Candle Light

In the warm glow of the sweetest candles
I can see the light gentle caress your velvet skin
With a sensual whisper into your mouth from me
The flames of the candle dance eroticly
And the sun slowly creeps beind the arching horizon

As the world stands still to us and we remain in motion
Your breath is my desire
You bitter sweet lips tease me more and more
And I drink from your deeply beautiful eyes
And drab into the marks of your scarred past

You touch my flesh with your cold hands
And glide from lips to chest
Making sure to leave a trail of little kisses
Each more electric and sensual then the last
Sending sharp surges of static electricity through me

The candles dance eroticly to our dance
And the waves from the ocean create a perfect tune to match
Drowning deeply within each others love and beauty
We slowly slip into a more erotic position
And make beautiful children all night long