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Chapter 4

No Answer


Time ticked by me second by second, slower than usual. The normal quiet 'tick, tick' of the dusty old clock on the wall; increased in volume with each minute to a dull 'CLUNK CLUNK'.

'Time must hate me today,' I thought distractedly staring at the clock, consistently tapping my pencil on the table.

I glanced at the phone sitting beside me. My homework was messily spread all around it. 'Why won't he call?' I thought non-stop. I put the phone near me in hopes he'd call so I could be the first to pick it up. Waiting to jump up and talk to him and listen to his soft voice to reassure me on the other line, was what I really wanted.

'He'll call, don't worry.'

Only when I headed up to bed, did I lose hope to the sound of the phone ringing. I would be given no answer from him that night. I was forced to wait until the morning.

Lost in a soul of disappointment and depression, I fell asleep wondering, 'Why didn't he call me?'