Deep within the silence of my mind
This place I love to hide when I am scared
A place I can seek comfort in
Lost and alone is this little boy
Shadow of a doubt that he'll live anymore then a week
But that is just a prediction to succum to the truth
Is it true what they say?
How can it be so?
Has he begun to dig his own grave?
Deeper and deeper in his shallow mind
Passing out and kissing air
Loving what can not be loved
Sex driven and hormone raven
A child within his heart
A murderer within his mind
Crying eyes and hypocrissy
Clocks scream at him to kill
He has started to dig his own shallow grave
His angel now all but dead
By his own hands
Or the hands of his disenchanted other?
Fake lies to cover up a life of dispair
No one to understand him now
And who would ever love such a monster?
Has the end of his times come?
Bloody tears trickle down his soft cheeks
And his lost angel caresses his cold skin
Now he has finished his dig
And can rest his arms
And finally go back to his home
His sancuary
His love and hate
His shallow grave from which he shall never again return