Delicious Pain

Desperate in the cold
Only friend the silver pastels
Red oceans; I'm drowning
No hands to hold on to
Warmth in delicious pain
Oceans of red; I'm drowning
Living under the knife
Just the rest of my life to cut out
A little more
And some more delicious pain
All this suffering; I'm drowning
Sins of mind and body
Gaze upon the work of a twisted artist
Haunted by the demons of the past
Blood red oceans; I've drown
Crying tear drops of Mercury
For all the children in the world
Silver pastels and grey eyes
One more cut
For some more delicious pain
Can't we all fucking die
And fall in love with the Devil
He provides even more death
And pain that is ever so bitter sweet
Tart and sweet; I've drown
In this delicious pain