Me Holding Forth against Getting Up

I won't get up. I won't. My bed is too warm. Who cares if I'm late for school? Who cares if I sleep in? Okay, maybe my mom does, but why? What difference does it make if I mess the first 15 minutes of school? And why does school have to start so *#~@ early? I just don't get these things. Sure, if it's cold, I'll put a sweater on. But why waste the effort? Why can't I just stay in my bed to keep warm? The sheet and the comforter on top of me are there just for the purpose of keeping me comfortable and cozy and warm. so why can't I enjoy them? And how come on weekends I feel like I have to get up right away and not even notice the comfy bed? So many questions, my mom says. Well, too bad. Next Monday, I'm sleeping in.