A/N: This story is a true story that happened in eighth grade. Just keep that in mind, that's all I ask, and of course to please leave reviews and enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Too Shy


I put my painting away and started cleaning up my area. I washed the desk with a damp sponge.

'It's okay Melody,' I told myself. 'You can do this!'

I returned to the sink and wringed out the paint and water from the sponge and watched it flow silently down the drain. I put the sponge beside the tap started cleaning the paint brushes. The green and red paint from the brushes mixed together and swirled down the drain in a brown current of colour.

My best friend Beth ambled to my side with more brushes needing to be washed. She tossed them in the bottom of the sink. "This sucks! We have to do all the work and do we get any thanks? Nope, none at all!" she complained.

It was true though. We were part of the decorating committee for the grade eight graduation dance in twenty days. The committee began with thirty students, but now there was about only ten of us. What did the other people do? They just came to the first meeting and said that they wanted the theme to be Disco.

Honestly, who in their right minds would want that to be the theme for their one and only grade eight graduation dance?

The reason why that theme was chosen was because the popular kids out numbered the smart people and the popular people wanted to have Disco as the theme. Beth, Maggie (my other best friend) and I were like, 'No way! If that's the theme, I'm not going!'

There was to be a giant disco ball hanging from the ceiling and that was all they had planned for.

But when none of the popular people came to the next meeting, the rest of us ten students changed the theme to under the sea. We had the right to change it, after all, we were the ones making the decorations and since we didn't want Disco, we changed it.

This meeting was the third one, an after school meeting to get started on the decorations. Only five members showed up. Beth, Jason, Matt, Ellen and I were the only ones there doing all the work.

I stared at my reflection on the tap as I washed brushes. I was pretty plain. Straight blonde hair and green eyes behind glasses, I wasn't really much to look at. I didn't wear tight clothes, or show off my belly even though I was rather thin. I didn't wear designer clothes or put on make up. I was plain and simple and I was happy that way.

Beth and Maggie were pretty much the same too. Beth had red hair and hazel eyes, while Maggie had light brown hair and green eyes behind glasses similar to mine.

We were the losers of the school, as you could probably tell, but we didn't care. We were happy with who we were.

I put the cleaned brushes in the tin coffee can and dried my hands with a paper towel. As I did so, I looked at the people around me. They were all cleaning up and getting ready to go. I particularly watched Jason.

He looked up from washing his table, aware that someone was staring at him. I quickly looked away, blushing. No one knew, but I liked him. He was tall with dark brown, spiked hair and brown eyes. I thought he was cute, but I really loved him for his personality. He was so nice and kind; I enjoyed talking to him. He was in my class and sat at the same lunch table as Maggie and me. That's when we talked the most. He was just generally a nice guy you could talk to. He was also smart, not like those popular guys who were total idiots.

Beth draped her arm over my shoulder. "So, you ready to go now?" she asked.

"Um, yeah, I just need to grab some stuff from my locker," I said as we headed toward the door.

"Yeah, me too. I'll see you down at your locker," she told me as she headed in the other direction to her locker.

"Okay," I replied, turning down the hall to my locker.

I was always rather slow at getting my stuff from my locker, but this time, I really wanted to be alone.

I took a deep breath. 'I can do this,' I thought. I walked to my locker, expecting him to be at his too, which was three lockers down from mine, but he wasn't. I began to shake. 'It's okay Melody,' I thought to myself. 'He's not here, it's okay. He'll be here soon.'

I opened my locker and gathered my notebooks and put them in my backpack, all the while, trying to stay calm and telling myself, 'Don't panic, you'll do fine. You can do this. He's not going to yell at you or laugh at you, he doesn't treat you in that way. Don't worry, no one's even here, you can do this!'

The butterflies fluttered around faster inside my stomach, having their own little party of some kind. I knew he would be here soon, but I was too scared to do it. I had been gathering my courage up for weeks, preparing for myself to ask him to the grade eight graduation dance. I didn't want to go alone for that special day, and I really liked him, but I knew he wouldn't ask me because he was just as shy as I was. I was really, really interested in him and I wanted to be with him on that day.

To some people, the simple act of asking someone out was easy, but not me. I was incredibly shy and didn't think I'd stand a chance with anyone. My best friends and family always said I was pretty, but I wasn't so sure if I believed them.

But I was doing this! Nothing could change my mind now!

Soon Beth was by my side, and Jason still hadn't arrived at his locker. Downcast, I stared down at the floor as we started walking to the door, and out of the school, where my hopes would vanish into a sea of bitter depression....