"Feelings That Can't Be Fought"

The cascading waves gently crashed upon the desolate and lonely shore just outside the window of the small and personal summer house cottage retreat. The sweet smell of a sweet perfume and candles burning filled the bedroom with an ominously romantic feel. The horizon seemed to brim with life as the sun almost caresses it's edges and crept behind it...giving way to the Goddess of The Midnight Sun, The Moon.

"In all her beauty and perfection she was nothing to you. Your body -- my temple -- your beautiful eyes -- my gateway to a higher plane that no one yet to know or yearn for, alas he knows not of such things. No one yet to know the true antiquity of your passion and the gentleness of your love. One that no one deserves...alas I am granted via the choir of Angels that sings the songs that we bore into the world of your perpetual love and blissful sex. Sex that holds more meaning then one man alone can handle, yet I try and accept the challenge of the pure climatic ecstasy. How is it that I am so blessed to behold such a perfect woman? It is said that the female body is perfect art. That there is no flaw in her design and no male could ever look upon it as it is meant to be. Very few can look upon it's beauty and understand it. Respect it. See it for what it is truly worth and not just another release for pain and suffer. It is only spoken of a man who can understand the woman's beauty and feel her pains and suffering...that he is nothing but myth and legend...alas I am willing to embrace that legend and seek what you have not known to be true in all your life and break the cycle of abuse and pain. For you are the Goddess herself and I can not let you slip away through the cracks of my soul like all the rest," he told her, looking at her with a acute smile and brilliant tone. His tone was soft and almost too loving for the good of a man, but she didn't seem to mind too much. It was their dance. The one that they'd been waiting for their whole lives and wouldn't just let slip away like all the rest had before them," and if I was to ever loose what I have with you, I'd loose the sweetest angel of all. The most beautiful and perfect female that ever was created by the Highest Gods in the image of something that even they could and will worship."

A smile crossed her face as she blushed and pulled him closer to her, stumbling around with her free hand to find a rose that was resting nearby on the vanity. She offered it to him with a surely bleak intent of having him use it in the most erotic of ways that she'd loved so much from him. It was something that she'd never truly known before. The way he had with words and the touch of a God. It sent shocks through her and they'd never even had each other until this moment, this night, this anniversary of their Love. She wasn't ready to say anything because she never really knew what to say that could match his words, but she was always the best when it came to touch and sense of romance without going all the way...until now. No man was ever able to handle the intensity that she provided and she'd had a few before him, but he was quite different. He didn't think like they did. Her breasts where not a symbol of sex, but just an addition to her beautiful body that she'd been told so many times now from him that she was starting to actually feel like a Goddess. The Goddess. She knew that he'd never use her and never would be able to lie to her like all the rest. That was all in the past now...a distant past that would stay there until she knew that it could come up, but now wasn't the best of times. She'd been violated as had he and the issues drove madly and hard into both minds of the Lovers, but nothing was going to stop them now.

"I love you." he whispered softly into her ear as he took the rose from her elegant hands.

"I love you, too." she whispered back. The words of their song softly hummed in the room and it was almost time to dance. A dance that none of them would forget. He leaned up and smiled. She slowly followed. It was her lead, and she knew that, he was still recovering from a trauma that she knew would have taken time, but she didn't want to wait and nor did he, they had to break the cycle. She brought her hands up to his chest and ran them down it. He jumped a little and offered to take her hands. He placed them over his heart and smiled, and without a single word, she started to unbutton his shirt. He sighed softly and rested his hands over hers and helped her. Slowly, button by button his shirt came off and revealed his chest. He smiled to her and caressed her cheek as softly as only an angel could. With such gentleness that she too, jumped and let out a soft moan. He cocked his head and slowly ran his hand down her neck, leading down to the upper button of her blouse and once again, without a single word, he unbuttoned her blouse, slowly, carefully, doing his best not to show his anticipation and desire for her. Slowly he revealed her soft toned flesh and perfect breasts which were still being supported by her bra. He slide the blouse off her back as she did his shirt and looked at her with a loving gaze. Now shirtless, the two lovers smiled, and kissed. The explosion from within their bodies as they kisses was electric and it sent riveting shocks through them.

She leaned against his chest and listened as his heart beat for her. She knew it was for her because it seemed to be singing a song for her...and he careful let his hands slide down her back and un-hook the bra that was binding her beauty from them both. She slowly moved forward and let him slide it off, feeling the electric charges flow through her as he knew what to do to perk her breasts in ways that no man had ever done for her. She wanted him and he wanted her. The desire and tension was growing by the seconds and minutes would pass by and the song would slowly start again and again. He kissed her again and the shocks flowed. He knew what she was feeling and she knew what he was feeling, it was already and explosive union of two lovers as one. He jolted a little as she caressed his cheek and kissed him, this time more static and powerful. Deeper the kiss went the more and more extreme the electricity in him grew. She had to hold back the urges to jolt as well because the closer they got the more and more the connection became a harder thing to control...it was as if they shared a body and everything was felt as one and not two. The static was strong enough to send a man into sexual bliss. It was more then he could stand and he could feel himself growing harder and harder and more turned on as the smell of the perfume was intoxicating him. She was like a desert rose, one that no one has ever had the sheer pleasure of experiencing in full. But he knew he was about to and had to prepare himself for it.

She slowly stood up and walked over to the vanity and started to beckon to him. He obediently followed and she wrapped her hands around his waist. She ran her hands over to his front button and slowly undid it and slide the pants down. She smiled more and he slide slowly...always so careful as to make sure she felt that jolt that he did when she touched him. He slide down the zipper on her vinyl skirt and slide it down. Standing now in one another's arms clad in nothing but panties and boxers, they cuddled and tangoed back to the bed. He took her hand and rested the other around her and lead her slowly. The touch of her skin against his was pure love and nothing more. He wanted to taste her, but he knew it was still way too soon. He had to wait and be careful not to harm her, too. He was always scared of that. But now as things drew closer and closer and he became her and she him it was getting harder and harder to think of that, and snap to something far more beautiful...like tears of the sun he knew that he had to make sure she felt precious and Goddess-like. If she didn't then he he was cheating her of her true meaning and would never be able to please her in the ways that she must be. She deserves to be shown what it's like to be given the ultimate pleasure that no man has ever given her before in her life. And she was precious...as precious to him as the beautiful heart that she so willingly shared with him and didn't have to hide behind the mask this time and use sex as a way to get a man to talk to her. He slowly lowered her to the bed with his strong arms and smiled, leaning against her skin, feeling her, becoming one with her and though their souls were always that way. Her sweet perfume made him want her more, but he didn't want to treat her like shit like all the rest had, no, he had to be unique and really love her and show her how much he cared in doing that. He was so sick of all the other men trying to cheat her and make her feel false. Not him. He was real, pure, and true to her and nothing less.

He moved with a perfect grace and forced himself to stay calm and not harden up just yet, he didn't want to make her feel pressured and out of place. It wasn't time just yet. But her body was becoming more and more hard to resist. He gently pressed his lips against hers and tasted the sweetest taste known to man, the taste of the ideal woman. A taste that was unable to be defined because it was an explosion of flavor and sensual delight. The feelings shot through him as she pressed hers against she and kissed him, letting him taste the forbiden fruits of the womans mouth. A kiss of death and life, all at once, the shocking yet soothing feel and the bitter sweet flavors. How could no man ever want this, but the mild shit that you get when just fucking? It made no sense, and he got harder fast. His errection was starting to to show and he knew that it was pressing against her. Did she like it? Hate it? Would she allow him to taste her fully? He was longing to be one with her and now it was becoming a drive. He had to control the errection and save it for later. He had to savor her and not just do what the others had. He slowly let his tongue do the walking down her neck. Her smelled her as he went and the freshness of an ocean breeze and sweet roses was all he smelled and it was literal intoxication of his soul. He was filled with a excitment that was beyond any other. He lifted his head and looked back into her elegant eyes.

"Having fun yet, Baby?" he whispered so softly it was almost impossible to hear him. She nodded and he went on. He let his hands slide gently down her sides and he could feel her moving with him, rocking and riding the pleasure as he did. His hands stopped upon reaching her panties and he looked at her, smiled, and slipped 'em off, exposing the smooth and clean cut tone and flesh of a woman's body. Oh how he admired her. How could he see such perfection? He sat up on her and looked down. He was still in his boxers and winked. She bent up and bit down and slid them down and revealed his full errection. She smiled and he carefully feel onto her. Her breasts pressed against his bare chest and his manhood against her body. He kept growing harder and more strength was required to keep safe and not go. It was getting more and more intense and the music once again peaked at its highest. This was it. He was going to sleep with her and make her be happy and nothing can go wrong. The feelings inside were like a million zones of fire shooting all over. He could feel her nipples harden as well and he knew she was turned on. She sighed as softly as possible and moaned. He looked at her and did what he heard his heart scream to...he craddled her and thrust softly in. The union was smooth and perfect...he was shocked at how well she tasted. The smell of her, the feeling of being in her...as her..with her was over whelming and he didn't know how much more he could take before he'd snap. She was amazing. He could feel the vaginal walls tighten to enclose his penis and errection, he pulled up, and slowly rode back in, she moved with him, tightening and loosening as he flowed. His mind was locked on her, and he could feel her breasts against his chest...they were as one. He felt what she did, for the first time. She held him as he pulled and rode, pumped and thrust with the most angelic of movements and slickest pressure. He could feel her body. It was his. His was hers. There was no Kara and Kris. It was one. Two as one. One soul, one body, one fluent motion now. Her vaginial walls were as beautiful to his penis as her body was to his eyes...he could literally taste her now. His mouth was full of her taste and he breathed slowly out as she began to moan softly. The sheer ecstasy alone was enough to drive a man insane, but he had to hold on, pump and thrust with the most gentle of touches. Her hands caressed his back as he did this, and he was jolted even more, and more...the pleasure was almost impossible, he was almost there. He pulled out and rode in once again, this time it sent an electric shock all through him and he bolted up sharply, almost breaking the bond, but being sure to hold it, he forced himself to stay. How could this be so? No female had ever tasted so good and he'd never been able to feel her pains as well as pleasures. With his free hand he slowly traced her outline and continued to sink and rise in perfect harmony of the music. He had to be sweet and romantic, but this was way beyond that. She suddenly snapped up and screamed, and he shot out...that was it, the ultimate climax had hit and he was in pure, utter, sheer ecstasy.

The shocks from within his body screamed at him to remove, but it was getting harder and harder to do such when her vaginial walls were like razors holding him back, but did he want to go? Fuck no. She screamed louder and the explosion sent them both into a bliss known by none. His eyes glazed over and he fell limply to her side and sighed. She was still convusing and he leaned over with everything that he had within him and held her. She didn't need to be jumping all over. Was he really that fucking good? He tried to breath but it was getting harder and harder and the rhymth was futher and futher off. He blinked and smiled with much effort. She finally stopped and smiled. He knew that he'd pleased her in ways that no man had before and he could still taste her. But this wasn't over yet, fuck no. This would only be done when the silence fell and the dreams of a million men had faded into the everlong night's blanket of stars.