Chapter II

The Truth

The boy woke very suddenly to the voice of somebody telling him that breakfast was ready. Sitting up, the boy looked out his window to the left. Seeing that the sun had not risen yet, he dropped his head back down on his pillow and closed his eyes. Once again the voice called from down stairs. This time a little more frustrated, the boy dug his head into his pillow. The last and final time was clear that this person wasn't fooling around. "Get down here now!" The voice yelled. The boy very sleepily stood up, seized his pillow, and threw it at the wall just below his mirror. He walked over to his mirror making sure his hair wasn't a complete mess. He looked at his blonde ruffled hair, his bright blue eyes, and tan skin. The boy wasn't too strong, but both quick on his feet and in his mind. He was also very sneaky, when needing to be. The boy made his way over to his wardrobe and grabbed his favorite thing to wear, his robe. It looked a fancy red and probably fit for a king. It had passed down to him from his father, but of course he wasn't a king. The boy didn't know what his father was, for he had died a long time ago. Slapping himself for day dreaming, the boy threw the robe on, opened the door, and ran down the wooden stairs hopping the last stair, which creaked. Jumping into the kitchen, the man standing next to the table scowled him, "It's about time Yeroc, I had to call you three times."
"I know, sorry Eexor, I'm not used to getting up so early. Which brings me to the point of why are we getting up so early?" Yeroc asked making his way over to the hot porridge sitting on the table.
"We have a big day ahead of us, and to get it all done we will have to start earlier then most days," Eexor replied taking a bite of his own porridge.
"Big day?"
"Yes, that's right for chores an-"
"Oh no, can't we ever have some fun once in a while. It's always about chores isn't it?" Yeroc sighed.
"Well, if you would have let me finish. you would have heard that there's going to be some what of a surprise, once you're all done." Eexor said while walking steadily over to him with his cane. A moment of silence took place, but was soon interrupted by a blurt out from Yeroc. "Eexor, what did my father do?"
"Oh, I'm afraid it's not too interesting, but here goes. He was just a normal every day person living in the inner walls of the kingdom called Hexane Fields. He worked in a blacksmith and fought in a great noble battle fighting for the kingdom that he loved. That is how he died, and that is also how I got you. For I too fought in the battle, I was a little more fortunate then him though. I managed to get you out of there and bring you here, to this hideout. This is the only place that Nilo- I mean that is very secret," Eexor explained slowly taking a seat on a chair.
"Who killed my father?"
"I'm afraid if you're seeking revenge upon him, you're too late. He died a long time ago along, along with your father. Besides why are you asking me this? I've told you this story plenty of times."
"I know, I know I just like to hear it." Yeroc said. "Say Eexor, you can tell dreams right?"
"Well, I had the queerest dream last night. I fell upon a black platform and was trapped, then my shadow turned into a enormous monster and killed me." Yeroc continued. Deep laughter came from Eexor as he told him that it was probably all those beans he ate last night. They both started laughing, but thought it best to start to get to work. But as Yeroc left, Eexor stopped him. "Do you know what today is?"
"I don't Know, 21 more moons until your day of birth?" Yeroc suggested.
"Yes, and no. Today is 21 more moons until my birthday, but it is also a much more important date. Today is the 22nd anniversary of your fathers death." And also the day I tell Yeroc the truth. They both left the kitchen, but Yeroc went upstairs to get his clothes on, while Eexor went to his room downstairs.

Yeroc opened the door out of the cabin and jumped outside. Making his way around to the back, he bent over and picked up a watering pot that was lying in the yard. The entire back yard was a crop field, but to the left there was a little creek that flowed through. They had always gotten their water from that creek, which made no sense at all to Yeroc. Water has to be cleaned if you get them from natural water spots, and Eexor never cleaned that water. That water though, tasted so clean, crisp, and fresh. "I think it's a magic creek.," Yeroc thought as he dunked the pot in the creek flowing freely down. Walking over to the crops, Yeroc went up and down watering all the crops starting with the carrots. Next he moved on to the lettuce, then the tomatoes, and last the cabbage. Finishing, he dunked the pot again in the creek and went inside the cabin. Yeroc rolled up his sleeves as he walked to the kitchen quietly. He grabbed a rag from the table, threw it on the ground, and went to go heat up the water. He made his way to the fireplace, which was already roaring. Eexor usually had afire going, He liked fires a lot, Yeroc didn't know why. Maybe he grew up using fire a lot, Yeroc didn't know. Hanging the pot over the fireplace, Yeroc returned to the kitchen to get the dirt up with a dry rag. Right when he got on his knees, he noticed something. A string was hanging loose from the bottom of cupboard. "How strange," Yeroc whispered. He stood up, grabbed the string, and started pulling it to the left. Still pulling the string, Yeroc walked until it came to a stop in front of the food closet. He opened the door slowly, and went in. Yeroc started pushing, hitting and tapping on the walls trying to find a secret of some sort. Then he needn't look any further, he found what he was looking for. A beautiful rosewood staff with a ruby on the top. "That's funny, I could have sworn this wasn't here yesterday," Yeroc puzzled while gripping the staff. "I have to show Eexor."

"Eexor! Eexor!" Yeroc shouted while running into Eexor's bedroom. "Oh, there you are, look at this! You have to see this! Isn't it beautiful." Yeroc awed. Eexor was sleeping, but at the sound of Yeroc's voice, he awoke.
"What do you want, can't a person get a little rest aro-" Eexor said, but stopped as soon as he saw the staff. "So you're finally hitting that point," Eexor said.
"What point?"
"The point of which you start seeing things that only we can see. The point of when you start getting your powers."
"Powers, what powers? Eexor what are you talking about?" Yeroc wondered.
"Yeroc. you're a sorcerer, I'm a sorcerer, you see everything I've told you has been a lie. Your father was not just a regular person, he was the king to a land called Hexane Fields. Since you're his son, and the heir to the throne, you're the king. I've been hiding this from you because I was afraid if you knew that Hexane Fields was yours, you would try to get it back. You need training though, I can teach you how to claim revenge on the man who killed your father, and get back what is yours." Yeroc just stood there for awhile until all of a sudden he was throwing questions at Eexor.
"I thought you said that the man who killed my father was dead," Yeroc retorted.
"That was another lie. I feared if you knew that the person who killed your father was alive, you would try to kill him. you would get annihilated," Eexor explained.
"So the man who is ruling most of Hexane in darkness, is the man who killed my father."
"You could call him a man, or a monster. He even tried to kill you."
"Wow, what a basta-"
"I tell you more about your father's and my day in the kingdom, if you want to hear it," Eexor interrupted.
"Of course." Then Eexor went on and on about Niloc and his plan, the battle, Nahgem and even himself. He told him about working in a blacksmith, and living in the inner wall. At the end, Yeroc only had one question. "If my father was human, how did I become a sorcerer?"
"Well, just because your father wasn't married, didn't mean he hadn't a lover. Her name was Aritha, and she was beautiful. Shinny purple long hair, slim body, blue eyes, usually hooded in a green cloak and of course her staff was what you would see of this sorcerer. When she had you, it wasn't good, Nahgem didn't know how to take care of a child and after Aritha's death giving birth to you, he was devastated. He was also left to take care of you all by himself. You would have loved Aritha, sweetest person in the world in my opinion.." Eexor could have sworn he saw a tear run down Yeroc's cheek, but wasn't sure of it.
"I can't believe you didn't tell me all this before," Yeroc said as he sniffled.
"Like I said before, it was for your own good. Now listen, your training will start today and end in two days afterwards. At the end of the training period, you will become an advanced novice, then you will only be able to train yourself, that is all I can do. We must make haste though, the hour is growing late.