a third finger inside her, pumping in and out slower. Flicking her tongue against Shonda's top lip, Jay softly whimpered then moaned, her hips grinding into her hand. Moaning into Jay's ear loudly, "Oh baby bear." Moving her hand faster now, her back hand's finger slightly pushing into her ass gently.

"Mmm Shonda...." She moaned as she gave into her lover with a cry of pleasure, digging her nails deeper into her back. Her other hands squeezing her hand. Shonda pulled her hand back, brushing it softly along her ass and hip to let it rest there. Her other hand stopping and going to the small of Jay's back, pressing her against Shonda and kissing her deeply. Finding Shonda's tongue with her's, flicking it. Caressing her cheek lightly. Shonda played with her tongue ring a little bit before breaking the kiss. Jay traces a finger along Shonda's lips. She smiled, "Nice way to break in the cottage eh?"

Smiling, "Mmhmm." Jay.

"Heh.." Shonda whispered, "I love you baby bear.." She kissed her softly. Jay returned her kiss, "I love you."

"Mmm.. so had enough hot tub or wanna stay in here a little bit longer?"

Suddenly Jay slipped off of Shonda's lap and moved under the water, moving between her legs, running her tongue along her, brushing her clit. Shonda was totally caught off guard by this move, "Oh my God..." she gasped, her hips moving to Jay's attacking tongue. Jay was kissing up Shonda's body slowly, her fingers brushing against her, tracing her slit. Brushing her clit and going back to brushing against Shonda, Jay's tongue flicking her nipple.

"Ohh baby..." She breathed softly.

Sucking hard on Shonda's nipple, Jay bit it softly before kissing her way back down to run her tongue along her slit again. Slipping inside her, moving against her as Jay slide in her lover, her tongue ring rubbing against Shonda's clit. She bucked to her tongue, her hands on the back of Jay's head, gripping slightly. Jay's tongue diving into Shonda over and over again, wiggling it inside her. Her fingers reaching up to play with a nipple.

"Oh God baby..." She pulled her up from the water, "You know.. you have to breathe sometime.." she panted softly. Jay placed kisses on her lover's stomach, replacing her tongue with a finger. She shuddered at her touch, leaning her head back, exposing her neck, her eyes closed. Jay added another finger inside of her. Leaning up to bite Shonda's neck, her tongue teasing. She moved back down Shonda's body to flick a nipple with her tongue.

Shonda grinded against her fingers, moaning in her ear, "Yes baby.. just like that." running one hand through Jay's hair. She whimpered at the sound of her moan, her fingers moving in and out of her at a faster pace. Kissing down her tummy again. Jay slipped under the water again to flick Shonda's clit with her tongue before placing her thumb over it, kissing back up to find a nipple again.

"Oh yes baby bear...." A soft whimper escaped her lips, thrusting forward again. Jay's fingers slipping in and out of Shonda, her thumb caressing her clit. Her tongue flicking her nipple, then sucking on it lightly. Shonda pulled her lover closer as she grinded harder against her hand, giving into her with a loud moan of Jay's name. She shivered at the sound of her name, slowly removing her hand, placing her fingers to her lips, licking them.

Shonda took Jay's fingers and slipped them into her mouth, running her tongue along between them, sucking while brushing with her tongue. Shivering again, Jay slightly whimpered. Shonda let the two fingers go and gave her a deep kiss, then smirked at her. Jay kissed her softly.

"Ready to go back in baby?" Her hands brushing up and down her back slowly. "Yeah." Jay.

"Okay baby." Shonda.

Jay stood up and grabbed a towel, "Oh burrr." She jumped out, heading for the door. Shonda laughed softly as she got out and about froze also, grabbing her towel and joinning her lover inside. Turning the hot tub off. Jay turned to her lover, drying her off with her towel. "Want to start a fire?"

"Sure baby." Shonda said smiling.

To be continued...

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