Key of the Twilight

[Author Notes: Hey everyone! My name's Sairi and this is my third story posted on is it Oh well.I was reading Sleepy Shadow Mistress's Fantasy fanfics and I suddenly wanted to make a fantasy one up too so now here I am, worrying that I won't have enough time to update this often. Oh well, I still decided to try this out anyway. Actually, I took the name from a song I kept listening to... Yep, it's true. I took it from the first soundtrack of .hack//SIGN. Anywho, here's Key of the Twilight :: Chapter 1]

Key of the Twilight :: Chapter 1 :: Starting Over

Thunderclouds formed high in the sky, shadowing Xephian with a blanket of darkness. This was no ordinary day; something was terribly wrong. The usual sunny day was overcome by the shadows, the darkness, the evil... As soon as the first wind struck, rain began to fall heavily. It showered the well grown land and sent holes into the dirt.

Suddenly, the castle gates flung open and a group of riders fled out. They seem to be in a hurry, crying urgently to the others. Soon, a huge explosion rocked the land. At the same time, a circle of light shot from the sky and to the side of the castle. It gleamed and sparkled brightly. The light turned into a small circle and then disappeared. White feathers fell from the sky lightly, then disappeared before anyone saw anything. The riders stopped and turned to stare at their beloved castle. It was in ruins. The fire from the explosion quickly drowned by the rain.

"Is the King alright?" A man rode up to a group of others.

"Yes, I am fine dear warrior." The King spoke up. He got off a horse and stood staring at his castle. "I do hope my child is okay."

In the back of the circle of crowds, a boy sighed. 'The Princess couldn't have survived that!' he thought. 'She probably roasted or exploded or something.' He flinched, just thinking about it.

"We must find out who has done this to my castle!" the King bellowed angrily. "They will pay dearly for what they did to my land!"

"Sire...about the Princess..." One of the warriors piped up. The King turned to him.

"Yes? Do go on."

"I-I don't think she survived the explosion..." The huge crowd gasped and uttered their sadness to each other. The boy nodded slowly. 'At least someone has brains....'

"No! I will not accept that fact!" The King shouted out. "She IS alive! She has to be! The Princess is the Key! The Key to open the doors to the Land of Twilight! She must be alive, or we will not make it there!"

The warrior quieted down and shrugged to the person beside him. The King sighed quietly and glanced over at the ruins. 'She is our only hope!'


"Ugh..." The Princess moaned painfully. She slowly stood up and looked around, dusting her torn dress. "Wha-...What happened...?" As she looked around, horror filled her pale face. The castle was blown up! But how did she survive? She looked at the ground around her. There was nothing but ash! "Unbelievable..." She whispered.

The Princess walked past a few rubble and stood beside the ruin. She looked out over the land and spotted a few people on a hill. "Hey!" She called out. She started to walk towards them when she suddenly saw them leaving. "No, wait!!" She cried out. She suddenly saw one of the people clearly. It was her father! "Papa! Please wait!" She began to run towards them, but only found herself getting farther away. "Papa!!!! Please don't leave me!" But by then, they were already out of sight. The Princess fell to her knees and began to sob miserably. "Papa, don't leave me...!" she whispered desperately, shaking. She knew it was too late, but she didn't care. "PAPA!!!"

[At the same time...]

A voice was carried over to the group of riders. The boy stopped his horse, thinking he heard a familiar voice. He turned to look back, but saw nothing. He, instead, shrugged and went on.


"Papa!" She cried once more, this time weakly. She wiped her tears away and stood up bravely. "Fine! I'll grow up, papa! I'm grow up just like you always told me to do! I will grow up and start all over! Just for you! Just to make YOU happy, papa!"

The Princess clenched her fists and started off, following the trail of hoof prints. She walked on and on, it seemed like forever to her. Soon, it became dark and the only light for her was the moon and the stars. The whole entire time, she was thinking.

Back at home, her papa wanted everything good for her. At first, it seemed great! She could have anything her own way...but soon, she wanted to be bossed around by someone. At least one person...her Father wouldn't even boss her around. It was crazy. Many times she thought about leaving her home to search for the Valley of Mist herself...but she knew she wouldn't make it.

One day, her papa got mad at her for breaking a single vase and he said that he wished she would grow up. That was possibly the only time he ever got mad at her.

The Princess sighed and suddenly shivered. She became cold all of a sudden. The air was too chilly at such a time...was Winter coming closer? No, it was Spring... Then what was the sudden blast of cold air?

"I worry too much..." The Princess whispered out loud to ease her uneasiness. She was cold, hungry, and had no idea where she was going. There was nothing to guide her...except the stars! The Princess quickly looked up and stared at the stars, searching for the silver star out of those millions, billions...

No one else in her land had seen a silver star. They all thought she was going crazy...but she swore she saw it. Every night, she'd look up at the stars and see it, just to make sure it was always there. She even showed her papa and he even said he saw it...but then again, he couldn't have. He was pointing in the wrong direction.

But for some reason, it wasn't there that night. When she needed it badly, it was never there. She had slowly grown to hate the star, although she loved its' beauty. It looked like a priceless diamond...a one of a kind.

The Princess sighed and sat on her legs, looking around. Nothing seemed familiar out here. She had wandered out before, but this didn't look like a place she knew.

Suddenly, it hit her. She needed a place to stay before Dark After! It would only be a few hours left until then! If she didn't find a place soon, she would be a frozen, dead corpse by morning! What was she going to do???

[Author Notes: Well, there's Chp. 1 of Key of the Twilight! Hope you enjoyed it! I liked it a bit...the whole story, I wanted to write more and more without stopping...but I need to get readers hooked on, right? So I just stopped it there. xD I have future plans for this story, but I won't jumble it all in a few chapters. Keep checkin' back for the next chapter! See ya and thanks for reading!]