Overcoming Obstacles

In life, overcoming obstacles is an important part of growing up. One of the first obstacles someone encounters in their life is learning how to walk. There are other obstacles in life such as learning to drive, getting married, and learning to cope with loss. Overcoming obstacles helps people learn to deal with other people, strengthens them mentally, emotionally, and teaches them how to deal with future obstacles. People learn to deal with others by overcoming their obstacles because then they will not make people angry by every word they say. When someone starts kindergarten, they learn how their peers act, and so they will know how to act around them without getting them angry. When someone starts high school, they learn how even more people act and then when someone starts college or living on their own they learn how even more people act in the real world. Their parents or teachers do not shelter them any more. Someone can become stronger mentally and emotionally by overcoming his or her obstacles. After one starts kindergarten they know they can go back the next day and will not need their parents to help them. When learning to ride a bike, after someone's first fall, a person can get back on the bike and try again. After someone gets over their first heartbreak, they learn from their mistakes and they can begin to date again. People learn how to deal with future obstacles by learning from their mistakes and letting them know they can do it again and move on to the next obstacle without having a catastrophic disaster. Then getting through it, lets them know that they can do it, and it would give them more self- confidence and better self-esteem. Instead of low self-esteem, by thinking they are a screw up and cannot do anything right. As a result, overcoming obstacles is very important to growing up because is very important to growing up because if we do not overcome obstacles, we will not know how to do anything. We will not know how to eat properly, walk, or sleep in the dark. Overcoming obstacles helps build character, and helps build good morals. I would hate to see someone who didn't overcome his or her obstacles.