Faces of The Crucified

All I know is Sorrow
Everything that I once knew is lost
And to get it back at no cost
Because there is always tomorrow

The hands of the Clock scream at me
I beg to myself not to leave
Don't believe what you once conceive
What is it that you want me to be??

There are things that still haunt my eyes
Sights I've seen and wish to have forgotten
Within the whispers of the beaten
A dark shadow consumes all lies

Watch now as all the Time slips away
Gaze deeply into the eys of Sorrow
And you shall know no tomorrow
Forgotten in the shadows of today

Cold blood caresses my soft skin
No way to let go of the fucking Past
The memories will be burned and forever last
With thoughts of failue sinking in

Tormented within my own mind
Everyone fails to try and see
This is what I can not be
Trying to have things I can't find

Angelick suicide fears all
Fallen angels seek redemption
And dare fight the intervention
The coming of the end calls

I gaze upon all this with fear
Burn the land and boil the sea
You just can't take the sky from me
All I can love has been taken, Dear

Forgotten love and broken faith
How is it I can not be?
And what is it you do not see?
I have lost everything in faith

Voices of the Crucified
Scream and plea at me forever
Haunting me in the silence with much to endevor
But they have no idea they have died...