The Anthem of A Cutter

Take my life and take my anger
Cut me as deeply as you possibly can
Want to watch me bleed until I die slowly
Bloody tears scar my cheeks with forbidden lust
The bestfriend is a sharp razor that slices the flesh
I want to be someone else for a day
Want to be me for a day, do you?
Give me my Goddamn knife so I can cut
Cut deeper into the flesh that I hate so much
Maybe I can find the true me within
If I cut down deep enough to tear it out
To tear out all the sins that damn my soul
With thoughts of murder and suicide sinking in
The blood soaked eyes and soft flesh paint my past
Black nail polish and torn arms display my anthem
The Anthem of a Cutter
This is my anthem and my life-blood
Take my love and take my hate
Hide me deeply within the ground I love so much
Blacken soul bleeds out all over
And the blood slowly goes a deep wine red
And I lay silently
Crying myself to sleep
Once again