Key of the Twilight

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Key of the Twilight :: Chapter 14 :: Zya, the Great Raven!

Raquel sat down on her bed, blushing a pure red. 'I'm so stupid!' She shook her head crazily. 'I'm so embarrassed!'

There was a rapping on her door as Raquel scrambled off the bed. She opened the door and faced Kira, who was looking at her with a confused look. "Are you alright, Raquel?"

"I'm fine!" Raquel laughed out, attempting to close the door.

"You don't look fine." Kira stopped the door and lifted a brow suspiciously. He walked into the room and sat on the bed. "Are you seriously alright?"

"Yep! Never been better! Everything is peachy!" Raquel quickly gathered the words out and walked to the window. "My, how beautiful today is!"

"Don't change the subject now."

"Ack, fine." She turned from the scenery and looked at Kira. "So, how are you?"

"Don't change the subject again." Kira looked away.

Raquel sighed. "I'm sorry!!! Is there anything you need to talk to me about?"

"Yeah, I'm wonderin' why you're acting so strange. It's not like you." He looked away. "You've changed."

Raquel lifted her brows quickly, thinking about it. 'That's right! I really did change!' She eyed Kira and kept thinking on and on. 'Ever since that attack...ever since I met Aura and Kira...ever since I've found out how to- '

Suddenly, the door opened and Misaye watched the two. "Are you guys alright?"

"We're fine!" They called out together, then turned to each other with surprised looks.

Misaye stared at the two quizzically. "Alright.. Anyway, I'm leaving now, so bye guys!"

"See ya!" They smiled and got up.

'Stop copying me!' Raquel though, glaring at Kira. Kira glared back, possibly thinking the same.

"You're the one who's copying!"

"You're being such a child!" The two argued on and on, then left the room.


"So that is Raquel. She is the Goddess of Nature, is she not?" Misaye grumbled as she walked into the forest. A huge bird flew down from a tree, landing on her shoulder. "Oh, Zya! You scared me!" The large, ebony- feathered bird chirped, retracting its' ivory claws back.

"You are ebony, now! So that means Raquel really IS the Goddess of Nature!" Misaye sighed. "Now I have to kill a poor 14 year old. Sad, indeed, is it not, Zya?"

Zya flapped its wings, then flew high into the night sky, calling for something.

"No, Zya. Not now!" Misaye ordered. "Do not summon them, not now!" Zya cawed, looking down at Misaye. The bird stopped in midair, then lowered to the ground silently.

"Thank you." Misaye turned to face the direction from where she had come from. "We must summon them when they are asleep. That way, we won't lose...we'll be at an advantage..." She continued, whispering now, to her ebony painted creature. The raven only cawed silently, facing the wind.

The two waited on for the moon to crawl up the star-painted night sky.


"Hm... I'm not really hungry anymore..." Raquel looked out the window, watching the sunset. "We should really go now..." She turned to Kira. "Right, Kira?"

He just simply nodded, spooning up the last bit of soup. "Alright, let's go."

The pair turned to Pacifica and her mother, thanking them. As they neared the door Pacifica called out to them.

"...Please let me come with you!" She quickly said, as if not wanting them to fully understand what she was saying to them.

"Wh-" Raquel started.

"I'm a really good fighter, and I know the way around here so you won't get lost!" Pacifica quickly added, her eyes shining blue with plead.

"So you want to come with us, huh?" Raquel glanced at Kira with a raised brow. "Well, I guess..."

"Sure, you can come with us." Kira smiled.

"Wow! Really?" Pacifica jumped around excitedly, then ran up the stairs. In a few minutes, she ran back down.

"Uh, why'd you change clothes?" Raquel asked curiously.

"These are my battle clothes! Well, not exactly 'battle', more like adventure." She smiled proudly. "I made them myself."

"Wow, it's nice!" Raquel smiled.

"Heh, thanks!" Pacifica ran to a table and pulled out a shelf, uncovering a dagger. She quickly slipped the dagger onto her belt and grabbed a nearby sword, slipping it into its sheath.

"What about your mother?" Kira asked.

"Oh, she already knows...but she's busy right now, so let's go."

"But-" Kira started.

"C'mon, let's go!"

[Misaye and Zya...]

"Zya! It's almost time! Get ready!" Misaye whispered, waiting impatiently for the moon to rise and take over. Zya crowed before flying into the air, waiting.

Soon, a beaming silver slit arose from the mountains. It grew bigger and bigger.

"The moon!" Misaye cried out. "Go, Zya, go!"

Zya screeched and flew straight into the air before poofing into an oddly- colored cloud. Out of nowhere, a dragon flew out from the cloud, ebony- colored just like Zya.

"Zya! Go now, search for them...and when you find them, kill!" Misaye pointed to the huge dragon. It turned around and soared through the air, scanning. Misaye smirked and closed her eyes. In a few seconds, huge draconic wings appeared on her back. She lifted off into the air, following Zya closely behind. 'Finally... The Goddess of Nature... I've been searching for you, for the past hundred years... Who knew you would become a mortal...but now, I have found you! Goddess of Nature, your soul dies now!'

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