Short Prologue
In a land called Hexane Fields there was a great king who sat upon his holy throne. He thought he knew his Kingdom well, he thought every thing was fine. he thought wrong. For a great evil was stirring and the King was to blind to see that his Kingdom was in turmoil. Another great King sat upon his own throne, but this king was a great evil, and so was his Kingdom. He was scheming an incredibly wicked plan, and if he pulled it off, Hexane Fields would be lost in evil for eternity.
Chapter 1 The Rise Of A Dark Nation

The Kingdom of Gunale. Darkness. Hatred. Evil. Gunale, every square inch was a baron wasteland. Killing. Spilling. Deaths of thousands of innocent people in this very Kingdom. Plan. Evil. A counsel of Gunaleians and there Dark Lord Niloc is going on right now. They are disgusting. "Our time has come! The moment we have all been waiting for, The rise of darkness, The rise of Gunaleians." Niloc shouted to a mass of ghouls and goblins. He continued "In one moon we will reign havoc upon the Kingdom Abbot, kill their King Nahgem and kidnap his son Yeroc. The son will be used for sacrificial reasons and why kill their King you ask? I don't know. I feel up to it." A roar of high pitched cackling came from the audience. "We will strike exactly when the sun has reached the very top of Death Peak. Now go! And rest. You will need your strength."

That Night a guardian came to Nilocs sleeping quarters to talk to him. "I'm just not sure if it will work. What little army we have, is doubled in skill and number by the Abbot army. I think we should postpone this attack until we have more troops.maybe gather some in the Nether Lands." The guardian protested. "You fool! Nether Lands! Are you mad! That place is even tormenting for us. Besides by that time, by the time we gather enough troops and head back, it will be too late. The Kings son must not exceed one year, or the sacrifice will not work. You see, this is the only way." Niloc explained. "No! We're not ready. You're not ready. I fear for you, your majesty, above anyone else. King Nahgem is way over your he-" "What did you say! I made it very clear never to mention that name ever in my presence! Next time it will be your head! Now get out!" "I'm sorry your maj-" "Get out!!"

Two fat guards, guard the sacred entrance into Abbot, they sat one a bench outside the castle walls, grumbling about their stomachs. "So, What do you think they'll be serving tonight for supper. "Guard 1 muttered in a low voice. "I don't know, guess we'll have to wait to find out." The 2nd guard muttered. "Why are we whispering." The 1st guard replied. "I here there's evil on the move." "Evil." At that moment they both belted out historically. "Evil! Ha ha ha ha! Ha h-" They were at that moment both yanked behind a bush. "What do you find so funny!" A dark shadowy figure hissed. "I don't find anything funny about evil." Then the moon shown down on the figures face revealing his true identity.

"Niloc! You slime!" Guard 1 said. "You won't get away with this. What ever you're planning, the Great King will read like a story." "Oh I'm afraid you are mistaken. You see you fat, poor little man, he will never except what's going to happen tonight. You see, first I'm going to kill your 'all powerful' king, and then I'm going to kidnap his pathetic little son. Then the real fun starts. I'm going to use Yeroc as a sacrifice. When I say the right words to an old spell, a duplicate will rise out of Yeroc, and Reeve Yerocs soul claiming it for its own, so that it can live. Of course this duplicate will be 100% evil in every single way. I'm thinking about naming it Guru, what do you think. "I'm thinking you're sick." Guard 2 said while spitting at him. Wiping the spit from his face with his robe, Niloc called three ghouls over to him. "Well now that I've told you my entire plan, I don't think I'm going to let you go. Ghouls, do your dirty work." Niloc said while walking away. "You'll pay for this you dirty bitch!"

A messenger ran down the pathway, his heart beating. He jumped up the steps to the castle, and bent over to breathe as he reached the door. A guard stopped him before he could enter. "What do you want?" the guard inquired. "A.message.for.the.king," the boy gasped. "Very well, boy. Hand it here, and I will see that he gets it." The boy reached into his torn up pant pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment. He handed it to the Guard in Silver. After a moments pause the Guard replied in worry "Oh dear, this is bad." The guard opened the door to the Kings room and headed over to the King who was drinking fine wine sitting at his table. The guard stood strait up and cleared his throat. "Your majesty! There's evil in the Kingdom! A boy told me that he found two guards dead next to the entrance." Nalid, the king's guard, told to the King. "Oh no. Niloc." Nahgem replied. "Assemble My finest troops and meet me at the crack in the wall. You know how to get there, right?" "Of course my lord. It's been our secret spot for the longest time." "Right, of course." Nahgem went over to his wardrobe and selected his finest robe and boots. As he made his way to the door, he noticed Nalid still stood there. "What are you doing boy, get a move on. I must visit the Blacksmith before I go" "Wait. My lord, go where." "To kill Niloc once and for all."