Angel Eyes

Love built on silence
Nothing gets nothing don't you know?
Shadow of a doubt clouts everything they wish for
Painful scaring induced on nightly basis
Hate is all that can be read from them
But is there more?
Can't there still be love?

Broken minds into empty hearts
Twin minds with the same motive
Two bitches fight to gain control
A man with more then a simple glare
A woman with anger and fury like none other
Blood lusts arise
Shattered glass and lean ideas

Time slips away silently
Wasting it all on the hands of a clock
Who knows what shall become of them
Only a doubt and frail hope even remain
Blood spilling and hate boiling
Painful scaring induced by hate
Raped within the mind's eye she has always been

He knows nothing but hate
Anger boils his blood at a stagering heat
Flames of his eyes consume any who dare glare into them
And now as his hands covered in blood shake
He finally knows love
A sick love

The silent scream of his lost love
Her blind eyes scream within his mind
A different mind surfaces
And laughs at the deed done
She is happy now that he has killed her
And she can now take over his schitzophrenic mind for good